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  1. This guide was written in order to increase the profits off training characters. The method for this is simple, by combining crafting with combat skills. In order to pull off the "free training" templates, I suggest using only basic warrior or mage templates. Taming may work as well, but the point is to allocate no more than 500 skill points to your "survival" skills and dedicate the rest to crafting. Basic templates Warrior 100 (or 120) weaponskill 100 tactics 100 anatomy 100 healing 100 (or 80) focus Mage 100 (or 120) magery 100 evaluate intelligence 100 meditation 100 (or 80) focu
  2. Tonight during my grand training session the Town crier reported that Rebecca and Declan from the Swaggers had taken the building behind the military armoury hostage. When we went to investigate we found they had barricaded the building and were demanding more tips and storage space for the Swaggers. They had eggs and apples as ammunition to throw at us and also claimed they had rigged explosives in the building. The military quickly raided the building and capture both of the culprits before the Chancellor turnt up and ordered them to be sent to the cells. They were both charged with jail
  3. Ok this was an old beat up dresser. It was white and chipped and looked like crap. Here is what I turned it into.There is a matching door on the other side with the Dragon facing the other.
  4. Most of you know the sheep training method for parry and there's plenty of threads about it for those of you who don't, so I'm not going to explain how to do it in this thread. This thread is dedicated to tips for making that training even EASIER. If you've ever done the sheep training technique, you know that the two weaknesses of the method are: 1) equipment damage and 2) constant healing needed once equipment breaks. Well, here's an easy way to get around those two flaws: First, do your training in horrific beast form. Just get to 40 necromancy and use a scroll to cast it for ease if yo
  5. What is the strangest thing in a job interview that made you go hmmm?? Iwas at an interview , this guy asked me if i knew a woman from a town, as she had the same surname as me, it was his wifes maiden name, when i said no, he said good to know there is no foreign blood in the family... It made me think... hmmm Then another interview, this guy asked me why I wanted to work when I have a partner to support me and children (who were 3 and 5 at the time) Then proceeded to question me about how much my partner earned It made me think... hmmm Another interview, this lovely lady asked if
  6. Chiv. 65.4 Anat GM Archery GM Healing GM Swords GM Resisting Spells 71.5 I think I'll make him into a nice gargoyle when given the chance... (Replacing archery with Throwing when I do.)
  7. http://armorgames.com/play/373/sheepish enjoy DiP
  8. I'm not sure if this is ok in the general section, but since it relates to Ultima, I figured I'd take my chances . If it needs to be moved to OT though, no worries. I've been having some credit card troubles during the last few days, so now that my free trial period is over, I won't be able to log in for a little while. So, since I won't be able to play the online version right now, I was thinking this would be the perfect time to play the original Ultima games and maybe get a better understanding of the story and lore behind the world. With all of that said, I wanted to make sure that
  9. I am very proud of my customizing ability. If you wish to see it its inside of PaxOku City on Chesapeake!!! :-)
  10. Honestly - what's the point of a Fel event if the entire range of characters isn't welcome? Reds get to play, but thieves still get no love? Boo. ~M
  11. Having participated in the scavenger hunt on Sonoma (couldn't get my bag in the container in time!) I feel I'm as much an expert as anyone else and I humbly offer the following suggestions: 1) Longer list of items. The team did a fine job incorporating new items (poetry books) and new/young/poor player-friendly items. Anyone who has played for any length of time should have had no trouble finding the items for Sonoma's Hunt (bacon, bottle of wine, pen and ink, pan of cookies, etc). But it only took a few minutes (seconds, really) to gather up those items. Not much of a hunt. 2) Rand
  12. that or it's copyrighted... =)
  13. source UO U.HAll Each night before I log I try and sacrifice my fame on my dexxor, then each morning go to Fan Dancer Dojo and kill succubus' to gain fame back. Well lately with fireworks I've been laying them on the floor off succubus' for others to have. Today I go down there, kill succubus, lay fireworks on the floor. Out of boredom I decide to click one for no apparent reason knowing I won't see it due to being in 2D. Clicked it and out of about 100 fireworks on the floor, 80 of them went off within maybe 15-20 seconds. Being curious, I race to log into KR, line 6 fireworks on gro
  14. http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=31035 and http://www.f4g.net/forum/showthread.php?t=4561 (map) The Mayor of Magincia stopped by and has asked to employ some of our staff to help with their event. They are looking for Bath Attendants, passing out towels, swim suits, etc. This will be on Tuesday, June 19, 07 at 9 p.m gmt. (I will not be out of work by then so hopefully others can help out here) We are asked to supply the towels (bed rolls), a few tables and the swim suits (short pants for men and something for the ladies.) Our fee is still negotiable but just think of all t
  15. My sister has gone to the next level and bested me. I had to share some funny toons she made last night from inside the game. I was rolling when she was showing me. The first one is outside Yew Gate, Felucca in Legends shard, for those of you who might know what its like there. Recognize anyone. Hehe and this one as well...
  16. Posted on the LA Stratics board: Oh, the funny things you can do with NPCs..... Kylana
  17. I flagged up a lot of new posts on the This is redicules thread over at UO UHall It was only Cathat fooliong around with more screenshots of his 'my tortured cats' gallery .Then I noticed both Coelacanth and Supreem had posted also, so went to see what they had to say. SupreemEA ,UO Programmer,was informing us Just wanted to post here so you all know that I too am lurking. Unfortunately I don't have much time to post. (Too busy making sure you guys will love Kingdom Reborn) UOCoelacanth UO Engineer on how he had tried to do an image 'fit' of a cat . Then I noticed in his sec
  18. Merry X-mas to all and especially my favorite Chessy Reporter Cabe.
  19. Thread :- what happened to promised made by ea? on UO.UHall Comment ok befor you start this isnt a flame or anything of the sort!!!!! i would just like to ask about what happened? at the first uo london town hall meeting binky promised us infront of lots of people that it was now possible to bring back the vol program and we would be returning with in 6 months. now i konow he has left and im awear of the fact thats it been well over a year and we are still waiting so i mearly wish to remind ea that they made us the players a promise and want to know when we can now expect the new eta o
  20. source taken from UO.UHall Comment & turned the red rats in the sewers back on.. ######################### yah, i noticed this today. not only were they back again, but they were the thickest i had ever seen on atl ############################ Jeremy_EAMythic UO Community Coordinator Thanks for the catch - we're fixing that today (it doesn't require a publish)
  21. Individually made-to-order everyday smithware using metals made to the standards of army and guild regulations Individual weapons or pieces of armour, bulk orders taken from military units All are made to exceptional quality and bear my mark Very reasonable rates Personally delivered Orders may be placed by leaving the details in either of the two postboxes at Ye Olde Poste Office, Near Westgate, Trinsic, or personally to Jern Fretting who can be found at The Trinsic Rose 7-8 pm most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  22. Last night the first Conclave of Barons met at the Desert Palace. Citizens from all walks of life came to the palace to offer their services or to just listen to what the Conclave will offer the people of Lake Superior. "Of the shard, for the shard", is the motto of the Conclave. I have been the fortunate soul selected to introduce the Conclave to the populace. It was my pleasure to explain the goals and purpose of the Conclave last night. Three Baronships were granted last night. The cities of Trinsic, Umbra, and Zento were the first ones claimed. The next meeting will be on Monday, Octob
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