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  1. I tried making a few things pieces of jewelry from the new ML gems including white pearl and they seem pretty crappy really. Do they sometimes come out better or is there any way to improve them? Or do people want them just because they're kind of rare? (I hate having resources that I only sell and never use. I think that's a pretty boring way to play the game).
  2. I'm brand new to UO, but from reading other posts it sounds like the shard that suits my playing preferences best. So my questions are: How friendly/helpful are the other players towards newbies? Are there any RP guilds that would take a player such as myself*? Are there any race/class combos I should avoid so as not to make it difficult to join most RP guilds? (i.e. I saw the undead and vampire faces in chargen -- So would playing one make things difficult?) * While I am brand new to UO, I am not new to MMOs or role-playing within them. Ideally I would love to join an active RP guild
  3. Well here's some exciting info, Onyxia is coming back! In patch 3.2.2, Blizzard will be upgrading Onyxia to a level 80 raid boss, with a normal 10 man mode and a heroic 25 man mode. There will be new items added to her loot table, including a 310% flying mount modeled after Onyxia herself. Some of the older items (including the tier 2 helms) will be upgraded so they are on par with other current level raid pieces. In addition, anyone who logs in during the celebration of WoW's 5th anniversary will recieve an Onyxia Broodling pet.
  4. Hi everyone, Im giving UO another shot after leaving in 2002. Pre AOS. The game has changed SO much! it looks so different, yet Moonglow bank is still in the same spot! I suppose im looking for a guild, a decently active guild. im more of a casual gamer now. Any tips/tricks? good guilds to look for? -Aftermath
  5. I wonder if people or guilds would be interested in making a alliance with the CaT's? Just to make it easyer to find each other when we are around. Or to find more people to do stuff with together who have the same interest. Or just if you looking for some chat when you doing boring stuff like mining or lumbering. If anyone or any guilds are interested just let me know and we can work things out
  6. So this jock is like "I know what an RPG is! It's a Rocket Propelled Grenade! That's what I'm talking about!" He refused to believe me & my friends wanted to make a Role Playing Game when we mentioned what we wanted to brain-storm about to him. It's a little slow-going so far. One of my friends wants to do things the easy way with creating monsters & stuff by literally copying other people's Intellectual Properties. He says things like "See this Warhammer figure? This is EXACTLY the look I want for our character!" I'm trying my darndest to get him to realize the goal is to NOT get ou
  7. By Jon Wood on Dec 08, 2008 taken from http://www.mmorpg.com/gamelist.cfm?loadNews=12422 MMORPG.com Lord of the Rings Online Correspondent Jim Braner writes this article full of handy tips for making and holding onto money in Turbine's Lord of the Rings Online. Middle Earth and all its amenities can very entertaining, but it can also be very expensive. It seems at about level 20 or so you get that "want to buy a horse/pony" panic; or maybe you just want to splurge on that item from the Auction House. Luckily, there are several very easy ways for a level 20ish character to save and make
  8. Greetings everyone, I was wondering if someone could help me out in the bard templete area. Ive never really had a bard before and am thinking about making one so was wondering which is the best templete out there for a bard? Also it probably will be awhile before I can afford to get 120 scrolls in the bard skill so was wondering how effective a bard is that is scrolled to 115 in his/her skills?
  9. Hunter Moon has been busy on Alantic with his innovative deco idea for spider webs I was adding spiderwebs and old rubble to my evil tower and as I was doing this, I came up with an idea and here it is in case you would like a spider of your own to inhabit your new web... The rubble I used is the one in the bag to the right of the web, but I used it in a black. Since I have dark walls, the top part blends in to the wall and doesn't show. I thought it ended up looking like two spiders in the web cocooning some poor soul and his faithful dog ~~~~ That's really clever and looks awes
  10. Hi all - How on earth do you get the "herald" personal attendants to a) go where you want them to, and face the way you want? I'm trying to get mine to sit on a stool. Every time I activate the deed, it seems to choose randomly which 1 tile surrounding me that she ends up on - and then, when I do actually get her to pop into the tile where the stool is, she's facing the wrong way. There's got to be some trick to this! Help!
