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  1. I've been searching high and low both in-game and using SearchUO.com and I think I've finally got an idea for Ingot prices. I have a vendor named Gems and Rares in North Luna City at the R3 Mercantile Exchange (Thanks so much to Kahlan who has helped me more than I thought imaginable!) and I have some of each kind (excluding Valorite) of ingot. What I'd like is some input if anyone has any, I put a focus on being lower than the lowest reasonable price and it should be pretty accurate. Let me know what you think: Iron 16 Dull Cupper 50 Shadow Iron 200 Copper
  2. It may not be the biggest, but it is the closest to North gate. Open to offers in gold or trade for items. Serious Inquiries only. ICQ# 43096858 =) (Outside the gate, not inside)
  3. Looking for a spot in Luna circle would love three spots for a reasonable price. I've tried the more notable shops but they are full and the ones that have spots the owners no longer play so can't get in contact to rent one out. Can anyone help?
  4. Here's a Poetic Harlequin Parody for you guys to enjoy . [b]Draconi Went Down to Luna[/b] (A Poetic Harlequin Parody based on Charlie Daniels – Devil Went Down to Goergia) Created: 9-19-09 Well Draconi went down to Luna, He was looking to make people squeal. Looking to unwind, bored out of his mind: Was just out seeking a thrill. He was there watching bank sitters chat'n, sell'n, and what not. Appeared with fire and flare and said “Boys and Gals I'm about to make it HOT!” “I bet you didn't know it, but here in just a few” “I'm going to summon lots ah critters to make ya'll black and blue”
  5. Locked Runes And Book? Luna City Bank September 1, 2009 Two runes are locked down on the Luna bank floor along with a blue book with information. The two runes are for Chesapeakes two auction houses KFC and SHE auction house. These runes were locked down by EM Vladimere. After contacting the KFC Auction house and SHE auction house it was revealed to me why this was done. Simply put griefers. EM Vladimere did this for them after watching for weeks runes being collected as they were laying them down. EM Vladimere put a kink in the griefers plans by locking the rune. This
  6. Late Night Luna Bank Sitter Luna Bank August 28, 2009 Late Night in Luna on the 28th of August. The unsuspecting Luna banker sitters had no idea what EM Dudley had in store for them. A Riddle challenge was started. Some of the riddles were the following. 1.What walks on four legs in the morning two legs at none and three legs in the evening Man 2.The maker doesn't want it. The buyer doesn't need it. The user doesn't see it Coffin 3.One involved peeing in a container with a plastic ball? I didn't get to into detail on that riddle. At the end Ryo-Ohki of
  7. Inside Luna Walls Idoc August 22, 2009 In Attendance: Ti-Double G-errr or for short Lord Tigger [sHE], Daria Blackmoore [RBG], Blaine, Lord Roethlis [DWxC] Lay Pic, Lord Bily [qc], Allistair [DWxC], Jadeite [bKL], Skidder, Destiny [&QC&], Fire Of Love [qc], Scandy, Yvette [*V*], Lady TAMINGdeSHREW [TNP], Lord Billy [qc], Zmile While running around I saw a bunch blue beetles. What does that mean? Idoc time! It is IDOC but has vendors in it. I figured it is news worthy since Luna idocs only come once every 1,000 years. So for you people who have always wanted a Luna
  8. The buyer said the house was worth 50 mil according to Tradespot. I traded 30 mil for the Luna House on Lake Austin then got a castle in Fel where I gave back the money in exchange for it. So now I own a castle... paid $250 to a broker and apparently could of gotten a much larger house for that price! Jeez!
  9. rent is 50k a week, you'll sell things fast here ! icq me at 102388892 if you're interested
  10. Speaking on behalf of FwD I'd like to applaud the efforts of those involved in coordinating the rez and heal point, The free bandages, and the free enchanted food.. It was both kind and helpful, and was much appreciated.
