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  1. OnLive promises on-demand, streaming games By Mike Smith What if you could stream top-end games to your TV, just like a Youtube video that you can control? You'd never need to buy a console again. That's the future envisaged by Palo Alto startup OnLive, which plans to launch a groundbreaking gaming service this winter. OnLive will supply players with a small set-top box, not much bigger than a Nintendo DS, which will plug into your TV and your home broadband connection. From there, you can start playing games just like those on the Xbox 360, PS3 or PC -- but with no install time, no
  2. Been checking out the old version of Marble Island, and i absolutely love the white marble castle, but i can't figure out how to make it, it looks like it is 6 stories high. so can someone post here (w/pics preferably) on how to make it including the pointed top, i'd really appreciate it.
  3. Ruh roh! BBC NEWS | Health | Taking showers 'can make you ill' Taking showers 'can make you ill' Shower water can contain harmful bacteria Showering may be bad for your health, say US scientists, who have shown that dirty shower heads can deliver a face full of harmful bacteria. Tests revealed nearly a third of devices harbour significant levels of a bug that causes lung disease. Levels
  4. Hello Ok just came back after a 2 year break, both my hubby and myself. I dl stygian etc all that advanced client, this was last week, my computer is a very nice one brand new dual core it playes Vanguard like no one else plays and no lag no hitching, its smooth as a babies bottom. Ultima - *cries* I load it, I get more black than I do graphics, when the graphics decide to load I am walking so slow, terrible lag, terrible hitching, I seem to fly forward (prob lag and stuff duno) 8 squares when I think I have walked one. I performed a full wipe of my comp (its new *sob* I have now don
  5. Dana Massey Asks "Why Not?": Make The Journey Fun For a few weeks now, I’ve been writing about things that could be changed. Things that would make MMOs better, more fun and varied. But for all the changes developers could make and players demand, the biggest hurdle for players and developers alike is a mental one. Uniquely among games, the “journey” in an MMO is a hurdle to clear, rather than the reason people play. Part of the problem is the very nature of an MMO. Whether they’re supported by microtransactions or subscriptions, all MMOs rely on players staying involved for a long time to
  6. I happen to have the log pile from the Magincia event. In doing some decorating, I accidentally came across a way to make a smaller version using three logs, and thought I would share with you. It may be described out there somewhere, but it is new to me. No matter how much you play UO, there is ALWAYS something neat! 1) Drop 2 stacked logs (or any number over '1'). 2) Lock them down. 3) Drop ONE log on top of the first logs. 4) Lock it down. 5) Use the house decorating tool to turn the bottom logs. They automagically turn into two side by side logs! 6) Use the house decorating to
  7. Ugh! I went to make some repair contracts with my Legendary Tailor today and it let me make ONE. The rest of the time it gives me an error message 'No Such Object.' when I click on the scroll and that message plus 'LEATHER/HIDES(0)' stays on my screen until I log out. I've tried: Logging out & back in Restarting the client Switching computers (Windows XP & Windows Vista) 3 Facets (Tram, Fel & Malas) Switching sewing kits Switching blank scrolls (and back and forth betwen individual scrolls and a stack of scrolls). Has anyone else experienced this or a similar problem?
