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Found 12 results

  1. I tried making a few things pieces of jewelry from the new ML gems including white pearl and they seem pretty crappy really. Do they sometimes come out better or is there any way to improve them? Or do people want them just because they're kind of rare? (I hate having resources that I only sell and never use. I think that's a pretty boring way to play the game).
  2. Hello All! I've decided that I'd like to purchase a set of holiday jewelry when I return home. I've done my standard research, but I'm curious: How much of this stuff is still out there? And, if anyone on Sonoma has a round necklace and a pair of earrings, please PM me...I might be interested in buying it come March. Were there bracelets? Rings? Thanks! ~M
  3. I decided to use up some valuable gems to try and make some great jewelry. I have a GM Tinkerer and a talisman with +23 tink, +20 exceptionla tink. Here is what I made, and I think it is mostly junk. Are these salable? Ecru Citrine Ring: --heal+7, LRC 7%, enh. pot. 50%, cold resist 4% --SDI 11%, Strenght +6 --res. spell +7, str +7, SDI 5%, energy res 13% --str +7, fc +1, cold res 5% Brilliant Amber Bracelet --SDI 4%, LRC 9% (grrrrrr) Blue Diamond Ring: --Nec +6, luck 68, fcr 2, poison res 7% --Heal +13, nec +9, str +5, LRC 10% --eval int +7, fcr 1, lrc 10% --dci 7%, fcr 2
  4. If anyone comes across a ring or bracelet with +15 stealing jewelry you'd be willing to part with, do let us know. We have a kit for joining the thieves guild and these two items would complete the kit and allow characters to join without having to spend any points in stealing. Thank you.
  5. What would they be? What is the godliest of godly single piece of jewelry for your particular template? ~Gaspar LeMarc
  6. 'Scuse my ignorance, but are the Spring cleaning award jewelry pcs. worth the points? I've accumulated enough of the "legacy"(?) dungeon artifacts that I can get the luck jewelry pair. Are they worth it, or should I use the points on something else. I don't have the 500K pts needed for an armor set... I'm not familiar with most of the high end stuff. Thanks!!!
  7. UPDATE: After some testing, it appears that the functionality is working, KR just doesn't display it. I can cast GH at 2/6 with the full jewelry set than without it, so I'm obviously getting that bonus. Can't tell if I'm getting the HP or Mana regens. Hello All - I just turned in every scrap of everything to get 300K points. I've claimed the jewelry, and it appears that some of the features are bugged: Working: Luck Boost to 400 Not working: FC/FCR boost to 3/6 (stuck at 2/2) Mana regen boost HP regen boost It might just be that KR is not showing the bonuses. I notice that if
  8. I.E. the 20,000 Diamond bracelets and things like that? Or can you even make these anymore? I remember you used to be able to and I see a few floating around on vendors still. Are these just leftovers from a while back or are these items still craftable?
  9. source UO U.HAll C'mon we've only been asking for years now. Maybe a thread so big that it drags the server to it's knees will get your attention? Who else wants one? Sign up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Great idea! But I have never heard anyone from EAMythic say we will get right on it. I think they said they would look into? I think maybe they wrote it down? Maybe it was just my imagination? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What where you looking for in a jewelry box? As I understand it you can name containers in KR, but somehow I think you're asking for something different. Peace, ~~~~~~
  10. merth


    ok so merth just hit 105.7 real taming skill, current template sits at animal taming 105.7/115 animal lore 115/115 veterinary 120/120 magery 110/110 meditation 120/120 eval int 105/115 question is this should i retire my taming ring which hits cap of 115 in favor of fc/fcr which I have room for more or should i stay capped at 115 with it? my gut feeling is I can totally control my pets without it so unless im actually taming put it up and go with fc/fcr and be a better caster when i hunt?
  11. Bracelet #1 HCI 15% Enhance Potions 25% Dex 1 Ninjitsu +5 Cold Resist 2% Bracelet #2 HCI 14% Damage Increase 20% Int 7 LMC 8% Energy Resist 14% Ring Bushido +13 HCI 12% Damage Increase 20% LMC 6% LRC 16%
  12. As this post will clearly indicate, I'm trying to get up to speed after being away from the game for a while. It is my understanding that the combat formulas are based on displayed, not base, skills. Please confirm that the following is correct: Weapon base skill 120 + 0 skill mods = Weapon base skill 110 + 10 skill mods Also want to confirm the correllary: Weapon base skill 120 + 10 skill mods = 120 Weapon skill (i.e., truly capped @ 120) TIA
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