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Found 12 results

  1. Peerless key fetching tips and tricks by Pirate Roberts of LooT Dreadhorn: The only key worth mention here I believe is irk’s brain. To get this key easily I use a bard with disco and provoke. On my way back I precast invis and attack a cu sidhe to get him to follow me. Each time I invis, I toggle my war mode again, precast invis and again attack the cu sidhe to keep him following me. Before long it’s done easily and quickly with just a little practice. Once in the swamp area, I use the same technique to lure irk near the cu sidhe. Then I precast invis, toggle my disco macro and target irk,
  2. Hi there, i followed the instructions on "http://www.uoherald.com/kingdomreborn/trial/" and created my own EA-account. but then i tried to enter the FREE-UOKR-REG1-14DT -Code and the System tells me "Error! Sorry, but there was a problem with the registration code you have entered. Please check your information and try again. You may also contact customer service at http://eamembers.custhelp.com." I tried this several times, created now 3 new EA-accounts and evrytime the system tells me the same bullsh*t. Whats the problem? is anybody able to help me out? Big Thx in advance!
  3. Greetings, I know one of the ways to get through all the spawn for the mage key is to honor oneself but I was wondering what is the next best way to get to the mage for the key if you dont have the highest honor? Also which templete is the best to get this key? Oh one more think could a bard say with 120 music and peace use area peace to calm the spawn?
  4. Welp got a decision to make with my mage character and not sure which was to go.. he's either going to be a necro/mage or a mage with hiding and stealth. I was thinking about the following templete listed below to key peerless 115 to 120 magery 115 to 120 eval 115 to 120 med 100 in Hiding 115 to 120 stealth 100 inscribe would this be a good templete to key peerless with?
  5. Were you a latch key kid? Did it effect you in any way? What are your views? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latch_key_kids Just my personal opinion. I am lucky in that I work flexi time which enables me to be home when the kids finish school. I would never ever let them come home to an empty house. I collect them from school or my partner does. We would never leave them unsupervised. We are also lucky the grandparents live nearby as well so they help out as well soemtimes, as well as auntie and uncle. I know some people have no choice, but my personal view is I would never let the kids be la
  6. I was just browsing though MMOsite.com and I just saw that perfect world is having a closed beta for the US version. This is pretty cool because I played the Malaysia version and it was cool but it had such broken English and the lag was horrible. This version is gonna be completely translated to English and the servers will be hosted here. Check it out if your interested. Registration hasn't started yet though. All the info I could find is listed below. http://contest.mmosite.com/giveaway/perfect_world/ YouTube - Perfect World International - Official Teaser Trailer http://www.perfectworl
  7. Can some one please explain to me in detail how i get the red key for the travsty? i have tried to find it with no luck. i have been to the stairs that lead down into the rooms but i cant seem to find what to kill to get one. maybe a pic and some insructions? Thanks Brew M
  8. The map below is of a couple key points in the Vesper-Minoc Area; They are the location of Hawk's home, Van's Home, Swagger's Inn, and Van's Museum. I know this is a crude first attempt at mapping, I'll get better with time. If you would like to see more maps, please let me know. * signed * Michael Hawk Squire, Knights of Honor Duchy of Trinsic
  9. This is an OOC post So I was on a smoke break again....you all know thats when I get my best stuff. Siting and thinking so here we go. Over the years in my experience I have come to one conclusion. People want to be useful. They want their establishments to be useful. From a city park to the City Hall. What we need to do as a community is help everyone in our city. Help our establishments as well. Even if they dont see us there we have been there. Winfields Tea House why not stop by and have a cup of tea and sit around and talk. Or hang outside on the lawn and maybe someone will pass by
  10. Iraq 'fails 11 of 18 key targets' The report found three of 18 benchmarks had been fully met Iraq has failed to meet 11 of 18 key progress benchmarks set by the US, according to an independent report from a Congressional watchdog. Political progress in Iraq has been unsatisfactory and violence "remains high", the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found. Iraq had met three benchmarks and partially met another four, it sa
  11. Posted on Thursday, April 26, 2007, to UOStratics Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr matey's! So ye be wanting ta test dat dere Pirates o' da Burning Sea game eh? But ye not quite got that rascally beta key ya be needing to unlock that pirate's chest aight? Well 'ave no fear, we 'ere at Stratics 'ave been busy pirating and got ye some Beta Keys..... Not quite into the pirate talk? Have no fear, we'll put it into plain english for you. Stratics has 100 beta keys to give away, which we will do over a period of six weeks with three different contests. The first contest is simple. The last two
  12. some hopeful news for many people suffering from a lot of nasty illnesses http://health.msn.com/centers/cancer/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100153655&GT1=8971 MONDAY, Jan. 22 (HealthDay News) -- The identification by U.S. scientists of genes thought to be key to autoimmune disorders could be a big step toward new treatments for these illnesses, which include lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and type 1 diabetes. Cells called regulatory T-cells are supposed to help keep the immune system in check, but in autoimmune disease, these mechanisms can fail. Now, researchers reporting this we
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