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Found 14 results

  1. Lumberjacking Stand before a tree and gaze upward. Do you see leaves? Jagged limbs? Branches? The skilled lumberjack may gaze at the same tree and see buildings and towers and finely carved wooden goods. Training There are two methods to gain lumberjacking. Method 1 Chop trees. Method 2 Attack creatures with an axe. This will require either the Swordsmanship skill or a weapon with the Use Best Weapon Skill property. The most efficient way to gain is to get a 100% Poison Damage axe and hit a Golem. For more tips on using the Golem method visit the Melee Training Guide page.
  2. I havent been able to find the answer to this but a friend of mine was out lumberjacking one day recently and a spider spawned next to him. The spider was like a tamed pet in that it followed him around and had the blue health bar that he could rename the spider. I can find nowhere in any of the lumberjacking information that this is possible. Is he just pulling my leg or is there something to this? Thanks in advance for any answers. Lord Viro.
  3. It was a chilly morning as I awoke, no surprise as I live in the hidden mountain slopes overlooking Luna. I gathered myself and took to my shop. There was a lot of work to be done today and I wanted to get to it. I grabbed my tools and checked my shelves for the wood I needed. It was only then that I realized the wood was gone; I had used it on a project just the day before. “Not a problem,” I thought to myself, “I’ll just head over to Yew and chop some fresh wood.” Using a little magic my father taught me, I focused on the rune to Yew. “KAL ORT PAR,” I chanted and instantly the scenery star
  4. I'm 50 lumberjacking at the moment and I'm cutting normal logs. At what skill level shall I move onto the next type of log and what type is it? Thanks P.S how much do normal logs sell for per 1k?
  5. Well, here's the funny part. I have a character with 100 in carpentry and bowcraft/fletching, and am still stuck at 94 lumberjacking... what... the...??? Is there a better way? I thought about fighting with a hatchet but that's not working either.
  6. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Drav
  7. Hi! I've just returned to UO after 8 years - On catskills So figured my first goal is to get some gold for house and stuff to help me grind my main character. Therefore I thought lumberjacking and making bolts/arrows would start me out good. I made like 7000-8000 shafts when I hit 65 skill and started to get some rare resources. But what am I gonna do with those? They are only ruining my gain in regular logs?! I have bowyer/fletching on 50skill so cant do anything with the rare resources.... SO guess my question is: IS there anything ive missed here? Should I embrace the rare re
  8. What are these used for? Example, switch and bark fragments.
  9. I allready have 80+ lumberjacking but still didn't chop out even OAK. What i'm doing wrong? Should i chop some special trees or use some special axe?:?
  10. is it 30% or 35% dmg bonus? and someone 100% verify this?
  11. Does anyone have any good spots to find blood wood or frostwood they wouldn't mind sharing??? Thanks guys,
  12. Hello i play on great lakes and just started so i was wondering if i could ask this quistion does lumberjacking help with swords hen u are useing a axe if so please tell me THX IN ADVANCE
  13. Ok so I been chopping til my fingers want to fall off. I've found plenty of wood, yew,ash and oak, switches, bark, fungi, and parasitic plants. Even a couple amber but where in the heck are bloodwood heartwood and frostwood trees?
  14. I currently have : Parry, bushido, sword, tact, ana, heal. and LJ. Is consecrate weapon, enemy of one > LJ bonus?
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