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Found 23 results

  1. Hello All – I was doing a bit of casual wiki reading and stumbled across this paragraph under Ultima Online’s entry: “Artificial Life Engine Starr Long, the game's associate producer, explained in 1996: "Nearly everything in the world, from grass to goblins, has a purpose, and not just as cannon fodder either. The 'virtual ecology' affects nearly every aspect of the game world, from the very small to the very large. If the rabbit population suddenly drops (because some gung-ho adventurer was trying out his new mace) then wolves may have to find different food sources - say, deer. Whe
  2. Chesapeake Players Rejoice For Color-Pride Monster! In Attendance: Sundina, Bam Bam, Demon, Ryo Ohki, Misa Amane, Bear, De'rler, Black Ice, Lord Gareth, Malicious Destin, Em Vladimere and Mesanna (See the Youtube Video of this event. This is our first time useing this. Thank Mayor Bam Bam of PaxOku for doing this little video clip.) After the long 2hour shard meeting everyone was a bit tired. Em Vladimere left us for a bit. (I bet he regrets that decision) Mesanna hung around. I was bored and asked Mesanna if we could paint something. She asked what so I sugge
  3. Is there any reason to target a monster and not self w/ Peacemaking? NT
  4. http://uo.stratics.com/news/Baja.shtml WildStar Grand Duchess Kingdom of Dawn
  5. http://uo.stratics.com/news/Baja.shtml WildStar Grand Duchess Kingdom of Dawn
  6. On the 17th June Connor_Graham put this question to the Dev team. There have been several posts reporting various problems with monster teleport over the past few days. Are you guys looking into it and working on a fix? When can we expect it? Also, how is the fix for Curse in PvM coming along? ~~~~ Blesh quoted from the recent FoF. "Why are the Doom bosses and Dark Fathers teleporting back to their rooms?" There are two parts to this answer - a missed patch note and a bug. First of all, I apologize for the missed patch note - it was a misunderstanding on my part, and I did
  7. Has anyone else noticed this... Check our your resist, they are now capped like player curses. I wonder if this is bug or intentional. If you are not for sure what I am talking about; when a player curses you, you resist caps on elementals drop by 10 (ie fire, poison, cold resist caps are 60 resist instead of 70). Anyways, going from 70 to 60 resist is a 33% damage increase from monster's elemental side. (instead of doing 30% base they are doing 40% base, a 33% increase)
  8. Hunting has become very unproductive as the loot is all the same low quality junk. It would encourage hunting if once in a while something really good would drop. I have stopped hunting for the most part and only take part in activities because the loot has become so low in quality.
  9. just want a little insight on thi sif anyone knows... say your doing champ spawn and a player holding a powerscroll gets loted from a monster if you kill that monster do you get that power scroll...or on trammel if say a player gets cursed arie looted and you kill that monster is the cursed artie on the monster as loot for you or for just the player that the monster killed
  10. Uhh..wow Texan spiders spin 'monster web' Park officials say the web is a big attraction… for some Enlarge Image An enormous spider web has been found at Lake Tawakoni State Park, Texas, US. It is not the work of one giant spider - rather, millions of small ones have been spinning away and now
  11. source taken from UO U.Hall The following idea was tossed around a couple years ago, but I want to revisit it. I'm posting this here because I've had exactly 1 person view my ideas den post in the last 2 hours... The Amulet of the King is a special unique Amulet that randomly appears somewhere in Sosaria (Felucca or Trammel). Whomever finds it and picks it up (it doesn't have to be worn) gets an immediate 4-fold boost to their Str, Dex, and Int (i.e. their values are all quadrupled above the hard caps) and a 25% increase (above all hard caps) to all skills. They also have the option of
  12. Some of the monsters are flickering between two different animations in KR. For example ettins will suddenly turn to a bear animation then back to ettin. On death I dont see an ettin but a bear. This also happens with skeletons. Does anyone know if this is a KR problem or a client problem?
  13. Got a few critters on video Gazers/mongbats (Gazers are all..slitherly, ew) Jukas, Chaos dragoons, Golem (Golem looks awesome imo) Pixies (ick), Centaurs, Wisp and Serpentine dragon Skeletal knights. <embed src="http://www.vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=202164" quality="best" scale="exactfit" width="400" height="300" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></embed> <br /> <a href="http://www.vimeo.com/clip:202164">Monster Medley 1</a> from <a href="http://www.vimeo.com/user:201687">Adam_UOForums.com</a> on <a href="http://www.vimeo.com/"
  14. Ad are you working on UOF while i'm trying to get my fix!? I just noticed its been a tiny bit laggy
  15. I need help or advice pls. The last couple of days my uo has been running extremely slow. I'm lagging like mad, I do unfortunately play on dial up since where I live there is no other service in my area. I live in the country and no one can service us since we are way too far away from any town. Trust me I've looked into everything possible. I lag for like 30 seconds to a min and my char walks in jerks. Is it my system or is uo working on something causing only dial up clients to notice this? I'm very frustrated and worried what is going on. I've run norton's I've defraged, I've ran s
  16. OK... I have 2 statues I want to toggle off (they're currently on). One is a demon vet reward statue and the other is one of those horses (Phillip's steed or something). How do you turn them on and off? I tried double-clicking in my backpack. It said you have to be the owner to do that. Tried double clicking while they were locked down. It said you cannot access this. Tried single clicking. Didn't get a menu. ???? what's the trick!
  17. taken from Thread :Idea For UOKR Monster Graphics - found in UO.UHall The last video of UOKR graphics really did look beautiful. But I noticed one thing toward the end that was detracting, and that's all the monsters in a swarm looked exactly alike. The problem was not quality of individual sprites but of all of them at as a whole. UOKR is bringing a new level of graphics to Ultima Online, and people are working hard to make the graphics modern. I think having ever so slightly different types of graphics for the same monsters will make the game look a little better (and is probably somet
  18. I was running around on my swordsman killing dullcopper elementals and i noticed that if i was slightly around the corner i couldn't target them but their could be a something taking up half the screen and they would target me and walk all the way around it to attack me. Has it always been this way or is this something new? Im not trying to make a big deal out of this im just wondering.
  19. I just need to confirm a few things. So luck only effect the intensity of the drops (all items the monster has drops, jewelry/wep mods) and has no bearing on rate of arties that drop. Do certain monsters give better drops in terms of weps and jewels? I farm onis w/ 1450 luck w/tamer and get some ok weps and jewels. Should I try to farm something or somewhere else? One more thing. Is it just my luck (no pun intended), but I feel like I am the only one who gets a really good shepherd's crook or a pitchfork w/ great mods. I think the UO gods are trying to tell me something. Has anyone else ever
  20. A new competition especially for members of UOForums has been posted up in the Competitions Forum! Check it out and see if you can recognize UO monsters by their dulcent voices. It's not as easy as you think! Hope everyone has fun with this and good luck to all !!!
  21. source taken from After having just fought "Murdok", I have to say that I'm getting pretty tired of these events. It seems like every "event boss" is the same: a disturbingly beefed up monster that requires "the one strategy": swarms and swarms of EVs. Now, being the optimistic young go-getter that I am, I charged in with sword in hand thinking I would do glorious battle with this foul brigand, only to find that I'm taking 70 damage just for charging in. Realizing that I just took a substantial amount of damage, I retreated, only to get hit again for some reason and I die. Basically,
  22. For me, it would either be the Daleks from Doctor Who (the original Daleks, not the new series Daleks), worked in as a sort of cross-dimensional accident involving Exodus...or the Skeksis from the Dark Crystal (so I could run around annoying everyone with my "hhmmmmmmmmmhmmm").
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