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Found 17 results

  1. Sorry I posted this is such short notice
  2. Had some fun last night with the crew, well who was on at 2am in the morning. had some issues at first, but we got it down. Here are the pics... We had some issues with insurance, and people getting lost, but we got er dun.=) We Win UO. Will have to get with everyone that was there and try it again, when feel better i'll get a list of names who did it. As far as i know, i haven't seen anyone else finish it!!!
  3. Anyone know any shards with enough open land for a good size house? I'm in Atlantic, so I can't find any but when i find a house for sale its always like 30million and i don't have that type of cash to just throw into it. Thanks.
  4. I was wondering if the new land be circular/sphere/round like Britannia where one goes to the edge of the map they come out the other side or if it have boundaries like the T2A and Ilshenar? I'll put my money that it will most likely have boundaries, but it would be nice if the land was a sphere. it was something unique, about the feel that britannia was circular land, not even many (if any) games today that I know of do that. I was even disappointed when T2A, Ishenar, and all these new lands came out were not round like britannia because it was very typical "video game" like.
  5. i need a decent sized open land for a decent sized house. Anywhere in Atlantic Fel or Not.
  6. The map below is of a couple key points in the Vesper-Minoc Area; They are the location of Hawk's home, Van's Home, Swagger's Inn, and Van's Museum. I know this is a crude first attempt at mapping, I'll get better with time. If you would like to see more maps, please let me know. * signed * Michael Hawk Squire, Knights of Honor Duchy of Trinsic
  7. Tonight I plan to lead a group into the mountains of Honesty! to slay all the giants we see.. and take their lovely gold to bolster our coffers. If you dont turn up!.. I`m goin alone.. and Ill probably get my arse pounded! What Time; 20:00 gmt Where; Outside Swaggers!
  8. I played UO from 98 to 2001 and was just wondering how hard it is now to place a house? Back then land was almost impossible to get has that changed and its easy to place a house?
  9. Having a mission is one reason to go land hopping, and I found myself heading to Europa with the hope of helping community member Ulfhedinn (Egill) find a public leather dye tub to use on his armor. Not being a resident of Europa, I found myself at the West Brit Inn and decided to make a dash to the moongate then head to Luna which should help us achieve the goal. As I rounded the corner I was stopped by a wonderful display of food and folks sitting around chatting with each other in the warmth of the sun. Excusing my interuption, I explained my mission to the land as a 'visitor' and a lovel
  10. I have been thinking alot about the land map I updated and the discussion that has taken over from it, And have come up with an idea: If the map was split up into mini sections like a Risk game board for instance. To start off all guilds will get there own parts to this and all territory will be controlled by currently active guilds. Myself or anyone infact (I do not mind doing this) Would be the "Map Keeper" This person would keep the map updated everytime it changes and have it available to see online all the time. The way it works, For instance Trinsic would have lots of zones but for
  11. I Found this map on the Royal Marksman website, and thought it would be quite handy to have a nice clean one that can be written on - quality isnt great as its jpeg and wanted to keep the filesize small for hosting but already an improvement. Kudos to the person who first made this, I have just cleaned it up. Old one: Shiny new one: Please feel free to edit destroy mutilate this in any way shape or form I didnt add the names as im new and am not sure of all of them yet! so anyone can take up the project if they so wish.
  12. 20th - 24 th March-2006 Brought to you by an increasingly irritated Molly Culliton from makeshift location WHEN ARE WE GETTING OUR OFFICES BACK?! 'A well-dressed Jern Fretting, riding a horse, was seen arriving in Trinsic enquiring about the whereabouts of the Sheriff. It is said he is willing to pay a large sum of gold to be released from his oath of serfdom to the Duchy so he may take his place as a freeman citizen of Trinsic. Speaking of serfs, where is Sally Buttons? After investigating the presence of a puzzled 7 year old escapee of the Trinsic orphanage who had somehow wandere
  13. (OOC: Sadly the original story got lost in the forum crash. Only the last post got saved. I will write a short recap of what happened before the last post, and then carry on from there.) Yukiko grew up as the only child of the samurai Kuto and his wife Chiyome. Kuto early on descided that Yukiko should be trained up to become a samurai aswell, and carry on the familly tradition. The familly's first encounter with "western" people was a knight that was exploring the tokunian islands. Kuto was intrigued by the strange ideals that the knight followed, and the power they seemed to grant him. W
  14. It is my sad duty to inform ye all of the following news I have received at my home today. Letter to Tabbitha Lady Tabbitha it is put to me to inform you of commander Jurrels fate. He is gone. Crystalized. He has sacraficed himself for the whole of sosaria. I will relay to you the happenings of tonights events. I have also included some renderings of what happened. We went to the last crater and Jurrel used a blackrock pendent on it and touching the crystal took us inside the crater. It was a feirce battle against nether vortexes and black rock elementals As we killed the last one we t
  15. source taken from UO.UHALL A player asks :- Is it an acceptable tactic to kill monsters that spawn on land from a boat? I helped an archer do this and felt a little uncomfortable about it. Thanks in advance No. The monster must have a way to damage you... So if it is a spellcaster yes. If it is a berserker no. and Yes it is legal to kill monsters from a boat. I don't know what nonsense other people are posting here. and *rolls eyes* I can't believe you are actually debating if this is legal or not. Yeesh. Its legal already, get over it. and I w
  16. http://www.wired.com/news/culture/0,70909-0.html?tw=wn_technology_4 In what might be a first-of-its-kind lawsuit, a Pennsylvania lawyer is suing the publisher of the rapidly growing online world Second Life, alleging the company unfairly confiscated tens of thousands of dollars worth of his virtual land and other property. The attorney, Marc Bragg of West Chester, Pennsylvania, says game developer Linden Lab unilaterally shut down his Second Life account, cutting off his access to a substantial portfolio of real estate and currency in the virtual world. He's demanding $8,000 in restitu
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