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  1. Hi all - I spent some time this evening figuring out how to use KR's map when fishing up MiB's. UO Auto Map was *the* way to fish in 2D, but UOAM is no longer being developed, and since I prefer KR anyway, I figured it was about time to figure this thing out. I was frustrated initially because the coordinates on KR's map made no sense to me. I was seeing numbers in to 200's South, which is impossible according to all of my maps! Turns out, KR's map still has some bugs - but there's a way around this coordinate display problem. I found a thread over at Stratics that has a tool for enteri
  2. Since yesterday, every time I try to log onto KR I get a Network Error, Connection Lost. Anyone ever have this problem???
  3. When changing a house to public you loose all options of adding co-owner or other access options. Is there a way around this. Long time lurker finally getting around to registering. Thanks in advance, Ulfgar
  4. If I try to tame something using the KR 3D client, I get the message "That creature cannot be tamed" If I use lore on it it says "That is not an animal" Taming works fine in the 2D client, but I prefer the newer client. Has anyone else seen this problem?
  5. Is it just me, or is anyone else having increased graphics problems with KR client? Basically, virtually no screen is rendering properly for me. Buildings are missing walls and roofs, items are not showing at all, and genreally it just looks awful. To be honest, if the game had looked like this the first time I played I would never have come back. I have not made any changes to my system but this problem appears to be getting worse. I did notice the font used by the client seems to have changed, tho I don't know why. Is it possible that my client files have been corrupted, resulting
  6. Hello, i was sure to have create a topic for this question, but i don't found it. So i ask again, i would like to know if it's not possible to have patch for resolve probleme of memory leak in kr. As i know you are working on SA, may be you can project to make a little patch for KR...
  7. I'm a new player. I've heard that most people that are serious about PvP use the old 2d client. Is this true? If so, why?
  8. If I have a fully patched KR in one of my computers, can I transfer this to my other computer (through a flash disk) or do I have to go through the process of downloading the client and making all the endless pathches?
  9. The white cloack of my character is buged since last patch when i ride an horse and move. The cloack is not on my shoulder but on my back > Don't kill KR please, there is somes players who play with it.
  10. The "UO.EXE" is shown in my UOKR folder. I wonder if it's the same for everyone? I think I got the client from fileplanet. We've been telling everyone to download ML client lately... hehe. We should probably tell them how to make a shortcut to the UO.exe instead.
  11. posted here by ChrissayEAMythic UO Community Coordinator We are looking for players who have created mods or skins for Kingdom Reborn. If you have created either one of these please PM me here on the boards. Include your email address and a link to your skin or mod. Thanks Chrissay __________________ Chrissay "Adida" Zeeman Community Coordinator Ultima Online
  12. Hi, Whats the skin everyone recommends on here? I thought I'd give it ago. I must say, does it change the paperdoll and backpack because I prefer the old ones or can the KR ones be resized?
  13. Odd. I used to roll my eyes at people who said KR played better than Legacy client. I am now one of those people. I received a new desktop... which I needed badly for a number of reasons. Even upgraded the video card tremendously. I now cannot play the Legacy like I used to, in fact I 'pause' after every few feet. It's still fast, mind you, but nowhere as fast as I can play KR (I'm getting about 45-75 fps on KR, and that is with all effects on and at 1680 x 1050 resolution on a 22 inch widescreen). So... I will effectively be learning to play KR. I will NOT be giving up on being voc
  14. I felt like walking from Papua to Del to see what T2A looked like. It was hard to maneuver around (even more than usual in 2D) & I was surprised by how many times I had to back-track to get around. The Lost Lands is hard enough to traverse on its own but with the newer client & how everything is just drawn wierd... I think I'm using the legacy settings. When I got there, there was just one person there: a guy in an apron who claimed not to be a smith. (I normally stuck around Luna for the past few months to look at the houses in town & dream about owning one....)