  11. The Shadowlords and the Crimson Dragons will march against Luna tonight, 8 August. Meet at the east Luna gate at 9pm EST. http://www.uoledger.com/shadowlords-crimson-dragons-to-invade-luna/
  12. Hostile Forces March On Luna August 4th 2009 In Attendance: Absynthe [FwD], A Chick [RBG], Alyssa, Amon [OkuB], Amnesiac [DMG], Angel of Death [RBG], Ariel Faith, Arin, Ash [TEB], Bam Bam [PaxO], Beastmaster [H^TE], Brinley, CharGar [F*V], CHEEVER [K~S], Chickalatta [CKS], Christina, Dara Riatha [CAT], Daria Blackmoore [RBG], Dick Dixon [CALI], Drakken [D@GR], Durable Darkness [NUB], Ebenezr Wildweed [$GS$], Elmoras [DWxC], Exodus, Felonius [KFC], Gareth [PaxO], Gabon [OATH], Genocide Junkie, Gramps [F*V], HITMAN [CKS], Homicide, Hudson [DWxC], Hunter [co5], indien du QUEBEC [M
  13. Background Saga: Luna Rossa Born on the eve of a full harvest moon she was anointed and denominated Luna Rossa, meaning "red moon". A fitting title as she was adorned with long, flowing red locks that glistened in the sunlight. Although born of human descent, it was incontrovertible at an early age her intrigue and inexplicable perception of nature and worldly elements and her somewhat uncanny abilities. She became scholarly in ways to commune with nature, as well as mankind, and too in the mystical arts. Her exploits throughout the lands became legendary, rarely going unnoticed including by
  14. "Nathan Hawke requests all able bodied go to Luna to help defend it from a prewarned attack from The Beast." This is tonight, meet at Luna (not known where exactly) at 8pm GMT.
  15. Luna Gets CREAMED! Em: Vladimere 6/26/09 Submitted by: Merik ONN Luna was busy with its normal day to day operations. Selling Gold Memo 45,000,000. Selling Em Vladimere sash 2,500,000. Selling Ubber Bow in my hand Make Offers. Recall runes lay about the bank floor for auctions, vendor malls and more. What some people don't see is a little shield up in the top left corner saying. "Beware of flying pie in the face" The unsuspecting Luna people did not know what they were in for. Flying pies flew across the luna bank as many innocent people were struck! Em Vladimere passed ou
  16. Luna Under Siege!!! City Of Luna, 6/17/09 By: Merik ONN This afternoon the siege on Luna began. Undead piled in from the East Gate near Angelica's Attic shop and made their way past the rest of the Escu malls (Currently owned by Lord Ozzy) The undead were met by guards at the East entrance but they pressed on into the bank area. Reports of injury have been coming in all afternoon. Only two deaths which were people unable to fight and trying to quickly escape the withers of the Lich Lords! Thats right Lich Lords, Zombies, Skeletons and Rotting Corpses. The first few waves of the un
  17. I placed this house a bit ago at an idoc. It will in time be right next to the fairgrounds and its on the road in Luna. The house is free if anyone wants it. If not ill just take it down.
  18. Overview: This story came about from the roleplaying that we had to Luna's Wednesday tavern night. Luna Rossa and Xaveria Maydew meet at the Pagan tavern and their conversation turns to the brigands who rule the road as well as the inaction on the part of the Luna mayor to deal with these folk. Xaveria mentions rumors she had heard that the mayor was corrupt. They determine to visit Luna and speak with the Mayor and he offers them a reward of they will deal with the brigands. Characters: Xaveria Maydew: Xaveria Maydew hails from the slums of Trinsic, the tent city of the Isle, where
  19. Luna wasn't around when the Crimson Dragons were about, so I told her I would post my screen on it. =] Unfortunately, I had enemy of one'd it so you can't see the color. Maybe someone else print screened it and would be willing to show you the colors.
  20. sorry if anyone doesnt get to do this.I only just caught this thread by chance ~~~~ Today, 10:06 PM No Text. Heh. __________________ Tim "Draconi" Cotten - Lead Designer - Ultima Online - EA Mythic ~~~~ It might still be happening,if so do take a screenie if you can better this one *grins*
  21. THIS IS ON GL SHARD ok it is the vendor house right the westgate. the second best place in LUNA. it will be 350k per week for the steps ( only 6 spots but only 2 spots left ), 250k per week for the second row ( only 6 spots ), 175k per week for those at the edge, 135k per for the rest. the 2 blocks after the second rows are all taken up. Trust me, if you are selling highend items or armors, i will recommend taking the steps. Before i rebuild this place, i have 2 of the vendor spots on the steps rented out. that renter make a sales of 500mil in a month selling all kinds of highend items. if i
  22. If you have one you are considering selling, PM me or ICQ 57206514
  23. How much would a house inside Luna sell for, in Catskills? Could somebody give me a range like ... for 7x7 for 14x's and then for 18x18 or whatever the largesrt that can fit.
  24. Is this a bug or someone use a cheat? I was poisoned and couldn't cure (from slimes) and recalled to luna. I died on the steps. When I was running to the Ankh to rez, I saw some of the stuff I had on me floating through the air in that wierd way when you see someone loot a corpse. When I got back to my corpse my stuff was gone. How did this happen? It is really lame and lost a few good things but want to be sure I don't loose anything the same way. Is there something wrong and can anyone loot you in tram now?
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