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  1. Its january 2005, ive just got a new flat in london *yays me* but i have no money to go out with and neither do any of my friends *boos mortgages*. I get more into UO than ive ever been in my life. I mean all i do other than that is work, play with my animals, and a bit of cycling. I head to a town ive not been to for 6 months of not more, the plyer town of Dreamstone, in Yew Felucca on Europa. I meet this girl ive not seen for a while too, Wenchkin. I appear in her town every so often, pratt about, behave the way my thick as two short planks character always behaves and we have a good laug
  2. Hey all, I am getting ready to build a pyramid house on Fire Island on a 17x17 plot in the sand. I was wondering if anyone would like to post some screens of your designs? I have the basic idea down just looking for that twist! Thanks!!
  3. Well I said i was going to try run some events this week and by the looks of current things it dosen't seem it will happen' I've had a few problems creep up and with work little time for myself to UO so mainly see me on next week hopefully or asap Sorry guys Player of Lyons
  4. from http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/8139909.stm An American veteran who said he parachuted into Normandy as part of the D-Day landings in June 1944 has been exposed as a liar. Howard Manoian, 84, had been awarded the prestigious French award the Legion d'honneur for bravery. He claimed he had landed in Sainte-Mere-Eglise in France - the setting of a fierce battle immortalised in the John Wayne film The Longest Day. But his military records reveal he spent the war behind the front line. Mr Manoian was a local war hero in Sainte-Mere-Eglise, with a plaque erected in his honour. He sa
  5. Guest

    I love killing COP

    I truly do and it is so easy. Thank you COP, for being there. You provide great stress relief for those times when I just have to kill a few people. The real murderers appreciate you. I love you COP
  6. I've caught my wife watching the bimbofest, lol So I decided to have my own "Rock of Love"! My new avatar pic of my Grandson Ethan. Rock is in his blood!:beer1:
  7. First off, I love the editing. The timing of many of the clips in conjunction with the music is fantastic. More than that, however, I've always had a fascination with tornados and storms. As a kid, I was terrified of tornados. The wailing of the tornado siren was a frightening thing, especially when I was off playing a good distance from home. This was when I lived in Michigan but then I went and moved to Dallas, Texas where the weather was even more tumultuous. I remember many an afternoon of watching the storms roll in as the humid gulf air clashed with the cold fronts born by the je
  8. Join in the Love and Misconception - EM event - on Sonoma starting in 30 minutes (sat. 2/14 - 3pm CT) at the Valentine Festival Fairground located in south Luna (next to the bagball arena) ... pass the word ... TY & Happy Valentines Day
  9. Hope this is what your looking for. Thanks to GreyPawn on Stratics Original thread on Stratics One should read the whole thread.
  10. While wandering the outside of Luna we discovered a banner that reads ..... *Valentines Festival 2009 Entering into the special location we are greeted with ... *step right up and order your favorite beverage! *sounds of romance lingers in the air *a perfect gift for that special someone *in the mood for a smooch or two? *even the frog is chocolate!!! *will you meet your true love? Is this what is to be a part of the Love and Misconception as promoted in this announcement which includes.... Sonoma – Saturday February 14th - 1:00 pm PST (3pm CT, 4pm ET) and Sunday Feb
  11. Love and Misconception Atlantic – Saturday February 7th 7:00pm EST Great Lakes – Saturday February 7th 7:30 pm CST Oceania – Saturday February 7th 11:30 am AEST and Sunday February 8th 10:30 am AEST * Catskills – February 13th 7pm EST and Sunday February 15th 8PM EST Napa Valley – Friday February 13th 7PM PST * Baja – Saturday February 14th 3PM PST Chesapeake – Saturday February 14th 3:00pm thru 10 pm EST Lake Austin – Saturday February 14th 7 pm PST and Sunday February 15th 3 pm PST Legends – Saturday February 14th 8pm thru 10pm EST
  12. To all old and new player's thinking of joining UO, don't think, just do it! you won't be dissapointed. To those on Pacific, we need some love! Please, any of the guild's with alot of member's and tie's to other guild's their allied with, let's hold some event's, plan a party of anykind, let's get Pacific back on the map. It apear's were losing people left and right to other shard's who allway's have something going on. I have 4 account's, all on Pacific and I will allway's play Pacific. The only benifit I've had from people moving to other shard's is the 4 max storage homes I have, al
  13. Where there's a will, there's a way. Watch here Once there click oon the 'For love of gaming'
  14. Just wanted to say a major thank you to Sencha and Hollie both of whom ALWAYS answer my call(s) for help! Even though usually I need to rez them (which works good because they are the hard hitters) I just wanted to say I totally appreciate all the help with all the random spawns that I attempt to take on (and then realize all too late usually that I need help. lol) *tips hat to Sencha and Hollie* You are a great asset to the shard.
