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Found 21 results

  1. Hello All - I decided to take myself and another tamer to one of the renowned mini-champ areas. While the superbosses aren't overly difficult for two characters, you'd think something with 15,000+ hitpoints would have something a little more valuable than 31 goldpieces on it. We killed two different mini-bosses, then left in disgust. Devs: There needs to be something more on these. - SoT, or - Scroll of Alacrity, or - Better drop rate of UOSA named equipment - A unique item, or - A decent amount of gold Come on...31 gold for a monster that takes 15-20 minutes to drop? Loyalty is
  2. I heard that now there are these draughts and special things that you can "steal" off monsters. First off, how high in stealing do you need? Is there a special way that one has to do this? Are there only certain things on certain monster? Thanks in advance.
  3. Ok, so last night im fighting rune beatles and picking up ToT minors, i notice one slot in my pack gets passed up so i put my pointer over it and it was a cloak of corruption, I have only fought 3 or 4 Shadowlords and that was with about 2,000 greater dragons there(seemed like that many anyway). Im using just a dex swordsman and find it hard to believe i was a top 3 damager, im hitting 10-25 damge points in the 20-30 seconds the whole battle lasts. So i was wondering if anybody else has gotten one fighting monsters or if infact i was a top 3 damager? i ended up trading it in for a cloak of pow
  4. Hello all! I'm trying to get my hands on some of those nifty new "thief" items, but I'm not having much luck. So far, I've tried stealing from shadow wisps and faeries at Lord Oaks/Twalu. 1) When I steal from wisps I get one of two messages: "that's too heavy to steal" or "you reach into a backpack...and try to steal something." In no case do I ever succeed 2) I can steal from faeries no problem, but I keep getting scrolls and gems. I'm at 110. Am I stealing in the wrong places or from the wrong monsters? I get the fame thing, but it seems I ought to be getting something different
  5. I never really farmed these and I know that Swoop or Miasma drop mini artis and are regularly farmed for this purpose. On UOGuide is stated: "They are randomly earned when defeating Named Monsters that reside in the nine Mondains Legacy Dungeons." Does this mean ALL the named monsters drop mini artis? With equal chance? Even the ones that are really easily defeated? (Thinking Chiikkaha the Toothed here)
  6. Hunter Moon had some purl=http://vboards.stratics.com/showthread.php?t=111190] comments about Khaldun [/url] I did them for a while and never saw a bat, but have been told that they do drop bats in Khaldun. I don't mind it taking a while, but I don't want to waste the time if they don't have a shot of dropping them. I'm not collecting the gold since BOS are pointless so, other then bats, there is no reason to be there. Thanks in advance! ~~~~ No, bats only drop in the graveyards. Regine_EAMythic UO Associate Game Designer ~~~~ Thanks so much! I had been told
  7. Hey everyone, I now have made enough money to get a house and some startign stuff and now wanna remake my beloved bard from back in the days Can someone tell me if locking animals and / or monsters in houses allowed? Is luring some animals to the shore and provoke them from a ship allowed?
  8. I created a play test char on test center just to see how tough I could make one. He had 70s in everything. He had 100% DI and Legendary in every warrior skill. Maces, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Parry and Bushido. An Oni killed me in 5 hits (not kidding) with hardly any damage to him. Are these impossible to take on one-on-one? Made me look like an Ettin next to a GM warrior and he was 120 in everything. Doesn't really make me look forward to spending the next year beefing up my char just to face something like that. lol! [EDIT] Also mentioning... he had 20 Hit Point Regeneration, 150 S
  9. As far as I knew, you could only get set armor parts from ML named monsters, peerless monsters and (apparently nowadays) Doom gauntlet bosses or champ spawn bosses. At least I haven't seen any documentation stating otherwise. Anyhoo, yesterday I got a piece of Assassin armor from doing the Ancient World quest in Heartwood. By no means am I complaining, I'm just surprised. Has anyone else gotten set armor bits from Heartwood quests?
  10. sorry i searched nearly 1 hour and didnt find the answer. i know some monsters can loot my corpse. but is there a list of which monsters or type of monsters can loot players corpses?
