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Found 22 results

  1. I dropped a forge and anvil but would like to reposition it and I cant find anything on the forums or guides about doing this. Is it possible to move a forge or anvil?
  2. Hello everyone. I started to move over information out of the PaxOku city forums to the PaxOku city council forums under the statehood. Winfield and I discussed the forums and wanted to make sure no information got lost. If I miss anything please let me know. ~Kyle
  3. Just a heads up, we're going to be relocated to a dedicated server sometime around August 1st. Downtime should be an hour or so, depending on how fast your ISP's serve updated DNS records.
  4. Here is the information you need. Mayor Winfield's Description of Guilds As the PaxLair Community continues to draw interest around the Realm, Mayor Winfield presents his thoughts about the different levels guilds may become involved in within the PaxLair Community. These levels are Allied-Guilds, Citizen-Guilds, and Cities or Outposts. PENNED FROM THE DESK OF MAYOR WINFIELD - July 1, 2006 Hail my friends, Several guilds came to me recently wanting to join our PaxLair Community. I thought I'd write down my thoughts about how they can get involved. Our PaxLair Community at first glan
  5. So we're thinking of moving to Arizona from Ireland with our two kids who are 12 and 10yrs young. We would move when I could get a transfer with the company I work with. With the sale of our home in Ireland we could buy another in Arizona and have approx $100k left over. I understand the benefits system is nothing like the one here so am apprehensive if I ever became unemployed(not for my sake but the kids). Would you make the move? Its my dream but the kids come first
  6. So I was messing around showing someone how to activate their built in administrator since its hidden. So I give them a demo on how simple it is. So I accessed their CMD from my computer (and no I wont tell ya how to do it:-P ) (Also permission was given. Since the recent thing with Tiberius they wanted to know) I thought it was funny because it was a simple little thing I forgot heh. So I went to activate the built in administrator account that is hidden. So you open CMD and type Net Users Net Users Administator active:yes So little tad problem I did. In doing this the account th
  7. I have a couple guildstones I'd like to move as I redeco my homes, but I realized I've never moved them before and I don't know how. I'm afraid to axe them without forum confirmation that doing so won't destroy them. Thanks! ~M
  8. 500 of each mining gem excluding Ecru Citrines. Can sell them individual or entire lot.
  9. People keep bringing it up. I'm for it. Many other people are against it. I couldn't figure it out before. Aside from the housing issue, most of the people against it say, "I don't want to be forced to play in cramped areas." I think I figured it out now. Here's a reply I posted in one of the stratics threads: It's all about play styles. It's so obvious to me that more people = better. It's also obvious to others that I'm out of my mind when I say that. I've come to the conclusion that if you think consolidating shards is a good idea, you most likely share the same play sty
  10. Sorry for the short notice, but due to Paypal taking 7 days to clear an "E check", rather than taking funds direct from my balance and bank, I'm 2 days away from the 7 day deadline to cancel this current server. If I don't transfer within 2 days, I'll be charged for another month I'm out most of tomorrow, so it'll start sometime in the evening A temporary URL will be in place during the domain propagation period.
  11. Hey all - Is there any way to get EVERYTHING in a house to move to the moving crate when redesigning a house? Thx!
  12. Beneath twin new born moons a sharp sent fills the area. A cross between ozone and overly burnt cabbage. The is a “flash”. No brightness in a deep darkness that some how emits light. Upon the ground a shiny blade appears still gripped in a hand partially buried in the dirt. No one would guess the hand was attached to the arm of a Hero. A Champion. The right arm of a strong family. Maybe the time is 1 December. Maybe it is around 7:30 BST. Maybe …
  13. sorce taken from UO U.Hall EAJ has announced: After Publish 45, it is known that you might not be able to move items after you die. It occurs more often if you use 3rd party tools. solution: Bring out the target cursor, in whatever way you can, e.g. to double click the symbol of virtue of Valor, then click on ESC to cancel. Then you can move items. source here Sorry, if it is already known to you. ------------------------------ It's not only third party programs - we're investigating now. In the meantime, that workaround seems to work fine. E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community
  14. Is it possible to move all the items in my house to the moving crate? I just customized my house and got all sorts of boxes floating around and even got 5 of them on a roof i cant reach :S
  15. I've closed my second account, giving away Ye Olde Poste Office to Adammair and Alraune (glad to see its in such excellent and caring hands!). As part of this rationalisation, Smaed and Jern have combined resources to built a bigger cottage in Silverleaf Village so that Agnes and Jern can also live there. In a way, the wheel has come full circle since they left Yew for Trinsic when Jern was only 10. Now in his 35th year, all three are back in Yew and together again. This doesn't mean Jern will disappear, he will continue to be a regular at The Trinsic Rose 7-8 pm Mondays and Fridays and also
  16. I have a vendor that moved to my house crate because I didn't feed him enough gold. (Had to work late all week, no UO for me... booooo). I dropped gold on his head in my crate, and now he has enough gold. How do I make him get out of the crate? I can't pick him up, and the menus don't seem to have any option to return the vendor. Thanks!
  17. Well guys I am about sick of PvP on Sonoma, where would you guys move and why? I am going to post a poll as well but please provide feedback on the PvP of your perspective shards. Thanks!!
  18. Guest

    Planned Server Move.

    We're going to be moving servers in the next 2 days or so Main reason is this one's becoming a real pain to administrate, especially with teh lack of support So i've done alot of research and gone for a company who offer fully managed services and have a proven history of good customer and technical support.
  19. It looks like I am going to be able to by a house on about an acre of land:grin: . They have cable out ther so, yay, I will still have my cable internet Hopefully after the 1st of september I will be able to be on here more regularly
  20. Just wanted to offer a quick apology for the poorly planned forum move I was ....(aren't I allways?) responsible for deciding to move the forums yesterday, I thought i'd get it done quick before America woke up, gah that was a bad idea I forgot domain propagation takes upto 3 days, but assumed it'd take hours, not days, because normally I see the new server within hours. So yes, my apologies for the poor planning and poor timing, none of the other staff were aware I was going to do it yesterday. I hope things are settled down now.
  21. Player: Please EA.. destroy these scripters, do something, anything, they need to be stopped Cathat: Yeah - Well if we seem quiet - remember what i said about us moving very stealthy on some issues these days. Nobody lurks on a message board quite as much as the Devs do. I've had a lot of Emails reguarding out of control scripters. We hear you. Can't expect EA or its Devs to lay out any long term D-Day plans on people like this. LOL. Ask any Gov offical something about security or war and of course its "NO COMMENT" - lol - Natrually quite a few things we're mulling on. Some of em a
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