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  1. This is the correction. To read full article, see link below The story also originally incorrectly presumed the title of Volume III would be "Riders of Rohan," but Turbine has contacted GamerZines to clarify things: Siege of Mirkwood will arrive in December and will mark the conclusion of Volume II of LOTRO's epic story. We will be kicking off Volume III in our first update of 2010. The story incorrectly presumed that Volume III is called Riders of Rohan. Beyond the fact that Volume III will begin with our next update, we have not released any more details about our plans for the roa
  2. July 13th 2009 A few days ago Turbine has announced a horse design contest - opportunity to submit your very own design for a horse which could be taken and implemented into the game as a player mount in a future content update. With a new contest, there is always a fun topic Rejected Horse Designs. Rejected Horse Design 1 Rejected Horse Design 2 Rejected Horse Design 3 Rejected Horse Design 4 Rejected Horse Design 5 Rejected Horse Design 6 Rejected
  3. June 29th 2009 After North America, Europe, Russia and South Korea, CDC Games, a business unit of CDC Corporation announced today that it expects to launch The Lord of the Rings Online in China during the second half of 2009. CDC Games holds the exclusive distribution rights in China for The Lord of the Rings Online. The China-based version is expected to have significant changes from the version launched in North America and Europe. More details on earthtimes.org
  4. While several other MMORPGs had large servers merges in the past year, according to Turbine’s developers, The Lord of the Rings Online player base is growing. In fact there are 4 new servers between Russia and Korea. " While we never release exact numbers I can tell you that we’ve seen month-on-month growth in the Turbine-operated service all year. This ties in closely with a bunch of marketing programs we’ve been running - including the currently active Anniversary promotions. I can’t comment on behalf of our partners, but domestic growth + new markets + promotion in the
  5. Im thinking of making a more serious video this time.. and not only pvp "ownage".. The idea is... "Forbidden Love in Ettenmoors" Now i need someone to write me a short script.. on ... aim at 5minutes or so in total. It will be no speech in it.. so I need to explain what happens with video capturings.. and the "actors" need to emote. So you who writes this script need to be familiar with what emotes that fit in.. from both sides. Depending on races you want to use in the script.
  6. can't get this one to work here..anyone using theirs?
  7. Posted by Jonny_Webb Heya all, I just wanted to share a collection of LOTRO-themed youtube videos I found (all by the same creator). One of these was a featured video on US site which alerted me to them, and in my opinion these are among the best I have seen. Their creator has used a mixture of in-game action (emote-miming, actual boss battles, etc) and Turbine created movies, along with some nice voiceovers and background music. Anyway these are definitely well worth your watching, enjoy *Please note: These are not my videos and I take no cre
  8. Published by Genius at 4:13 pm under lotro Codemasters Online - The Lord of the Rings Online, will be celebrating its second anniversary next week on April 24th, 2009. The celebrations will include a series of exciting in-game events, competitions and giveaways. To mark this special occasion, Eurogamer is teaming up with Codemasters Online to give away two thousand LOTRO digital keys totally free! The first 2000 lucky individuals to claim a key when the giveaway goes live at 3pm UK time (2pm GMT) on April 24th can grab the full, ori
  9. Published by Genius at 3:58 pm under book 7, lotro, release notes Patch 2 goes live Tuesday April 21 What about the Lothlorien reputation crafted item recipe crit trophies? Are they being added during the patch also? Or will they come in the next patch? They are not in patch 2. Lothlorien gift boxes never worked as intended, even on Bullroarer, if so is it possible to know what is their proper function? They’re serving their ‘function’ but their loot table is wrong. On bullroarer they were too generous and on live they’re a bit stingy. I th
  10. Hey everyone! I just came back, played a little when it 1st went Live, but i was too wrapped up in EQ2, then I played WOW for the last year or so, and had enough of that. I am looking forward to exploring all of LOTRO, i see they added alot since then. I have been trying out some of the classes. not sure what to go with though. I will probably be mostly solo, unless i can get my buddy over too. I am leaning towards CPT or Burglar, i still haev my lvl 13 Minstral from way back when too. Anyways, glad I founf this site, I work for the Army and they block almost all games site, but you made i
  11. All I can say is wow. This is the kind of stuff that inspires me to play MMORPG's <object width="480" height="295"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak6lycABKo&hl=en&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sak6lycABKo&hl=en&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="295"></embed></object>
  12. When I try to login, I get all the way past my server selection, then it errors saying I have wrong client version. There was no update, d/l and I just played last night. Anyone else running into this Server = Silverlode
  13. March 15th 2009 In Official Release Notes Volume 2 Book 7 we've find out about new Self-revive Mechanic: Players may now revive themselves in place, via a button on the user interface window when a character is defeated, instead of retreating. ~~~~~ THANK GOODNESS !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The LOTRO development team recently participated in a live chat hosted by Xfire. Producer Rowan, Art Director Floon, and designers Jalessa, Amlug, and Constant Gardener shared some new info about Volume II, Book 7; the first free content update to Mines of Moria ™! Some of the highlights included A new 12-man raid The opening of Lorien to players A new Lorien reputation system New Minstrel Instruments Insights into Class creation and changes on the way Read the full transcript to get all the details! :beer1:
  15. Just curious what you have all been given. I myself have gotten the horse, the candle from Bree and the Dwarven wall paper.
