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Found 25 results

  1. Japan's economy is facing its worse crisis since the end of World War II, while the United States has approved an economic stimulus package to kick start their economy. How has the global recession affected you? The economic slowdown in Japan is steeper than that being experienced in the US or Europe. In the US President Barack Obama is due to sign his hard-fought economic stimulus plan, which aims to start the flow of federal money toward various infrastructure projects. In the current financial climate many people are looking to save or economise in different ways. How have you bee
  2. Evaluate Int 97 Magery 100 Meditation 100 Necromancy 54 Resistance 71 Spirit speak 66 Wrestling 95 I just returned to UO, and I'm really rusty with stuff. I've tried trogs, but I can only summon one EV with a pack horse out, and it doesn't kill quick enough.
  3. Ok, so my title is a bit of a bait-and-switch. Still, if you qualify you can get some cash. I knew fellows in college who used to donate sperm to earn beer money. I always felt bad for the women on the receiving end... http://www.wpri.com/dpp/news/local_news/local_mass_egg_sperm_donors20090126 ~M
  4. The plan is, give ol' Hoagie a shipment of the goods to build precious trust with the man. I know this is risky, but I believe it will be beneficial in the long run. So with that said we need a shipment of some goods north of the barracks. He understands that im not fully informed at the moment so if any changes needed to be made, they need to be made soon. *Signed neatly* Drake
  5. Magic Eval Med Music Provo Peace Discord Those are the skills for my template. I imagine I would be doing Doom, but guides to these and making money off of them would be nice
  6. What is the best way to make money in game?Any tips for the AH? Or What are the hottest selling craftables?
  7. The number one rule that you should have in any game with an economy, and has been stated as the rule of thumb:"Buy Low, Sell High." World of Warcraft has several occupations that have a high demand from other players. Herbalism, Skinning, Mining all can make a profit in selling the raw materials for Alchemist, Leather Workers, Blacksmith/Jewel Crafters etc... Then there are the Crafters (I know I know Maddux ) Blacksmithing is the bottom of the rung, because no one really wants to buy weapons/armor since they have so many better mob drops from dungeons. Not to mention the materials for th
  8. I,m trying to get my carpentry skill up, its going slow but steady. The problem I face is that no one wants to buy 142 medium crates (what a suprise) so my moneypile is starting to grow small becouse i cant sell any of the stuff i do. In UO i dont see many new players..and the few new players inluding me often gets alot of help, and thats great! its a great community with lots of nice people....but maybe to nice? I mean when people are giving away stuff how can i sell my wares?! So any pointers how i should manage to get food on the table in this harsh world? Am I on the road to ruin?
  9. I run a small scribe vendor that I've been keeping well stocked. There's a few hundred k on there now. Now I've been wondering: how safe is it to keep money on vendors? If I had say 20 million on there, would it be smart to keep it on there for a long period of time? The vendor is in my house, so there's no fear of the vendor getting kicked or expiring. UO has always been buggy, so I'd rather be sure!
  10. Does anyone out there think you can be a casual gamer (1 or 2 hours a day with occasional missed days and some longer days of playing) and make real cash while having fun playing! All items, currency, etc. obtained through legal means and all transactions done with courtesy and respect! In other words no scamming, duping, illegal practices whats so ever. My personal opinion is that there are games which allow sell/trades however no real money is obtained unless you are fortunate enough to get a high end item which usually comes from end game play rarely reached by the casual gamer. So in order
  11. What is the best way to make money via trade skills. I would guess that using blacksmith/mining is the best.
  12. ATTENTION People of the Empire! Some time ago Caesar Maxiumus Maddux, out of godly generosity, donated 100 gp for prize money in the arena contest. This contest did not happen (probably due to the legions being otherwise occupied with war), so this prize money is still up for grabs! Surely someone wants this gold! Let's devise a means for distributing this wealth to some fortunate citizen! (ooc: so we have money laying around to be awarded. Anyone have a cool suggestion for a contest or event? Please note your suggestions here. Besides we need to have a guild get-together some ti
  13. i need a money making skill/template thanks
  14. This was sent to us by a family friend and we thought it best to share with all ... Never ever did this type of thing cross my mind. I am grateful she shared her experience with us!
  15. hello all! since i found out i can't make much money from selling arties and such, what other ways are there to make money besides PK? even if it requires GMing my warrior, ill do it. please include details on what my stats should be and how high my skills should be. edit: i have a tradeskill char if thats required
  16. Posted by callum_fitzhugh (Europa) A Little More Money for the Coffers - by Jhaniss Glannath! Wandering Trinsic streets at night, I walked past the Keg and anchor tavern, looking for some trouble to cause, I noticed many people gathered at the keg and anchor, so I went inside and took a seat, watching, observing the people there, looking for an angle, an opportunity to earn some money, as everyone left I followed them outside and spotted a man with a young baby girl, this was my opportunity. He looked at me puzzled when I asked him if he knew what taxes were, s
  17. I hope I did not misunderstand what they were saying... I do that oftenly but it sounds like to me they are RIPPING apart of the Titanic's haul and smelting it down JUST TO MAKE a WATCH?!! My god!!! Why the heck would she want part of her body to be smelted into a watch?! She was a beautiful ship! And was that for MANY YEARS! Almost 100! And here people are diving down and defiling her body!! It is like melting them down to make them into trashcans in my point of view!! Does no one love the mechanical Critters? Did they even THINK what the survivors of thr Titanic are feeling? I mean they w
  18. as you can probably tell, im sort of new to ultima and i dont have much experience. so far i have gotten by on the money i gained from escorting npc's but as i get stronger, my needs grow bigger, how do i make money?! no particular class is involved but magery techniques qould be awesome as my char is gmed magery
  19. source UO.UHall Hello everyone. I have noted that discussions about the in-game economy often begin with a distinction between money changing hands between players and the generation of new money, usually through killing monsters and looting their gold. I figured an informal survey on this subject might be of some use. Also, I have just been curious about this for a long time. Just a couple of questions then. Note please that these questions are about CASH ONLY. Those of you who are item-rich are, to my mind, in a seperate category. Also note that these questions are about your pri
  20. Which is a better money maker? a bard or a tamer? I have a tamer and a bard, which should I focus on finishing? Here are their templates. I want to figure out which will make me the most $$$, thanks! Senechal 100 magery 105 eval 100 med 85 taming 87 lore 85 vet Tiny 110 archery 110 anatomy 110 tactics 104 music 97.5 provo 90 healing 74.6 chiv
  21. AND HERE you have it folks. source taken from UO.com As outlined in our Rules of Conduct, we do not allow players to enrich themselves through the abuse of bugs or exploitation of game mechanics. We reserve the right to confiscate any items created through such means. Recently, we discovered a large number of checks for amounts over one million gold pieces. Checks were never intended to exist in denominations of more than a million. Unfortunately, these inflated checks have been used by exploiters to store extremely large amounts of gold. These checks have now been removed from the game.
  22. Now to get rid of these exploiters as well. Its great news to hear and see that things are being done to balance the game and bring UO back to UO.
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