  11. I just got the skill yesterday and I am looking to fill my spellbook. I would like to know what monsters drop SW scrolls? Can they be done solo with only mage skills?
  12. Ive never met such a scary monster as a Titan. They are strong, can cast strong magic and command respect..or your dead. They are also very noisy and scare the b'jesus out of me. How they get that big and strong on lettuce heads and carrots I dont know. Whats your scariest monster?
  13. TO ALL MARKSMEN! The land is full of great creatures, i have a list here for you to fill. All the beasts on this list are be killed weather it be alone or with help from other Marksmen or our allies. We must show Sosaria that we are the best at cleaning up the lands and keeping them safe. Anyone can lead a patrol to slay any of these beasts and post a report below. The reward for killing one of these beasts is Two times the normal merit reward for a normal patrol. 1. An Ancient Wyrm 2. A Balron - aka.The Lord of the Abyss, The Collector of Souls, and The Slayer. 3. A Kraken 4. A Li
  14. Can anyone direct me to strong undeads ive been slaying guardians in Doom and Ancient liches but i want more. Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks =)
  15. We went on a hunt for orc brutes. The patrol consisted of me and Genty, Devante and Lydia . We fought our way to the Orc Caves then down to the orc brutes. We went in the darkness as far as we could. We took the head for proof of our accomplishment. It was smelly and gross. We then decided to fight our way back out and go after Lich Lords too. We fought wraithes and mummies and skeleton warriors down to the lich lord hideout. It was dark and damp. We killed it with our team work and made our way back to light and fresh air.
  16. Here in the japanese page of KR there are some monsters Before the reborn and after the reborn. http://ultimaonline.jp/kingdomreborn/reborn/monster.html
  17. taken from Thread :- What monsters are not covered by any slayer weapon? UO UHall ########################### Comment If I want to kill gazer, what slayer weapon should I use? And what's up with lizardman slayer weapon? why does a "little" monster like lizardman get special treatment? ############################ It's not just lizardmen, anything can have its slayer. I believe you may want to look here. ############################ Hehe... yeah except the Gazer mentioned... or Nightmares btw ############################ hmmm.. interesting. Maybe just forgotten?
  18. BLACKROCK INFECTED CHESTS EXSIST!!! Ok today when i poped in on the ice fiends and killed them, at the next spawn a Black Rock Infected Ice Fiend appered and killed me as i stared in Awe!!! After Finding a Healer (and you know how that can be near the Ice Caves)... I went back and killed it... Here are my notes: It was black. It highlights red After it was dead it corpse looked like a shadow Wyvern Corpse (All Ghost Looking) It was as easy to kill as a plain one allthought it did seem a bit fast and that what threw me off a bit... It did contain the regular loot as well as a Bla
  19. What are the top scary monsters in your view, from books, movies, folklore, whatever? And why? I think vampires have to be up in my top ten. From Dracula, to Lestat, and countless others, the vampire has been a creature of mystery, horror, and at times, romance. The vampire can take on several guises, and talents, according to the imagination of the writer/reader. From Vlad the Impaler to Count Alucard, he is a hard man to nail down... no pun intended!
  20. source taken from UO.UHALL A player asks :- Is it an acceptable tactic to kill monsters that spawn on land from a boat? I helped an archer do this and felt a little uncomfortable about it. Thanks in advance No. The monster must have a way to damage you... So if it is a spellcaster yes. If it is a berserker no. and Yes it is legal to kill monsters from a boat. I don't know what nonsense other people are posting here. and *rolls eyes* I can't believe you are actually debating if this is legal or not. Yeesh. Its legal already, get over it. and I w
  21. I am looking at collecting A LOT of sets of Honor Plate. I know Swoop Drops the Gorget. I have heard he also drops the gloves. So my question to those who have gotten pieces of Honor Plate Set items, which ML critters did you get them off of? I figure for a few piece I will have to hunt Peerless and I will probably have to buy some pieces too. But I want to get as many as possible, without paying 750k per piece. Thanks All.
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