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  1. *looks in horror at a town with so much missing* I hope you get all your Luna area homes fixed and your items returned.
  2. Hello everyone. I have been toying with the idea of building a luck suit, which I will use against mid-end to high-end monsters such as Miasma, Onis, and Balrons, in an effort to find good loot to sell. However, in order to have respectable resists and some HCI/DCI, I doubt I'll be able to get luck over 1100 or so, even with the boost from the 10th Anniversary Sculpture, and this includes using the Luck Mempo. So my question, for the Luck experts is....Is 1100 even worth the time of day, or should I just not bother? -Galen's player
  3. Is anyone else experiencing this? Bad luck all in one go, not just to you but other people you know as well? This month my friend cut her hand really badly, almost sliced off a finger. Also made jobless. Another, their car broke down and they lost their job as well. I lost my job, got a nerve damaged from a wisdom tooth extraction and now have a nasty intestinal parasite. Another friend, her ex boyfriend dropped down dead in his flat aged 42. Looks like a stroke. My father in law has been infected with the novu virus and has been at home sick for 3 weeks. Maybe a weird coincedence? I jus
  4. When I was building a house on the lower level outside wall to the far east with nothing else built in the house at all besides both corners and a the wall I am not able to start a wall going east to west against the wall to the far east side without a tile of the outside wall disappearing>
  5. Good day, Been doing peerless's lately with some bushido, chiv, necro macer guys. THey insist on one guy honoring the peerless before we start, which causes them to do more damage as a result of higher critical strikes. usually after honoring we all start to get on the boss and the party disbands. while we all get looting rights i was wondering, obviously the guy who honored it will be doing the most damage. does doing the most damage give any advantage to the type of loot received? Lately some guys have been getting snippy over who gets to honor it and i'd rather not see this be made
  6. For the last months I have been testing luck and crafting. This was tested on the fletching quest, doing bows. Luck 0, 20k wood... 81% of backpacks had 1 item. Luck 1600, 20k wood... 17% of backpacks had 1 item. Luck 2030, 20k wood... 04% of backpacks had 1 item. Maybe Luck changes it... ? Anyone has any information on this one? Thank you. (yes, I have way too much time on my hands... I know... but what can I say, I can play from work and my ping is 250+... so I craft... )
  7. Has anyone tried to go to doom with a dexer (let's say 0 luck) and with a Tamer with... 800-900 luck? I mean, there is a REAL diference at the time of getting artifacts between wearing luck or not? Without luck (well, I have 40 luck lol), I use to get an artifact each 3-4 rounds, someone with luck can confirm you can get an artifact each 2 rounds with 800-900 luck?
  8. 'Scuse my ignorance, but are the Spring cleaning award jewelry pcs. worth the points? I've accumulated enough of the "legacy"(?) dungeon artifacts that I can get the luck jewelry pair. Are they worth it, or should I use the points on something else. I don't have the 500K pts needed for an armor set... I'm not familiar with most of the high end stuff. Thanks!!!
  9. Does luck increase your chances to recieve arties and the virtue armor pieces in the old dungeons?
  10. Would wearing luck help me get a heartwood kit? Thanks.
  11. does luck affect the chance of getting a t-map from a monster?
  12. Lostboy7

    Luck cap?

    is there a luck cap?
  13. i have botht he ring and braceltt and was looking to sell them as a set on LS. anyone interested or have an estimated price?
  14. I believe that the highest luck in the party determines the loot drop for the party. Is that correct? Or is it the player with the most damage? Thanks! ~M
  15. 7:30 pm BST / 20:30 CET --- Public training/recruiting mission, gather at the Garrison. 8:30 pm BST / 21:30 CET (or thereabouts) --- Cartography mission to the Covian provinces, Altmere.
  16. I am looking for UBER legging, sleeve, and glove which have at least 135+ Luck and at least LRC 16. Total resist at least 50+. If you have anything like this please icq me at 376222584 or PM me. TY. __________________
  17. Just curious if luck affected the loot in chests from quests. Thanks!
  18. So my boss bought another restaurant that had a fire and decided not to reopen. This particular store was a big franchise so it stood to reason they had some decent equipment. Most of the fire damage was central to the office so we were able to get some decent stuff outta there. Now for the fun, almost everything in the office sitting on the desk was a melted mess, even change in the safe had melted. 2 feet above the desk not even the paper was burned which I thought was pretty weird, so thumbing around I happened to look under the desk and found their server, Outward appearance it went untouc
  19. Does luck affect fishing rewards? Greater chance for SOS, nets and TMaps on serpents perhaps? Greater chance of Ancient SOS maybe? Better chests fished up? Better loot in chests? More serpents fished up? Anyone know? (I'm trying it out this morning.... My guess is that luck would NOT affect what you got IN the chests except perhaps what level you got, though so far it does not even seem to be affecting that).
  20. Well Ive returned after a 2 year absense and thankfully had a few dollars in my bank and a buddy key. I was able to find an 18x18 right in the mountain area of Minoc (east of t2a ent) and with my wives account I placed a Tower in Malas , in a little mountain hollow. I remember two years ago when I did get my tower placed , it was in a horrible place in fel. What a change. I am on the Origin shard. I wish I could find a spot for a keep though, something I always wanted
  21. Mum - Is your blog working on UOForums? I click the "visit" link in your avatar block and I get "...blah blah blah your account might not be activated" messages. Help? ~M
  22. Hi all. Just had a few questions: 1. Do the 10th anniversary items drop from ALL monsters in ALL legacy dungeons? Do harder monsters have a higher chance of dropping them? 2. Does luck affect the 10th anniversary drop? What else does luck affect...chance to hit/defend/gold dropped or anything like that? 3. Are there any good places to hunt earth eles except shame level 1? It gets crowded there sometimes and its about the best money my poor paladin can make. Thanks!
  23. In about an hour or so I take my mom in for her operation. There has been a complication pop up with the general anesthesia. My mom just quit smoking in April, she is overweight, and over 60, so they are worried about it. Plus they found a heart murmur when they did a standard EEG before the surgery. So, there might be problems. When we spoke to the anesthegeologist yesterday, they pretty much terrified mom by telling her to make sure her 'papers are in order' before today. *sigh* I understand they have to list the worst case senarios, but must they terrorize people when they do i? Th
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