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  1. Since I love bards so much, I figured I would help all you who are looking for a gain guide out. Keep in mind it is best to train Music up to 100 (you can simply double click an instrument to train this up if you wish), then work on the other skills, due to the Music check that is performed before every bard attempt. All bard skills gain depending on Bard difficulty, so this list should work for discord, provoke, and peacing. Use non-exceptional instruments. I always bought 20 at a time from the NPC carpenter. This is a list of non-magical, easy to manage pets to practice on: Buy skill up
  2. I found these tracks while looking for new music to work out too. Pretty Awesome Mashups with hip hop, alternative, disco you name it. It's meant to be listened to as one long track, but you can dl'd it broke up also. Best of all its free All Day - Girl Talk
  3. While I can understand copyright issues, it would still be really cool to allow players to make their own music gears. You would need Tinkering and Barding skills to make one, and the length of the track would be determined by your skill level in each. That would allow many to be able to make one, rather than being required to GM each skill over a long period of time. The art is already there. The music system would be a completely new setup though, unless double clicking a 'Blank Music Gear' allowed you to select an MP3 on your computer. Again, legal problems, I know. Even if they ha
  4. Hi, Anyone ever heard about 12 or 13 new songs for the Dawn's Music box? A couple players i talked to said there are, but i haven't hunt them to add them to my dawns' music box. Can anyone find or see any information about this issue anywhere if there are any? thanks in advance.
  5. Looking for anyone willing to part with their music box with any amount of tracks as long as it has 'The Wanderer' or just the gear would be awesome. PM me with information and if interested I'll send my ICQ number ^^b P.S. And no I won't pay 200 million. Don't tease >.<
  6. the title says it all. pls pm me or leave a message here.
  7. I was thinking of doing some video collages of characters maybe when im done with this damn marathon training. So what sort of music would people think for their characters as well as other peoples? For Reed: [video=youtube;AO43p2Wqc08] Or [video=youtube;CS9OO0S5w2k]
  8. heh [video=youtube;FCARADb9asE]
  9. Ceridwen


    What is possible with Windows Sounds and Beethoven and morse code
  10. it's kinda creepy when u enter some cool spots and suddenly the moody music stops and you just hear the mob-sounds around. is there any way to get the music looped? i want a current stream of music! thx
  11. I am doing this write-up to help people in the changing of vent so they can talk and play music over a ventrilo at the same time. This write-up uses 3 programs: [li]Ventrilo[/li] [li]Virtual Audio Cable[/li] [li]Winamp[/li] Okay here we go. First right click on any ventrilo icon you use to open your ventrilo. Mine is on my desktop. Now choose preferences. You will just add the -m after the quoted address as i have in the picture. Apply that and now you are able to open up multiple ventrilos on the same computer. Next you need to download Vac Full. Don't worry i
  12. A few years ago people with MP3 players had very little choice for where to get their music, and the downloads available were far too expensive. The last year has seen more online music stores open, and a variety of other methods starting to emerge, though none appear to have fully stemmed the appeal of using file-sharing networks to get tracks for free. The entertainment section of the BBC News website states that the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) is to no longer sue suspected file-shares. This seems to reflect a wider acceptance by the music industry that things are not
  13. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/28144557/ I can understand why the musicians don't want their music used but to be honest, I would rather listen to music than have the "water treatment" or thumbscrews any day.
  14. Posted by Liquilla Community Officer Now you can download over 50 tunes from The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ in .mp3 format! Featuring award-winning artist Chance Thomas as well as original compositions by Turbine, LOTRO has received wide-spread critical acclaim for its high audio quality and variety. The LOTRO audio library is the first product to be distributed by the Turbine Download Manager, currently in a late Beta version. Ready to get started? Click here to download This is a great opportunity for you to
  15. Given the sheer size and number of the .abc file resources available now, and the wildly variable quality of their content I thought it might be nice to have a location where we could post our 'tried and tested' ones for other users to enjoy. I'll kick things off with Amonrahe's version of 'toss the feathers' for lute: :1 T:Toss The Feathers (Solo or Part 1) Z:Configured to ABC by Amonrohae L:1/4 Q:92 K:C z4 F/2 G/4 F/4 c/4 F/4 G/4 F/4 c/4 d/4 ^d/4 c/4 ^A/4 G/4 ^D/4 G/4 F/2 G/4 F/4 c/4 F/4 G/4 F/4 c/4 f/4 f/4 =d/4 c/4 ^A/4 G/4 ^D/4 F/2 G/4 F/4 c/4 F/4 G/4 F/4 c/4 d/4 ^d/4 c/4 ^A/4 G/4 ^D
  16. Whats the best place to farm for music box gears???
  17. As an Ultima Online veteran and an Ultima fan in general, I have many suggestions and wishes as far as features for my most beloved online community. This is one feature that I think will add to the community building of our game. Some may say that this is simply ripping off an idea from another game, and yes, the idea definitely comes from another game, but it was a very good idea and one that (I think) should be featured in more worlds. It is fair to say that combat content is definitely very interesting, however, that is not what Ultima Online's longevity, in my opinion, can be attributed
  18. Too good not to be shared... [video=youtube;W-6Xmm1KPNA]
  19. Does anybody know if the music that plays on Dagger/Ice Isle is available as a music gear? I love listening to it, its so peaceful - Reminds me of when I first started UO
  20. strange question ... I'm running around, I hear sound effects, footsteps, sword strikes, animals etc but no music at all! I make sure it's checked as ON in options .... still nothing. Is there a technical issue with Windows Vista? I adjusted the properties so it would run under XP Service pack etc. Everything seems fine except no music. Does music come with the token?! I installed the ML client download, re-activated my account and started playing. I did not buy the code to access all areas yet. Any insight would be appreciated
  21. Do you attend the Leeds or Reading Festivals in August? Let me know, my son will be there.
  22. Ok. Who's heard this song by the artist named LUDO, "Love Me Dead?" This song rocks! And I can't get it outta my head lol It's like a neurolinguistic virus! (wasn't there a music forum somewhere before?) [video=youtube;zMCUinpSJGE] :icon_evil:
  23. Microsoft late yesterday stirred controversy by telling former customers of its shuttered MSN Music service that it will shut down its license activation system for the service by the end of August. Although it allows customers to play any purchased songs on existing operating systems and computers, any music transfered to a new PC or OS install after the cutoff date will no longer be authorized to play. Full story here
  24. Hi all - Where can I find whatever it is I have to kill to get Dawn's music box gears as loot? Thanks
  25. [video=youtube;WMQt7ARAqXs]
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