  8. Ok, ok, so I am a UO building addict, I know I need treatment! But its one of the aspects of this game I truly love. I have built more then three-dozen buildings on two different shards, everything from Guild Houses to private homes, a couple Inns, and a shop or two. I like to build! Then I pass them on to others, some of them kept them with little to no change to them; others just wanted the plot to build their overstuffed Borg Cubes! But no matter, I still in enjoy the art of building. With this in mind, there are some things I wish UO would add to the game. 1. Basement, root cellar, du
  9. Not 100% sure I'm going to do this, so this is provisional, and I'm out of town for a bit, so it'll have to be a bit down the road, but here goes... I recently got lucky and found an abandoned Zento plot with 16 tiles immediately adjacent to the road that encircles the city. I have put up a test vendor and finduo.com is detecting his wares just fine and they're showing up on the site (although it's a less frequent of a scan than Luna, apparently). For those of you who are new to the game or who have recently returned, I've found that in order to get into the millions-of-gold hyper-inflated
  10. Hello All! As I lay awake pondering random subjects last night, it occurred to me: I hate the Moonglow Zoo. I’m not alone. The Zoo Collection was poorly implemented and represents a constant source of frustration to even the dedicated (like me) Zoo Contributors. Why do we hate the Zoo? 1) There never seems to be any animals in it. I know the Dev team has tweaked and re-tweaked the decay rate for points, but with the decline of interest in the Cooperative Collections, there simply aren’t enough die-hard people on a given shard to crank that sucker up to its highest level. Who wants
  11. Remember the "Super Size" option? Norman Spurlock battled, uh, with himself to get rid of that. Now if you go to McDonald's & order an extra value meal, you have the option of getting ANOTHER sandwich for a dollar extra! So I bought TWO double quarter pounders: that's a pound of BEEF, people! I only ate half of the second burger & it was hard as heck to stop eating! Anyway, I'm at BK eating breakfast & writing to you as I eat one sausage croissantwich & take the other on the road. Guess I'll give my friend the cold extra one later if he ever wakes up before noon. But b
  12. says Sarphus The special ability for ANY creature in the game to make bonded pets go wild or even unbond is ALWAYS a bad idea. Even though you have clearly mentioned that ability for platinum and chaos dragons in the patch notes, it will still end up screwing up someone's cherished pet, which is just not acceptable. Instead, I think you should just make the dragons ignore the resistances on tamed dragons when attacking. Then you don't have to worry about greater dragons being too powerful for the event and you don't have to worry about players coming here and saying "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY
  13. After i saw how people just started to work begging because it is useful I thought it might be fun to add new things for it. I also came up with some lines on why an NPC would give them an Item and not just gold or food and also a way to stop scripters from doing it all day. So my idea For gold and the normal food, clothing items etc that auto pops into your bag. For the better items like left over food, and items they give you to go sell you have to do them a quick favor and go to Illishnar and drop something off or something like that. (That way scripters CANNOT just run a script and rec
  14. Saw one for sale on a vendor. It has a unique item property so I bought it. I don't really play warriors (I don't really pvm), but I do occasionally. Anyone else having fun with their Titan's Hammers? Template?
  15. Ok, so i just aquired a agapite runic hammer. my question is, what is the best item to make. I have a swordsman and a fencer. I have never made any items with a runic hammer, so any advice is appreciated. Does it help to use a runic when making weapons from recipe weapons? Thanks in advance
  16. Greetings as we start the new season, which for me is autumn, I thought I'd also start a new little event. Just because I haven't been around as much as I'd like, doesn't mean I can't be creative. *winks* This Sunday, October 5th at the entrance to the Deceit dungeon in Trammel will be the repeat/make up day for Don't Be Deceived first challenge event. I hope to see as many folks at 8 pm EST. From there we will progress through a series of challenges, searches and other planned activities. We did this on Wednesday, and the first party was FULL! So if you couldn't try it then, please come a
  17. [video=youtube;At3cU20WYIM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=At3cU20WYIM
  18. I do not take credit for being the first to know how to do this. I figured I would share it since I'm sure many people don't know. (On the Uoassist screen do not mind in the pictures where it switches between macro 1 and 2 on the bottom part. Thats just me showing you how to set it up. This is all for one macro) First you must have UOassist. Go to the macros tab and select which ever macro number you wish to use 1-16 (its important to chose a number and ill show you why at the end) Now hit record. Go to your UO screen (This is setup to make ten potions with one key stroke) -Before h
  19. I have this little bit on top of my house that could really use a bell! Perhaps someone could come up with a design that uses a mix of things to make a bell of sorts or link me to instructions of one. That would be great if you could
  20. The plan is, give ol' Hoagie a shipment of the goods to build precious trust with the man. I know this is risky, but I believe it will be beneficial in the long run. So with that said we need a shipment of some goods north of the barracks. He understands that im not fully informed at the moment so if any changes needed to be made, they need to be made soon. *Signed neatly* Drake
  21. Hi, I have a LRC suit myself but i really want to know how to make one. What skills do i need and at what levels? I would be grateful if someone could answer my question. Thanks
  22. i was thinking about making lightweight shortbows, that gives me 100% chance at a balanced bow.. what you guys think?
  23. Just seems all the news is kinda scrambled and it also seems like there are 2 quests events... Can anyone make a proper Spoiler here as Stratics is dead again when communcations is greatly needed.. thanks Brew
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