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Found 13 results

  1. ok im looking for the following items in bulk icq me with prices per or in bulk all colored ingots need lots all leather need lots ecru gems yew an heart wood fletchers kits an carpenter kits barbed kits bronze or higher smith hammers soulstone tokens name change token need 2 transendent scrolls for blacksmithing will pay 150k per .1 will pay 1.5 mill per 1.0 alacrity scrolls for blacksmithing will pay 350k per then im also buying trancendent scrolls in alaclemey inscription cooking bushido an tactics an discordance on these ones ill pay 20k to 50k per point depending on skill i
  2. This is thursday the 24th, at the town field SW of Haven bank!
  3. I have complied information from the boards and the last town meeting here. Please review the page and post any corrections, or additions, in this thread. I'll do my best to keep it updated in a timely manner. [added by Winfield] Here's a "printout" of the information in the above link, and will keep this "printout" updated too for easy reading: [updated, Jan 15 at 10:50 PM ET] Wednesday, January 16th - PaxLair City Day PaxLair City, Felucca. (Food and drinks provided throughout the night by Klug da Stu Makr?.) 8:00 pm EST - Governor's Opening Speech Host: Winfield Location: Mag
  4. I recently received I free house from a guild member which is located on the Tokuno Island, Homare. I really never messed with spawn creatures around housing before and I have 2 vendor that I always setup at my house. This there anyway possible to place a house as open so I can place the vendors without the Tsuki Wolf and ninja coming into the house. I have banned them, set securty features on doors and teleportors, but when I open my door to walk in they follow me inside and nearly kill me. Is there anything I can do besides move. I love the house size but can't stand the spawn creatures
  5. source UO U.Hall I posted this thread over from Stratics as Jeremy has made a few posts there also.Might answer some queries people have WHO'S IDEA WAS IT TO START EVERYONE IN HAVEN!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone starts in Haven now, no matter what. Too bad that means it is going to keep crashing Test Center. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If its a stress test they want, they should have said that. If it is one then it fails completely. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obviously you never been in a stress test. Stress tests are not about playing, they are about putting as much load onto the servers as
  6. source taken from UO U.Hall Hubby and i decided to clean out the basment a bit and got a hold of our Ultima Collection and i found some really nice Items i thought i would share. First: The famous Black Rock...now what would i get for turning this baby in???? Second: The stygian abyss. why wait for the new expansion? I allready have it ,with the brand new gameplay style Ultima 7: Ultima 6: Ultima 3 Cloth Map: Our Collection: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Draconi_EA UO Designer Master of Disaster Oooh, but isn
  7. This may be a dumb question but... Can I go to GM simply by area peacing? Oh, Hi!
  8. I have no idea why the Dev's havent posted these images for us to see.I was shocked to see so many that Stratics hasnt had posted in this thread over in lUO U.Hall Lizardman, Swamp Dragon, Ophidian Warrior, Fire Elem, Fan Dancer, Efreet, and quite a few more HERE Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Some of the ones I havent seen before
  9. These are my beaut's on Great Lakes, both located next to each other, south of Britain Swamps. I'll attach the full size map showing them both together since it's far too large to upload. The golden villa first house shown is my main (if you don't guess lol). The second one is mine, although a good friend who just came back to game, is using it for storage, within a few conditions of course! Main: Storage: Previous Houses: These are the only screen's I have on the computer. Chesapeake // The Felucca Public Library Chesapeake // Shackled Hope (Stratics Fall Decoration 20
  10. Ahhh nothing for sale now.
  11. 6PM PST-7PM PST Trammel Vesper Beach We are here now for 1 hour. Thanks!
  12. In May 2005, two prominent (or maybe just bored) members of the Catskills Stratics boards, Timberwolf and John McDermmott had an idea. "Let's go do an Ish Champ Spawn tonite," said one. "Sounds like a good idea!" said the other. Timberwolf volunteered to scout the spawns and post a meeting gate and time. Quite a few people showed up that very first nite and the death and madness ensued. Some had their very first encounter with a paragon dragon and, well, it was not pretty. At the end of the evening, Timberwolf decided to post the very first "Hunt Nite Hangover Thread". The responses were en
  13. Every Saturday night, the Chicken Fight Club hosts a fight with chickens, nightmares, and sometimes other creatures of the land! So I entered it to make it more interesting, so amung competing, I also had time to take all this fun pictures for you to enjoy! Chicken Fight Club would like to ask everybody to pre-register your pets, so it makes it a lot easier. Please ICQ: 68369210 to pre-register, thank you. Next week there will be a 20,000 gold registration fee, per pet? I forgot to ask.. It's at 8 PM EST every Saturday night, gates from West Britain bank are provided, be sure to mark a rune wh
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