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Found 16 results

  1. Here is a cool little translucent(!) puddle of water I was able to make, simply by dropping a "Congealed Slug Acid" onto the ground and locking it down. Note that you can see the tile underneath the 'water'! I originally did it to see if, like an icy patch, it would cause damage of some sort. But nope, perfectly benign. Just kinda cool looking. It might even come in different shapes! Have to kill more to find out. The puddle is near the green bulletin board. Enjoy!
  2. I never really farmed these and I know that Swoop or Miasma drop mini artis and are regularly farmed for this purpose. On UOGuide is stated: "They are randomly earned when defeating Named Monsters that reside in the nine Mondains Legacy Dungeons." Does this mean ALL the named monsters drop mini artis? With equal chance? Even the ones that are really easily defeated? (Thinking Chiikkaha the Toothed here)
  3. I just found a bag that i had some how stashed away and forgot about that has some tokuno minor arties in it, it also has tokuno dye's. My question is are the dye's considered minor arties?
  4. With the need for all True Brits to meet and get to know each other, and to arrange to be on-line at the same time, to form some plans, activities, training, and just a make friends thing, I will be running a 'FOX HUNT' very shortly. I would like ALL True Brits to get in touch with me, and also maybe post below what time they are free, and when would be the best /most suitable time. With a few BIG events due very shortly with BIG rewards for factions, we do need to finally get together and ........ Its great to see a few solo folk have been stealing sigils, and I appreciate how galling i
  5. I noticed this evening something of interest to the devs. Nothing major but nonetheless is worth trying to bring to your attention. Gauntlets of Valor have 6,6,8,9,6 resists, BUT if viewed in the reward items gump, it previews the energy and poison resist backwards as: - 6,6,8,6,9 You may know this already, but you never know. And thanks as always for the great work you do to keep UO running.
  6. the chocolatiering ingredients started? I have been hunting there hours each day and not one drop of the old minor arties like alchemist's bauble, Iolo's lute, Phillip's wooden steed has graced my bankbox or backpack. Hoping I'm just jinxed and it's not the end of the double slayer musical minor arties.
  7. Hey i will take a break of a month or so cause of the new puppy we have demands so much attention.. Problem is that my house will fall (Nox old house) its between Vesper and Cove (SW of the ruin with the pentagram) It will fall and i was just wandering if any of you could just try grab som stuff from it? Its mostly junk but its stuff that i dont want to loose.. And just keep it for me untill my return? Or even better if anyone of ye could place a plot there but its not needed.. But it would be greatly appreciated I will still check the forums on daily basis though and i hope this month
  8. Is it true that there is a chance to get a minor artie drop off of Paragon creatures? And are these the ML ones or the old ones?
  9. since i'm going to be farming minor artifacts, i need some help on deciding what to sell them for.
  10. This is totally unimportant, just something I noticed that might be a bug of some kind that affects other things... When in the Blogging area, the "Unread Posts" link always says "No Unread Posts" when in reality, I have lots of unread posts (as is evidenced by clicking the link to get to the unread posts search page, which shows 55 unread posts at the moment!)
  11. taken from Thread :- A theory on whats to come. (minor patch spoiler, MUCH more if true) found in UO.UHall This new patch added a new song to UO. This song has singlehandedly solidified in my mind what is coming. Dwarves are the new race.. and will be introduced through.... the introduction of the Great Stygian Abyss. A massive 8 floored dungeon heading straight down whos entrance is located on the Isle of the Avatar. Dwelling within are the Dwarves who hewed its halls and passages as well as several other friendly and less-than friendly races. As to the extent of what will happen in the
  12. F.A.Q. Q: How can I participate in the Treasures of Tokuno II event? A: All you have to do is defeat the denizens of Tokuno in battle. Every creature has a small chance of carrying one of the treasure items. Q: Do I have to have an Ultima Online: Samurai Empire account to participate? A: You will have to travel to the Tokuno Islands in order to acquire the items yourself. However, items from the first phase will be usable by everyone. Items obtained during the second phase will only be usable by UOSE accounts. Q: How long will Treasures of Tokuno II last? A: Only for a week or two. Q
  13. anything will do. has to be today, before they ge rid of the trade in. reasonable price only
  14. I got my first crap colored minor dye today. Are they worth selling or should I just trade it in with the other stuff for my carapace and kasa?
  15. Takin a break from slaying tokuno baddies (whee!) Go to the tokuno champ if you are on atl. Don't ask questions. Just go.
  16. Citizens of the Pacific Shard have reported a minor Orc invasion in the vicinity of the Britain/Yew/Skara Brae crossroads. I went to check this out, and sure enough, the area is infested with a number of orc scouts--probably 10-15. These orcs haven't been seen in this vicinity before according to witnesses. No one seems to know why this incursion is underway. And if the Town Criers know anything, they weren't telling me! So far, the orcs have not sent any overwhelming force. This seems to be just an advance scouting party. We are watching closely for further developments.
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