  16. With the up and coming expansion:Mines of Moria, many new and exciting adventures await both old and new players. If you've never played Lord of the Rings Online, I would highly recommend you give it a go. From one new players point of view, I'll throw in a few of the reasons I really have begun to love this game. * An excellent combat system * A more realistic, less cartoon feel to it. * One of the most in depth crafting systems (next to UO) * A feeling of being in the main story arc of the tale so many of us love. * Fun and exciting quests. * An in depth and beautiful landscape (I really
  17. [Dec 09, 2008] Ever glimpsed a passing character and wondered what they’re wearing or how to get it? Have you been looking for a guild that’s active on your server and supports your favorite playstyle? When you have that awesome experience in LOTRO do you ever want to share it with your friends? Now you can. A free benefit for subscribers, the all-new my.lotro.com features a searchable database of players, characters, monster characters, kinships, and tribes. Subscribers may sign in now to start your own blog, create a custom profile, or start making your new web friends list. Search f
  18. taken from http://www.lotro.com/news/291-gamesradar-is-off-to-moria [Dec 05, 2008] "For the last few months, players have been sweeping up those unfinished deeds, crafting skill tiers and quests in a bid to be truly ready for the next leg of the adventure. That time has come." GamesRadar has given The Mines of Moria a 9/10! Read their review to find out why. http://www.gamesradar.com/pc/the-lord-of-the-rings-online-mines-of-moria/review/the-lord-of-the-rings-online-mines-of-moria/a-20081204122518465060/g-2008031411841415068
  19. [Dec 04, 2008] Taken from http://www.lotro.com/news/290-pc-world-names-mines-of-moria-a-holiday-best-bet "World of Warcraft may have the clicks, but Lord of the Rings Online can claim one of the most popular pieces of fantasy fiction in history. That, and it has something the other guys don't: a progressive story." - PC World Magazine Read the full article here http://www.pcworld.com/article/154297-8/video_games_the_12_best_holiday_bets.html
  20. [Dec 02, 2008] Ars Technica's gamer blog, Opposable Thumbs has taken a romp through the Mines of Moria™, or to use their word, 'wonderland'. "The game's use of narrative and of interactive "cut-scenes" that showcase the story of the books from the perspectives of Middle-Earth's inhabitants is worth experiencing. This is about as close as any MMORPG has come so far to having a fully fleshed-out story. " Read the review here.http://arstechnica.com/journals/thumbs.ars/2008/12/01/impressions-mines-of-moria-is-a-pve-wonderland
  21. I know Mines of Moria has only just been released, but I am curious what you folks think will be the next expansion. My thoughts/hopes: Rohan/Mirkwood/Ironhills- Expansion would fix house designing as well as adding new housing area's(the only ones who wouldn't get a new housing area are hobbits, but they could work something in.) Also focusing on establishing mounted combat, for whom in the Rohirrim would dare only ride from horseback! Anyhow, what do you folks think?
  22. [Dec 02, 2008] Gamespy has posted their Mines of Moria™ review. In addition to earning an impressive 4.5/5.0 star rating, we’ve picked up their editor’s choice award! "Mines of Moria, an absolutely brilliant expansion pack that takes everything the development team has learned and crafts it into a sublime MMO experience." – Gamespy 12/1/08 – http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/the-lord-of-the-rings-online-mines-of-moria/934683p1.html
  23. Posted by Liquilla Community Officer Now you can download over 50 tunes from The Lord of the Rings Online™: Shadows of Angmar™ in .mp3 format! Featuring award-winning artist Chance Thomas as well as original compositions by Turbine, LOTRO has received wide-spread critical acclaim for its high audio quality and variety. The LOTRO audio library is the first product to be distributed by the Turbine Download Manager, currently in a late Beta version. Ready to get started? Click here to download This is a great opportunity for you to
  24. Anyone find any legendary weapons? If so, what did you get?
  25. so what did you guys use your tokens for?
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