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Found 20 results

  1. Late Night Luna Bank Sitter Luna Bank August 28, 2009 Late Night in Luna on the 28th of August. The unsuspecting Luna banker sitters had no idea what EM Dudley had in store for them. A Riddle challenge was started. Some of the riddles were the following. 1.What walks on four legs in the morning two legs at none and three legs in the evening Man 2.The maker doesn't want it. The buyer doesn't need it. The user doesn't see it Coffin 3.One involved peeing in a container with a plastic ball? I didn't get to into detail on that riddle. At the end Ryo-Ohki of
  2. Just coming back to UO & made my first trip to Ish with my old trusty archer. Followed some players to the dungeon by Spirituality & met the yellow paragon freaks..... someone needs to stop feeding crack to Balrons .... damn things are like steamrollers. After a couple of verses of the OOOooo song, I finallly got my legs back underneath me & managed to solo it (217 bandies with 110 healing and GM resist... if anyone wants to try it). As a reward for my hard work .... I also got a Paragon chest!!! Couple of Q's... besides having to dust off my T-hunter & gm lockpickin
  3. DHMagicMan 1 made no bones about his feelings on this topic It's clearly too late for this publish, but keep Tram ruleset in Tram and Fel ruleset in Fel... why would you make them cross over like this? It's going to be a serious problem for many of us... I know speaking for myself, I'll intentionally go nowhere other than Luna and directly to certain marked buildings for quest givers... where I can be in and out in 30 seconds or less. In the end, you know you have two VERY DIFFERENT audiences (well far more than two) who will never see eye to eye, so why force one groups play style on an
  4. THe Friday night late night hunt will be a top to bottom hunt in the dungeon Hythloth. All players are welcome to come along regardless of skill levels! Please meet at the Skara Brae Community Center at 11pm (sorry, I can't make it at 10:30 this week) and we will head out from there. Thanks! -Az
  5. THe Friday night late night hunt will be a top to bottom hunt in the dungeon Hythloth. All players are welcome to come along regardless of skill levels! Please meet at the Skara Brae Community Center at 11pm (sorry, I can't make it at 10:30 this week) and we will head out from there. Thanks! -Az
  6. to attend the MFestival that starts tomorrow being officially opened by Hollyoaks Gemma Atkinson. The largest Games event in the UK More details here
  7. Located Two houses West of the Old Kaldoran Bathhouse, on the lake Saturday (Friday late night) 2-4 AM GMT, 9-11 EST, 8-10 CST, 6-8 PST
  8. Located two houses west of the Kaldoran Baths on the Lake. Staffed Friday Nights 2-4 AM GMT, 9-11 EST, 8-10 CST, 6-8 PST
  9. Dip, its not too late to call off from work, unless your reading this from work. By the way, I have nothing to do with the amount of work on your desk..:laugh:
  10. ..she used to get her words mixed up. I remember her looking through the cupboard and asking me if I'd seen any Durex batteries... She meant Duracell With a straight face I said I hadnt and I still love her for that one
  11. Greetings I'm working late shifts this week. I will be home around 23:00 CET.
  12. I have been a little under the weather lately but had been wanting to do another shard festival this fall so this post may come a bit late to do something in October. However, with a few willing player and guild volunteers the possibility is still there! Here's my thoughts, please add to em as you see fit and we shall see what we shall see *grins* To do a Halloween festival: Date and Time: Sunday Oct. 28 5-8pm cst Location: Bucs Den (both tram and fel if possible) volunteers to host an event? pick n choose: 100 Net Toss + some white ones to boot (donated to any volunteer host) T-Hunt in
  13. I just wanted to apologize for some of my negatives posts lately. I have been really stressed lately with finances and some other things and I let it get to me.
  14. Hey guys, I used to play a bit of UO with my friends years ago, on the old Renaissance client, and I LOVED it. I loved the open endedness and it's the only MMORPG I've ever found where you have the ability to have such a great and varied life with trade skills. I've seen the new client's coming out this spring/summer, and I'm thinking about joining UO for it. I currently play EVE Online, but because of the way skilling in that works I can take time out of it and not jeopardise my eve skills, so I thought, what the hey! Thing is, is there any point? UO seems much more complicated than it us
  15. I work late shifts this week, so I wont be online on the evenings, except tomorrow, 01. may. I will be online on ICQ if anyone have any questions or requests, but it may take some time before i reply. Knight Kent Sarving and Corporal Leon will have to run things this week. I will be online from 01:00 GMT every night *signed* Lolindir Calmil Sergeant
  16. Many years ago in Scotland , a new game was invented. It was ruled "Gentlemen Only...Ladies Forbidden"...and thus the word GOLF entered into the English language. ------------------------------------------- Every day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury. ------------------------------------------- Men can read smaller print than women can; women can hear better. ------------------------------------------- Coca-Cola was originally green. ------------------------------------------- It is impossible to lick your elbow. ------------------------------
  17. Catskills,Owner: Tanis Stormrider. "Lands End" is located at; 11o 0'N 3o 47'E in Malas...contact info: Harlequinboa@gmail.com
  18. Home Shard: Catskills,Owner: Dreamweaver, coordinates: 79o 44'N 67o 21'E Malas...contact info: 136-525-389 icq
  19. Santa does have a list that he is checking twice. Are you wondering what you will get this year :-/ ? Vepl
  20. source taken from UO.UHall Draconi UO Designer [b ]Comment[/b] Hey everybody! If you have a free moment, I'd like to gather some help load testing a new test environment on Shard of the Dead 2. The area is now available in Castle British, through the yellow gate: Once you've arrived, simply go through the red/green gate and run around the arena for a bit. The two things I'll be watching out for is your own personal lag, and the general lag caused by groups of people. I'm hoping to get somewhere under a hundred people in the same area at once, so if you can, plea
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