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Found 17 results

  1. Well with all the chaos of the 15th anniversary for UO, crazy storms, and not to mention our own 10th year anniversary events, we can now post the interview with the dark lady her self - Mesanna! Thank you, Mesanna, for answering our questions despite the hectic couple of months and for showing up to our 10 year shard tour closing event on Sunday! I hope you all enjoy the interview! 1. Tell us about how your UO career started and has changed through the various positions you have held through your career. Did you ever expect to be the Producer of Ultima Online? What was the transition fr
  2. Hey everyone! Check out Ultima-Gallery.com & the Christmas art contest! 3 Lucky winners will get the choice of a signed virtue card from the Ultima Forever Virtue card deck! For more details check out Ultima Gallery Blog I hope to see some nice pieces of art! Thanks everyone Rupert Avery!
  3. http://www.gamasutra.com/newswire?story=24227 Found this in my email. BioWare has been a quickly-rising star within Electronic Arts' stable of studios, recently opening up its third location, making headlines with upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, and launching major single-player titles Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age in the fall. Earlier this week, it was announced that BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk will head up EA's new RPG/MMO Group. Along with BioWare, it includes EA's other big MMO developer, Mythic Entertainment, which maintains Warhammer Online, Dark Ag
  4. Is anyone else worry that this might effect UO?
  5. Only taken them...2 years? But I notice tonight that UO has been added to their main site, as well as their "Games" section http://www.mythicentertainment.com/ Nice gesture indeed.
  6. I found this interesting thread on Stratic Forums that might raise some debate. posted by deadite deadite;106493]Its interesting that Mythic was able to reclaim their old name... I think that's great! I also appreciate that EA is trying to change their image and be less Borg'ish and allow more creative freedom in their studios. But I really wish Mythic would bring UO out of the dark! They need to update EA Mythic since they have more than DAoC and WAR going for them now... they have a much better game that they need to be advertising: Ultima Online! Reference: EA Mythic reclaims ori
  7. EA Announces Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to Ship in Australia and New Zealand in Fall 08 : EA Buys Social Network Company "Rapture" : Interesting stuff
  8. As many of you may have already noticed by now, Jeremy (UO Community Relations) made a very interesting comment last week in the Five on Friday announcement, where it was stated: "This marks the end of my first week in a while at an actual desk - the EA Mythic Austin office is officially open! (We still haven't lured MrTact from his cave, but soon he'll be within smacking range..." To date, this seems to be the only information available that makes any mention at all of a possible move back to Ultima Online's home in Austin, Texas. The only other hint that major moves may be underway a
  9. Posted on Sunday, January 7, 2007, This announcement in from UO.com. Holiday Sale on Ultima Online Collector’s Items This shirt either gives you a +2 to your resists, or it's just plain comfy. Check out the new UO ringer shirt, featuring the symbols and logos that tell the world your heart belongs to Britannia. Check out the new UO t-shirt here!
  10. source taken from UO.UHall Comment Just a question on the Double Standard. Not ment as an Insult. Considering that EA has aquired Mythic. How can the sell of Virtual Goods be alloweed in one game, & not in the other? As I understand it Mythic doese not allow the sell of Virtual Goods for DAoC. & EA allows the sale of Virtual Goods for UO. Will the Standard for both games be changed to allow the sell? or not allow the sell of Virtual Goods in both games? or will it be left how it is now? Is this Standard going to be reviewed in the Future? ######################### Exc
  11. Does anyone know whats up with them? I heard from a good source they were buying UO. Anyone know?
  12. source taken from UO.UHall Comment The Inu quest has gotten the attention of many in the game and in the forum. In this quest the Armageddon spell has been mentioned in the story arc.This spell is a spell to end all spells right? What if this story arc was planned to be the "going away" present to UO players as the end of the story would have meant the end of UO? Enter EA and the purchase of Mythic. The Inu quest was in hi gear and going along smoothly. News comes out that EA has bought Mythic and the Devs of UO stop the Inu quest cold? That seems odd to me. I mean,has the Devs of DAoC
  13. The following was just posted over on the official UO.com website front page: <!-- Image --><!-- Headline --><B> Ultima Online and Mythic Teaming Up</B> <!-- Body -->These are exciting days for MMORPG fans here at EA. With the acquisition of Mythic, the UO team will be working with the creative folks who brought us Dark Age of Camelot and are hard at work on the spectacular-looking Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. I’m thrilled that the UO team and Mythic will work together to forge Britannia’s future. There is much to talk about with our new partners,
  14. From UO Stratics Wilki: Hey, no need to apologize. All of us understand your frustration... remember, this is something that we've created ourselves, poured many hours into and we want to see if finished just as much as you do! Every indication I've gotten over the past few days is that this isn't something to worry about, be patient and all will be well. This UO Team is pretty close: we socialize together, goof off, constantly make jokes and respect each other's abilities. I also trust the people I work with, and I really don't feel that this is going to turn out for the worse. If I t
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