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Found 9 results

  1. UOForums Necromancy Skill Guide. For discussion of Necromancy related stuff, please use our Necromancy Forum. Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No reagents are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 40: Train at NPC Necromancer in New Haven 40 - 50: Cast Pain Spike 50 - 70: Cast Horrific Beast 70 - 90: Cast Wither 90 - 110: Cast Lich Form 110 - 120: Cast Vampiric Embrace
  2. Im thinking of creating a character with the necromancing skill and was wondering wat was a good str cap and wat was the best wepon for them to use???
  3. Necromancy--The dark art of communing with the dead. From animating the lifeless remains of your kills to transforming yourself into an undead sorcerer, this skill has a host of evil possibilities... What spells can I use and what do they do? What are the Necromancy reagents and where can I find them? What do I cast at what level for the best gains? Link--What other skills go with Necromancy for a good template?
  4. I am making a necro but am not sure which of these templates would work better: Necro SpiritSpeak SpellWheaving Meditation Swords Bushido Parry or Necro SpiritSpeak SpellWheaving Meditation Swords Anatomy Healing or Necro SpiritSpeak SpellWheaving Meditation Magery + swords of prosperity EvalInt ?
  5. I looked in the forums and the FAQ's and I don't see any Necromancer guides. Anyone can tell me of where I can find one? I am primarily having trouble leveling my character.
  6. Is there a limit to Mages, Nercomancer and spell weavers with armour types? are there classification of armour? and if a spell caster can wear heavy armour, then what is the downside to it? (I am sure they addressed balancing issues)
  7. Long Story, short. I am a returning player. I let a friend of mine play my account till it ran out. He played my GM Necro. I get back in the game after 2 years and my Spell book is gone and he is naked. Later I found out he placed my spell book in another pack in my main backpack and died. Lost my full Spell book!! Any vendors out there that I can purchase one? The shard doesnt have many peeps on it. Please help. Thanks all. My Chracters name is The Dastardly Morturus.
  8. Hey, You've probably seen my first thread about being new to the game, and I am having a blast so far. I just have a question about the Necromancer, however. I originally started as a warrior template, mainly because I didn't want to risk playing a difficult archetype, but I've now rerolled as a Necromancer - i.e. selected Necromancer on the character creation screen. My query is that I would like to have a certain image, a persona if you will, within the game itself. I would like to be a Necro, but the kind who is not afraid to melee in battle. Imagine Death. Yes, the big guy with the S
  9. Whats a good Necromancer template? Are they a good character to build?
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