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Found 20 results

  1. They work with a 'mouse over/mouse out' function. http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/abysseast.html http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/abysswest.html http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/underworld-map-locate.html There are some facet maps too, linked from here: http://ode-guild.com/uostuff/maps.html
  2. In the Classic Client, Cartography had but one practical application other than deciphering treasure maps. This use was in pinpointing the chest to dig it up. You could plot an X-course from corner to corner on the treasure map, get somewhere near it, and make a local map. You could then plot another X-course on the local map, and compare landmarks to get as close as possible to the chest. I really like the features of the Enhanced client, but when you plot a course on the map, it only lays down a pin, and doesn't connect them with lines, so you can't make that oh so helpful X. I have foun
  3. I ahve a bunch of treasure maps that I managed to decode, but all they show is a red pin in the map and state treasure is at that location. How do I determine this location???
  4. Hi Everyone, I haven't played UO for 10 years and only just got back into it. I have a few questions since I can't remember the game play that well and Im having trouble finding answers to my questsions just on google. Hopefully you guys can help me. First question - How do I get bags? Do I buy them somewhere or do I have to make them? Second question - I am having a lot of trouble with quests. I am in Britania and every quest giver I go to doesn't give me quests. Third Question - Maps. I don't remember much outside of Britanias main city. Is there a site that is avaliable that
  5. There should be room enough for the Tokuno Islands to have some 50-100 buried treasure spots around them. Why not put them there? Instead of the level 6 spots having the usual minor arties, they could have minor ToT arties as well as bringing back the Metal and Neon dyes to eat up all the excess minors floating around currently. This way the Treasures of Tokuno never really go away, but the major arties can actually be worth something. The guardians can also be tokuno-themed. Level 1- lizardmen, orcs, giant spiders, headless Level 2- kappas, black widows, few others Level 3- Lesser Hiry
  6. what is the best template/strategy to solo these maps?
  7. I know before anyone sasy it... its a bad time to train in cartography! I'm stuck at 99.5 and the only way to Gm the skill is to complete the Lvl2 to 4 maps.. So, i'm wanting to buy about 400... anyone have or knowwho does? Kes
  8. It occurs to me that the ingenious T-Maps are a gold mine of turn-in points if you can turn them in after they are completed! Anyone try this? ~M
  9. 1up had a story about video game packaging. Ultima actually gets a full paragraph. But not in a good way. Ouch. Shrink Wrapped: A History of PC Game Packaging Trends, From Awesome To Awful from 1UP.com I think the cloth map was fine, but those action figures for LBR were over the top. I never even took mine out of the box.
  10. can anyone list me each level treasure maps and wat they are called now all i know is level 1 = plainly drawn much appreciated as in a new t hunter
  11. I have a number of Treasue Maps which, when decoded, tell me nothing. Someone in-game said there is a problem with Treasue Maps in KR. Is this the case, and if so is anyone aware of an iminent fix?
  12. Nokia has launched navigation tools designed to make the paper street map obsolete for pedestrians. The firm's next generation of digital maps gives real-time walking directions on the mobile phone screen, just like sat-nav systems which guide drivers. "Nokia is taking navigation services out of the car so it can always be with you," said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, president and CEO of the firm. "Struggling with oversized paper maps will become a thing of the past." Read story here
  13. source UO Pictures I'm working on the art assets for my next flash project, the first of which requires me to create a high quality map of the original world. I had a google for some, but could only find the oh so common direct .mul rip. So, I have given myself the task of manually redrawing the entire thing ontop of the template using UO assets. It's going to take about an 80 hours investment to complete, but I felt I should share a few little pieces I've finished. These are first passes, so the final will include some more cleaning up and definition. The first i
  14. While checking Dev's posts and News,I found this very useful thread. I have sent a pm asking permission to repost it here ,but due to the time difference I might not get a reply till tomorrow,so I may have to remove it if I get a negative.I dont think I will though, as its a public forum. Flutter's how-to guide to KR maps. A few folks I have spoken to haven't realized the potential of the in-game map system so I thought I would post a few tips here for anyone who'd really like to learn. First off you see here we have our new KR map. Void of color at first I was asking that the devs a
  15. Guest

    Two maps of New Haven

    Excuse me, if someone did already something like this before me. I have made two maps of New Haven. here Click on the map on the page above, and you can see a large one. You can use these maps under the next conditions: - athos_uo doesn't abandon the copyright. - If you use these maps on your site, you should write it clearly that these derive from athos_uo of Britannia Bibliothek. - If you make alternations to these maps, you should write it clearly that you alter them. (*) These maps are made of the rader maps of Asuka, so there are some buildings that don't exist on American shard
  16. I ahve a bunch of treasure maps that I managed to decode, but all they show is a red pin in the map and state treasure is at that location. How do I determine this location???
  17. I got a young player treasure map for completing one of the template quests. The only problem is that I can't seem to locate the place at all! I've found where it's located on uo stratics and added a marker to uoam, but nomatter where I did I don't have any luck. If it's any help, it's map 191(the one near the Ettins on Haven/Occlo isle). Does anyone have any idea where I should be digging since the compass directions on stratics is wrong.
  18. Where do you got them? Are they part of some quests, dropped by monsters or what?
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