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Found 16 results

  1. This evening our Grandmaster Lord Gendin de Trinsic was hurt badly during an attempted assassination. The wounds have made him immobile for an unknown future. He's currently in Trinsic but will be moved to the Empath Abbey once his condition becomes stable. There was no description made of the attackers, as the attack came swiftly during a meeting. We can only assume who wrote the contract with the assassins. Although our work will not stop here. Let us not be intimidated by despicable acts of the enemy. Let us stand against oppression and set an example of righteousness! Invoke thy Ho
  2. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/scotland/tayside_and_central/8124109.stm Interesting news from Scotland.
  3. Looking for a player named Dark Knight... Use to play UO with him all the time before I quit. If you see this Dark Knight or if anyone knows how to get ahold of him, now that I'm back if anyone has his email or AIM please drop a line. Thanks so much.
  4. Looking for a player named Dark Knight... Use to play UO with him all the time before I quit. If you see this Dark Knight or if anyone knows how to get ahold of him, now that I'm back if anyone has his email or AIM please drop a line. Thanks so much.
  5. selling Knight Armor Pieces on Atlantic. You choose the piece of knight armor you need. Selling also full set, if you need it. Selling also new spring collections reward of your choice. icq me: 91906010 thx
  6. I cannot recall on the rune Dawn has given me. It was a normal looking rune at first and now its a blackened rune and it tells me I cannot recall to that location at this time. I was trying to get the Tutor Statuette for my other account (all of my slots were filled up on it).
  7. Ive mainly been working off thrashers and pretty sure I can get to knight on them but my problem comes when theres a large group in there keying mel they always seem to rile up Asbcess. Theres no way that I can take Asbcess out when they do this so what other monsters high end wise can i hunt to get to Knight? Will hunting say Balrons take me to Knight? Just need a basic list of ML monsters and non ML monsters I can hunt for honor when Asbcess is partying with Thrasher
  8. Just got back from seeing The Dark Knight. Awesome film. Ledger is at the least is going to get an Oscar nomination. The film is going to get several. Please, no one take your little kids to see this... this is NOT for kids. The adult audience was shell shocked. Two ladies brought brought about a 4 & 6 year old kids with them... the kids were shaking on the way out (yes, I said shaking... not shaken). This film is mind-blowingly intense. Sickenly funny. And disturbingly scary. The audience (mostly ranging from teens to 50 somethings) was ooo'ing, squealing with fright, nervously la
  9. This afternoon, I was continuing my research of the surviving Magincia texts with help from Jexa, whose insight into ancient vampiric texts is proving quite helpful. Our conversation roamed from ancient languages to immortal beings (of which she is one), and drifted into my previous research of the Death Knights. For those of you who are unaware, of the original nine Death Knights, only one, Daine, is known to have escaped the darkness and return to mortality. She lives quietly in PaxLair city once more, though she is much changed. Jexa informed me, to my great surprize, that Lord Rhydian,
  10. Mio Announces 'Knight Rider' GPS 06.24.08 The Knight Rider GPS borrows its sleek design from the original console of KITT and features a 4.3-inch screen, a 20-channel SiRF Star III receiver, and voice-provided directions from William Daniels, the original voice of KITT. by Craig Ellison We all know that GPS navigation devices can take us to our destinations. But did you ever think one would take you back in time? The Knight Rider GPS from Mio just might transport you back to the '80s when Michael Knight (David Hasselhoff) and his high-tech companion, KITT, (Knight Industries T
  11. Does anyone know if there is supposed to be a 7th piece that activates the Knights' Armor Suit? Maybe an item that is going to fall on monsters in this phase of the invasion?
  12. Ally

    Knight's Armor

    Anyone have an idea how much they go for per piece, if I plan on selling? This is gonna be in Atlantic.
  13. Do you guys think they will add new pieces or it will remain these lousy 7% bonus items? I would hate to hold on to these if they turn out to be anything I like white tokuno type stuff so I hope it gets boosted.
  14. My account is long gone but they were a husband/wife out on the west coast. I have not seen them on ICQ in over a year. Shane is the rl name of Dark Knight If anyone knows how to contact them , please let me know.
  15. Greetings, I hereby return the Leadership of our guards force to the Baron. When he went on his journey far away, I received the call to uphold the guild. Thanks again to Lolindir and the others, who tried to make our service available to the common cititzen. It was a honor. All the best, and may the Virtues lead you. *signed* Kent Sarving
  16. [Darkness...] A young man in gray-tattered robes looks outward into vast emptiness. Terror grips at his throat but he manages to speak. Suddenly a small circle of light no brighter then a mist filled dusk surrounds the young man. "what....what is this place?" "might someone be there? please if..." a stern voice familiar to his ears breaks the silence. "quiet" whipping around to face the shadowed speaker, the young man readies himself for an attack.... only to find himself staring back. This is not however the same young man that a moment before was struggling to hold onto his sanity.
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