  11. After about 4 years of not playing i have rejoined the Ultima Online Community on the Atlantic shard. I had a couple of characters still intact from when i last played and was excited to jump in. My problem after playing for about a month is i cant make any money and the money i can make is no where even close to enough to buy anything in UO's ridiculously inflated market. I have only been doing things pretaining to hunting such as peerless, killing swoops for marty's (despite killing them for days straight without 1 marty), killing tsuki wolves for cash, ect but no matter what i try its no wh
  12. Alright so I made sure my tinkering is at 33.6. This gives me a 6.6 % chance to make the box. I have small crates that are lockable. I have the ingots, crossbolts, and tinkering tools. I go to make a dart trap. It won't let me make it for some reason when I Have it the right position to make the trap work. So I have to move it the other way. After 10 minutes of trying to trap I'm finally successful. Here comes the problem: 1.) I lock it to enable the trap. 2.) I lay it on the ground in the correct way you are supposed to lay a trapped box. 3.) I drag it to my pack. 4.) When I clic
  13. ANyone know how to make chocolate? I found some cocoa butter as loot, but is it possible to buy the ingredients? If so where can I buy it, or is it just loot?
  14. Dodger

    Making LRC

    Hi, Was just wondering how to make LRC armor? I have only just recently Gm'ed tailoring, in fact how do I make any leather armour with good resists? the stuff I churn out atm is pretty poor
  15. IN WARFARE TECHNOLOGY!!! They are starting with Mid-evil ages first but it's only a matter of time before they have nuke technology!!! They may already have Mech Tech in development:
  16. Help!!! I am at a total loss when it comes to combining spells and making ONE macro do the job of two - can some pls walk me thru it step by step pls & ty :}:}:}:}:}:} I've tried making them with last target and next target but about all i can do is make a macro heal and cure me rofl.=)
  17. The best spellbook I've got so far is a Dragon Slayer. The rest are all Faster Casting I, Faster casting recovery, +1 magery, anything else with a 1 in it, etc. Rather unsatisfactory if you ask me.
  18. Ive had them made FOR me..but i want to learn how to make them so i can change them when needed... Can anyone tell me how to do it? umm i need instuctions simple..im the one who tosses out the *how to* sheet on *assembly required* items..lol..Thanks...
  19. Magic Eval Med Music Provo Peace Discord Those are the skills for my template. I imagine I would be doing Doom, but guides to these and making money off of them would be nice
  20. 120 Magery - 10 million (usually 15) 120 Meditation - 3 million 120 Resisting Spells - 7 million 120 Wrestling - Had one (saved 1 million) 25 Stat Scroll - Had one (saved 5 million) Piece of Britannian Zoo Armor - 6 million 3FCR & 12+ DCI Ring - Almost 21 million, but found a better one looking through my jewelry stocks ------------------------------- Total: 26 million spent (58 million could have been spent) The final total will be higher when I finish figuring out what armor I need to buy. It will only be one or two because I am going to be using some of my regular one.
  21. Does anybody know how to make a "last object" macro in KR? In 2D, you can assign Last Object to a keystoke. KR has a Last Object action in their macro actions, but it seems to both use the object and automatically target something (itself, it seems), even when I put a step in to wait for target. Any ideas? (I use this to automate the clicking of water pitchers when creating new plant bowls, for example).
  22. What is the best way to make money in game?Any tips for the AH? Or What are the hottest selling craftables?
  23. The number one rule that you should have in any game with an economy, and has been stated as the rule of thumb:"Buy Low, Sell High." World of Warcraft has several occupations that have a high demand from other players. Herbalism, Skinning, Mining all can make a profit in selling the raw materials for Alchemist, Leather Workers, Blacksmith/Jewel Crafters etc... Then there are the Crafters (I know I know Maddux ) Blacksmithing is the bottom of the rung, because no one really wants to buy weapons/armor since they have so many better mob drops from dungeons. Not to mention the materials for th
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