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Found 23 results

  1. Just wanted to share some pics with you guys from my neck of the woods, most are from the wife's camera from our street. I just moved back into the area, oh the irony! Lol, we're totally safe, so don't worry about us. Just keep the people whom have lost homes in your thoughts and prayers, please. This last one always makes me think of Smaug!
  2. Complete Spring Cleaning List Here is a complete list of Turn ins and Rewards. (Maybe make it sticky?) Turn-in items Phase 1 (publish 52) Copper Shilling 100pts Planesword 100pts Planeshield 100pts Ophidian Rations (Can accept stacks of 1, 10, or 100) 100pts per Ration Ophidian Orders 250pts Slippery Snake Skins 400pts Silver Crown 500pts Power Weapon 650pts Magincia Rubble 800pts Vanquishing Weapon 1.000pts Mystic Weapon 2,000pts Ophidian Journals 2,500pts Staff of Pyros 2,500pts Vorpal Blade 2,500pts Ophidian Weapon (Power) 3,500pts Cursed Artifacts 5,000pts Ophidian We
  3. Have an 18x18 house on Lake Austin server free to any needy player...had promised it to Holmedog, but he has made other arrangements...anyone interested can pm me here or icq me lots of armor and weapons and other stuff i don't have room for in my bank boxes go with it...so give me a shout...strictly first come first serve
  4. A bit of OT Convo from another thread....
  5. Tent cities have sprung up outside Los Angeles in the US as people lose their homes in the mortgage crisis.
  6. Name: Chloe la Mare Current Rank: Militia Firebrand Joined the Militia: June 2006 Background: Chloe rarely talks about her parents. She was born in Britain, her mother was a royalist priestess and her father was a man of some importance in the Vesper militia. Chloe's mother hardly spoke of Chloe's father as he left her with a small child to return to Vesper to carry out his duties. Chloe remembers little of her father, he rarely visited and when he did it was brief. When Chloe was still small her father came home to visit and was believed to have been brutality murdered by her mother.
  7. blade of NTU, he transfered to LA last time i saw him, he was very well known of NAPA. All i need is a ICQ, MSN or email, is someone could log on and look into it, i would luv ya 4 ever!!
  8. If anyone has a store of old, useless, talismans, I want to pick through your trash. I MAY have found a particular use for them. Pardon the mystery, but it has direct bearing on the upcoming invasion and could pose a good advantage. I will share this idea with anyone who has talismans for me to look through.
  9. Wow LA Church 'in record abuse deal' Cardinal Mahony has said property will be sold to raise the funds The Catholic Church in Los Angeles has reached a financial deal with more than 500 people alleging sexual abuse by priests, the plaintiffs' lawyer says. The deal, said to be for $660m (£324m), has yet to be approved by a judge. It would be the biggest compensation payment the Church has made since the sexual ab
  10. Looks like our Candle of Love has been lit
  11. Spring came a little late for me... but as they say, better late then never! "La Villa de la Rosa", which I sometimes just call "my little mouse house" serves as a retreat both for myself and for all those weary travelers who find their way to me. It's a combination of a practical house but with an elegant theme that the new spring flowers add immensly to. Cheers! * Home Shard= LS! * House coordinates/Facet= 168o 18'S 141o 12'W Felucca! * Your contact information= ICQ:95092163
  12. From the FoF June 01/07 Candle of Love Progress! Let's go LA. Anyone want to do the quest with me this weekend?
  13. Everyone welcome Zamph Ancalon:XXknight: to LA.:hello2: He found UO:F Crossroads by accident. And me. He recognized me, so I helped him out a little.
  14. Well im new to these forums but would like to say hi. My chars are as follows: (the mains anyways) Blade The Guy Who Got OWNED By Serado (VaMp) Blade (VaMp) Blade (VaMp) Thug Luv (VaMp) Bladezilla (SoLA) Blade (DOS) The CIA (VaMp) Blade (NTU) those are my mains but have a number of other chars. So ya im just saying hi. ~Blade
  15. that's about it, can you link me to good tradeboards for lake austin? thx
  16. A call rang out to all citizens of Sosaria from the Royal News Crier, that the Paladin Dupre was calling all guardsman and volunteers to perform a daring rescue of the Royal Magician, Clainin, who had been taken captive by the Minotaur Meraktus. Volunteers streamed to the Paladins hall in Luna to take up the call, where after a sturing speach, they were moon gated to the Labrynth where Dupre led the charge in the lowest depths. Numerous traps where to be found... Easily avoided. Then came the the big fight with Meraktus, where the great help from Dupre came in a warning of "Be caref
  17. New to the mod scene at least Cabe Bedlammmmmmmmmm! Welcome
  18. Welcome El of LA! Welcome to our forums! We hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we don't bite! We hope you enjoy your stay. You can find our Rules of Conduct here - Rules Of Conduct If you have a specific question about the forum itself, or how a feature works, please post in our Forum Support area here --> Forum Support
  19. El of LA took her time out to answer some questions our posters/staff sent her. Many thanks to El, we greatly appreciate the time you've spent answering them! <hr> 1. How did you first get involved in working with Stratics? I was a "lurker" on the Stratics forums for the first 3 1/2 years that I played UO. I went to Stratics to read news and a few comments, but I only posted 3 times in all that time. LA had been without a reporter for a long time on the forums and when I found myself wanting to do something new I decided LA's forum would be an adventure to try reporting for! Cr
  20. Welcome Chloe la Mare! Welcome to our forums! We hope you enjoy your stay. Please make yourself at home and introduce yourself. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask, we don't bite! We hope you enjoy your stay. You can find our Rules of Conduct here - Rules Of Conduct If you have a specific question about the forum itself, or how a feature works, please post in our Forum Support area here --> Forum Support
  21. NEW ORLEANS, La. - For the next two days, the city will test new evacuation plans and emergency response strategies meant to prevent the widespread confusion, especially among the poor, that accompanied the approach of Hurricane Katrina last year. The 2006 hurricane season begins next week. Forecasters say the season, which runs through November, could bring nine hurricanes that threaten populated areas, five of them intense. As part of the tests, about 80 volunteers will board New Orleans buses on Tuesday and head to the city's convention center and train station as a mock Category 3 hur
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