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Found 13 results

  1. Due to mass lag on my home shard Europa, i made a newbee on Wakoku and now have GM Resists! [/useless information]
  2. I just patched and although the snow is cool I am really laggy. Anyone else have this issue since patch today?
  3. First reported 5 days back by soze was this issue of lag on almost all servers at one point. There are a number of posts today, including some from myself, addressing issues with LAG Could someone from EA (Mythic) respond as to whether or not it is a server issue? ~~~~ ZippyTwitch also posted "Because of the current lag. Uo is not playable. Because of the number of posts about it. It is on EA's end. And no the election has nothing to do with it. Since yesterday was election day and we don't vote via the internet." ~~~~ The lag problem is being looked into. Thanks for the repo
  4. I tried a BG after the rolling restart, it was an AV, I got disconnected 32 times before I finally decided to stop playing. Yes, I stayed that long because I love to make my brain rot. Actually, I wanted to test the server stability, which was horrible.
  5. I had got alot freezing lag the last day, not sure if it is my system or others do have this too?
  6. Hey guys, So I've just resubscribed to Ultima, about 3 years after playing last. I cancelled after Blackthorn's, but couldn't resist KR (which, actually, turned out to be barely different ¬_¬). But yeah, I rescued my chracters, and all was going well. Until I installed UO (the 9th Anniversary Collection, and KR) on my new PC the other day (Vista, 3.2Ghz Pentium D processor, 1gb RAM), and it just runs utterly, incredibly, stupidly slowly. For instance, I try to follow someone, and I go so slowly, they end up disappearing. Just did a speedtest, results are below: So, as you can see, whi
  7. As I played last night I noticed terrible lag and rubberbanding.I popped over to Stratics to see if any one else was experiencing the same ,and if a dev had any explanation. Crysta had nailed the problem in her thread as I have posted below. Today on LS... a lot of items have doubled up or been replaced on Magincia... every tree has a fresh new green canopy on it (including blackened ones), there are stacks of plants in some places, and a small group of plants and trees behind one of the houses has converted back into non-destructible items. There are trees that have 1 section unburned
  8. Created my real acct last night and my first char on it started playing and every 5-10 min I would just freeze up for anywhere from 2-10 sec? never had any lag issues when I played trial acct and did not reinstall just created new acct. is this something that happens from time to time with WoW or should I be looking somewhere else? my comp specs are far better than min required and even better than recommended requirements so not really understanding the lag issues. I even tried turning off all sound and going minimums on video, changed refresh rate, nothing seemed to help. HELP! i want to be
  9. I've been experiencing bad lag lately. Usually the game stops maybe 5-15 secs, then it'll be normal again. But it's been happening more and more. I ran UO Trace Utility but I have no idea what I'm looking at. Is it my ISP? Here's the trace route to Atlantic: Here's the trace route to Lake Austin:
  10. So whats the deal, i play on Napa and my regular ping is around 80, just log in for the first time today and my ping is at 240+...now i play other mmo's and they are fine. So this is not my end. Anyone else having this issue?
  11. Ad are you working on UOF while i'm trying to get my fix!? I just noticed its been a tiny bit laggy
  12. I need help or advice pls. The last couple of days my uo has been running extremely slow. I'm lagging like mad, I do unfortunately play on dial up since where I live there is no other service in my area. I live in the country and no one can service us since we are way too far away from any town. Trust me I've looked into everything possible. I lag for like 30 seconds to a min and my char walks in jerks. Is it my system or is uo working on something causing only dial up clients to notice this? I'm very frustrated and worried what is going on. I've run norton's I've defraged, I've ran s
  13. taken from thread Odd type of lag... UO Tech ########################### Sporadically I and up with lag issues while trying to talk in-game(type) wether its spatial or in party or guild channels. During the lag, I type out what I want to say and it takes forever to actually appear letter by letter and go into game chat though I can move around lag free and others talking to me is lag free. Any ideas or suggestions? ############################ Spada EA UO Lead Game Master Hello Dreadlord Lestat, Text can sometimes have issues, ironically it can be caused by the way your video card h
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