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  1. Ok i made GM tailoring and im trying to figure out how to make leather armor with LMC, LRC etc but im lost can someone help me figure out how to make my leather armor with more than just resists? Thanks
  2. DTroll

    Bulk Leather

    I have a mass amount of bulk leather I've wanted to get rid of... Been searchin' vendors to get price but when I find one they are empty.... If you know a fair price for bulk leather I'd appreciate a heads up ... Oh, scales too if you happen to know... Thanks... I play on Sonoma...
  3. I know its not much, but I desperately need money after just returning to the game. I might farm more spined leather soon. ICQ 351334886
  4. I seem to run through leather pretty fast. What's the best place was to get a lot of leather? I took my mage to the Jhelom farm and let a couple of EVs go, but even that was a little slow. I guess I could buy the leather...
  5. Ok so I got about 6-8 months of acumulated BODS ( :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:) on my tailor until i decided to make legendary the other day,so the ammount of cloth and leather i must gather is insane,at least.Cloth i just buy from store,and normal leather i kill cows and bulls,and spined lizardman..what about horned and barbed?I never really farmed those.. Are dragons only source of barbed?I mean I could take tamer to destard but killing gds is so mindnumbly boring and slow...a GD vs a GD is like the battle of the century,and beetle and mare die real quick to a GD(well i tried when the
  6. Has anyone (not you Merth!) gotten their brindled leather yet? I have been killing everything that moves and have yet to get one (not to mention rough leather drop rate stinks also). Just wondering what everyones exp. was. Thanks!
  7. Smiths have mining, but a tailor needs hides, and from what I see the best hide comes from dragons. And my warrior can't take on dragons, so... what sort of template is tough enough to take these beasts down in order to secure an ample supply of barbed leather, not to mention dragon scales?
  8. In state of having searching for vendors and keep clicking on he items to buy large amount of them, i am now selling some of the common resources in bulk. They are ALL IN BULK OF 60K. Iron ingots 1.68mil gp Normal Leather 1.68mil gp Bones 6.6mil gp Normal Boards 630k gp Feathers 600k gp Bolts 1.68mil gp Arrows 1.26mil gp Enhanced Bandages 2.55mil gp I also have some other resources for sales like gems, color ingots, color boards, POF, Trans Powder and Bag, and etc. Please send me your offer for the items not listed via icq at 376222584 or PM Me TY.
  9. Are they legal? Is clothing dyed by them considered illegal? A friend is offering me one and I don't want it if there is a chance of getting my account banned.
  10. I have in possession a "Leather Dye Tub, 1st Year Veteran Reward" that evidently is mislabeled, as it only dyes regular clothing items, and leather tubs are 2nd year rewards. Didn't know if this was worth anything as a "rare" or not. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Asleif


    My next char (whenever this will be) should be able to create leather-armor. Is "Tailor" the right profession to do so?
  12. i just made a leather cap(yeah i know they are ugly) it has stamina increase6 Mr2 lmc6 lrc17 total resists are 46 with physical being 18 and the rest are 7s and 8s i think. Any idea what this would go for? i play on great lakes but just a general price check would be helpful... thanks
  13. During a guild meeting in Pacific I learned about a Neon Leather Dye Tub and from what I was told this is legal. Anyone know anything about it? Where it came from? How can I get one?
  14. No magic, nothing just normal leather *or whatever* with as much resists as possible ICQ 387-985-674 with price if you can do it, don't post here, very unlikely i will check back
  15. This Sunday night we will meet outside the Britain Public Library at 9pm eastern. The purpose of tonight's event is to gather leather for the Trades Section of the library. The goal is to reach 10 Million donation points to unlock the Trades Display. Currently, the section is at 4.7 million. Our destination has not been set yet. Most likely, it will be Destard where we can get both leather and scales. Want to help, but can't make the event? Just go to the Britain Public Library anytime during the week and donate leather or ingots to the Trades section of the Library. Let's make C
  16. Attention Hunters, Our Spined leather stocks are spent, we need more. Each hunter in the Company is asked to gather : 1500 yards of Spined Leather (No more, No less) Upon doing so and returning the Leather to the Treasure Vault the Hunter will be rewarded with 5 silver shares in Stirling & Kendall Trading Company (currently worth around 4,000 gold each!). All gold gathered you may keep for this mission.
  17. HI, Am just about to gm tailoring but have only used cloth so far. Just wonedered how do you make lrc armour? do you need magery? anything special I should know? Thanks
  18. *a poster in Towns across Britannia*
  19. *a poster in Towns across Britannia*
  20. "We are running low on barbed leather armor within the armory, so leather runs are needed to replenish our stocks. There are various dungeons and creatures where these barbed leather hides can be obtained, Destard being a main source due to the dragons that dwell within." Chloe sighed as she read the Captains latest requests. Rubbing her chin she decided that the leather collecting task seemed the simplest, seeing as Destard was her favoured hunting spot. "Pens are for scribing scrolls not writing bloody reports" she muttered. Chloe packed a few things into her pack and locked the door t
  21. grizz

    I like leather

    The forum looked sad being empty.
  22. I was wondering what the value of cloth and leather are...say 1000 pieces of cloth or 1000 pieces of leather. What should those sell for on a vendor?
  23. * a notice at RM buildings* Earn Extra Silver The Regiment is in short supply of Horned and Barbed leather The regiment is willing to pay 1 silver coin per 20 pieces of Barbed and 1 silver per 30 pieces of Horned Leather. Turn in your collected leather to Marksman stores. Good luck and Happy Hunting
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