  15. Ok, I'm trying KR out right now, and I can definitely see why folks haven't migrated to it en masse. My biggest problem so far is that when in windowed mode, I can only highlight/select/click on items when the mouse pointer is *below* the item. This of course makes it impossible to click on any of the stuff at the bottom of the screen...I didn't think I was going to be able to use it at all (since I couldn't get to the options menu to enable fullscreen) until I remembered I could unlock my taskbar and move it to the top of the screen. So anyway, is there a way to fix this? Also a way to r
  16. I've recently resubscribed to UO and I just had my 18x18 placed. Now that I'm able to settle in I was wondering... Are there any benefits to using KR gameplay wise over the 2D+UOA? I've read that KR is not all that similar to the 2D client and I am assuming I'd be looking at a week or so to get the new client under my belt. Aesthetics aside, is KR better than the old client or is it worth the hassle in learning the new client?
  17. Chances are your mages have quite the same macros. If they have exactly the same, I would suggest trying this: MY DOCUMENTS >> EA GAMES >> (Account name X) >> (shard name Y) >> (char name Z) Once creating a macro for character Z1, go into their settings that are created by KR in the folder structure listed above. Open it up, you'll be given an option of which program to use to open it. Use notepad. Select all the text in the file, CTRL-C it. Open the other char's file while KR program is closed. Z2 should have their own information. Just ignore all this. Select
  18. Strange... after this most recent patch, all of my toons are BALD in KR!!! Their paperdolls are fine - hair is there. But if I take my hats off, they're bald in-game!!! I guess bald is beautiful, right? I've confirmed this with a guild mate, who has also discovered that KR made all of his hair fall out. (No pun intended!) He was actually the one that clued me in to the oddity. Indeed. Odd.
  19. Posted to uoherald.com: by Joanne Laroche 17 Dec 2008 10:39:33 We wanted to let you know that we are aware of the Kingdom Reborn Client issues and that we are working at resolving them. We'll give you an update as soon as we can!
  20. I have tried to download it four times now. I tried wiping the patch folder and redownloading. Problem is it will download ok but then the patch cannot be applied. My partner managed to download and apply the patch but cannot play it because there is a problem with the 3d emulator. I am wondering if it could be a hardware problem? we never had any problems before... we mainly play in the 2d client anyway due to instability of the KR client (keeps crashing, flashing items in backpack etc etc..) Does anyone know or have any ideas why it doesn't patch properly? I am a bit dubious about doing
  21. I've searched over the forums and I cannot find anything related or of help so here goes... In my user settings I lack the option to select windowed mode and set windowed mode resolution. Also it is stated elsewhere that the windowed mode is maximizable and you can drag the edges to size however you want. So I press good old ALT+ENTER to get to windowed mode and well the maximize button does nothing and nor does dragging the sides. I went into my UO:KR files looking for the sweet one like the uo.cfg for the 2d client. I found that file (UserSettings.xml) and it had the options in it. I
  22. So, why the 2 years of KR? " Was this just a test to see if a new client would work? Or did KR fail and the devs are now trying to recover? Either way it has been several years since the last expansion and, while I love this game very much, I don't think I'm gonna wait another year for the next one. " Loqucious asked recently .Not that the question hadnt been asked before . Difference this time was that Cal,made sure a reply was posted. I liked Zym Dragon's thoughts on the subject. " I don't think it was a "test." It was just a series of untimely deadlines and events that cause the p
  23. since the last patch the Hardware Renderer can not be created. no way to start KR at all. could be my 3D settings but i dont know what else to try. i am using a ATI Radeon 2600 Pro Driver Version 8.42-070914a-053413E-ATI Catalyst® Control Center-Version 2007.0914.2139.36828 Does anyone know where the Problem could be ?
  24. I can't name my horse, decide how much gold to put in the bank or give to someone. All of the other players say it's because i'm using the kr client. What can I do??
  25. Hi I came back because of the "new" client and stayed for a year till about march earlier this year. I had loads of crashes and that mainly made me try the two new games this year. alas they are so boring compared to UO, and have even more problems than I expected. So, anyone still using Kingdom Reborn client and can run it for more than an hour or so without crashing to desktop ? If there's a thread where this is discussed, which I didn't find, please link me to it
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