  15. as reported by teeshy here UoForums url ARE allowed in game. Thankyou Jeremy for sticking with this and thrashing it out with the higher ups. Also thanks to the Stratics Mods for allowing the thread over there to reach a positive conclusion,despite all the obvious trouble making that went on. Thanks to all the great ideas and suggestions that were put forward also. Thanks also to any of you that sent in emails.Hopefully it kept 'Bob' busy It was a really good topic to debate,added to which a LOT of the community got behind in a positive way,:protest: and made themselve
  16. Source An Australian woman is facing child abduction charges in the US after trying to bring her 17-year-old World of Warcraft boyfriend back to Oz. Tamara Broome, a 31-year-old university student, was arrested on June 26 after she flew from Adelaide to the boy's home in Greenville, North Carolina to pick up her internet beau. Broome allegedly had an online relationship with the boy for more than a year, which began in the online game World of Warcraft. The two had also exchanged copious amounts of email and even discussed marriage. According to Australian news sources, Broome's relati
  17. Personally i love playing one because someone always needs that little bit of extra damage you can deal from behind a house in Fel Yew to a Red. They might be running past you to get away from a blue that has beaten them half to death because the Red is a thief/pk/rez killer and may only have about 30 hp left. One clean shot with my bow using concussion shot will make it happen. Now of course its common curtiousy to allow the blue to take the loot since you got the insurance for the kill but for all of you out there who are glad we are around... leave us a lil' something will ya? If you have
  18. Over on Stratic Forums Omnicron asked Just wondering what other informitive forums are out there that I dont know about. Thanks. ~~~~ TheScoundrelRico UO Forums. I read more than I post there though. Good source...Three thumbs up, errrm...la ~~~~ Littleblue The Lost Lands and UO Forums. ~~~~ Larisa UO General/Community News Reporter The Lost Lands Shameless plug for Flutter and TheLostLands. EXCELLENT forums. UOForums is another one, Thank you Adam. And we can't forget UOGuide thanks to JC, an excellent source of information. Not a forum but packed with info. ~~~
  19. can you allow us to turn in the Doom, Dojo, Tokumo mine stealables for points in Pub 53? I think i have 20+ chests full of them from all the years i've been stealing. I just can't continue to feed my kids with baskets, braziers, and rocks. Although they have fun wacking each other with swords and cutting up my paittings, my front yard is full of these Japanese stone sculptures and my library is stacked up to the roof with books. I think my wife said its a fire hazard waiting to happen. I must say on hot summer days having 20 fans around is a blessing. But then again I get so drunk from d
  20. So to anyone on other shards, other than TB-hating Europa, are you in True Britannians? How active is it on your shard? Is it the dominant faction? On Europa you have CoM, SL and Minax who all have good PvP guilds - but on Europa theres basically nobody, except 3 or 4 thieves who all have RL stuff so they can't always be on and are very hard to contact. Then we have maybe 2 or 3 people who don't even PvP, but they give it a go (usually die) and then theres me and two others who want to PvP, have the money to buy stuff we need, but since we don't know how to do anything, we always die. New
  21. Just good to see UO Forums included in areas for people to get info from. It's not a all stratics world after all!!!! Here is the current FOF with UO Forums reference
  22. ARRRGH ... RAINPOOP !!!! Thanks alot Mother Nature and it still coming down!!!! and thats my sweetheart, Pop - plowing it away .. so we can put the trash out for tomorrow ... :laugh:
  23. From their job description page lol
  24. Okay - The bard calculator is wrong. It lists 129 as the base barding difficulty of a PARAGON Cu Sidhe. We all know it's 160. So...I need someone's help calculating my chance to discord at 104 music, 117.6 discord, exceptional instrument. If I work the numbers myself, I come up with a '100.8' value that I don't know how to covert into a percent chance. 160 Base -5 for exceptional -10 for discord -2 for 104 music =143 (50+2*(117.6-143)) = 100.8 I know it's possible for me to discord a para cu, because I keep failing and I don't get the "your skill is not up to that" message. Help?
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