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  1. MAssive Gamer Magazine ran this article I thought everyone might like to read. Part Two: Jeremy Preacher Interview She IS Her Jolly Pirate Nickname By Sanya Weathers (Editor’s note: As we said last time, the MMO world is quite small, and the interviewee worked for the interviewer from Oct 2006 until April 2007.) Massive Gamer: What did you think when Mythic called you up? Jeremy Preacher: I was not at all sure the remote thing was going to work, or that Mythic would ever be able to persuade me to leave Austin. But working on UO, even if it was temporary - well, that was too good to
  2. Bearing in mind this interview is a lot shorter than originally planned, due to Jeremy leaving Mythic. So this interview should be viewed as done by an independent and not an EA/Mythic employee. Thanks to Jeremy for sending this to us, it is appreciated 1)What has been the most challenging aspect of community rep through the EA/Mythic transition... a) For the community? – The biggest challenge with the community was the long downtime between Publish 49 at the end of November and Publish 51 in late January. It was unavoidable for logistical reasons, but it was very difficult to ke
  3. Back on the 21st Kat asked Please tell us this isn't a permanent change and that its only for the event! ~~~~ This is a temporary change for the duration of the event. Also, we may need to balance out purification time and other variables during the Test Center run. Please feel free to contribute your experiences with the system going forward! Tim "Draconi" Cotten - Lead Designer - Ultima Online - EA Mythic ~~~~ but Lynx wanted more time Can you make it permanent? I have a real
  4. Those red healers really know how to party! says Derek 'Supreem' Brinkmann [ UO Lead Programmer ] in case you've forgtotten. His comment was in response to ^Wolfie^'S screenshot in the thread Jeremy, still out of control. in this thread. and Mesanna UO Associate Development Manager says I just checked out Jhelom on Sonoma and only found 3 red healers, if you see this occuring again please let me know. Thanks! This is happening on Sonoma,so beware when going through that portal [ Jhelom I beleive ]
  5. says Lady_Rachel Can we get the Vanguard Spawn turned off on Atlantic? Thank You ~~~~ Is that still on? ,*stomps off, muttering* __________________ E. Jeremy Dalberg, Mythic Entertainment www.uoherald.com ~~~~ darn, quick lay in a supply of Dreads before they turn it off! suggested Lord Drakelord ~~~~ While Lord Sir Scott and Madrid said feel free to move it to sonoma, We will glady take any leftover loose spawns that other shards cant handle....hehe .....Aye. Send them to Sonoma we'll glady deal with them. ~~~~ I wonder if Lord
  6. Bouche835 asks back on 16 th Jeremy, What the heck happened on the patch? Did you nerf archery or what? Pleaase tell us. I would like to know how I went from doing 30 damage with a con blow to 10 damage. But yet people can still hit me for 40 with death strike. What is going on please explain? ~~~~~ Connor Graham explained The only Archery change was the change to the Quiver of Rage. Everything else has remained the same. I'm not sure what you mean by: "And I only used it because I forgot to insure it." ~~~~ Ericge99 disagreeing said Actualy Connor, there has been
  7. Dear Jeremy, Please accept my thanks and convey them to your team members. The recent actions taken against exploiters are welcome and demonstrate your collective commitment to Ultima Online and restoring the fun of this venerable game. I am concerned, however. Statements you've made (or that have been cross-posted) on UOForums.com indicate that many illegally created items still exist across all shards. Unfortunately, the average player has no way to identify those items as illegal. This presents the following connundrum: I play Ultima to earn gold and resources which I can trade fo
  8. MoonglowMerchantasked 1. Are there any immediate plans to cap breath damage from Greater Dragons in PvP? 2. Are there any immediate plans to balance hide/stealth/detect on Siege? Thanks. ~~~~ If by "immediate" you mean "in the next patch," then no, not that I'm aware of. Our plate's pretty full for 55. E. Jeremy Dalberg, Mythic Entertainment http://www.uoherald.com ~~~~ What about in the near future? Edit: By immediate, I suppose I mean that it is something that is going to be addressed and just has to be fit into the schedule. Further Edit: I read in the Town Hall note
  9. Across all Luna Shards, there are still 146 barbed kits for sale. One is offered at 400K, which smells suspiciously like a dupe. I am very happy about the bannings, but I get the sense that there are still lots of dupes out there. Isn't there some sort of database poll the team can do to flat out eliminate anything with duplicate item IDs? The hue and cry in the short term is far less than the long-term damage to player confidence and the UO Team's rep if some dupes were allowed to remain. And, yes, I can suggest this because I'm fairly certain I don't own dupes. Most true-rare colle
  10. An Exclusive Interview with the UO Community Rep from EA Mythic Entertainment I recently met Jeremy at the UO Town Hall meeting in San Diego, CA and was fortunate enough to persuade her to sit down and answer a few interview questions. Jeremy struck me as a warm, friendly and honest person with an immense passion for games. Rather than asking her a bunch of questions about UO that have been asked a hundred times over, I wanted to know just who Jeremy was and what exactly brought her to work in the gaming industry. For those of you particularly who question a staff member's dedication to
  11. Although there has been no response [yet] official or otherwise about this from EA,on this subject, I feel it necessary to inform other players [ aside from those that read Stratics] to give as many players as possible a heads up on the HUGE amount of ' duping etc ' that is currently going on in the game. We see 'returning players' weekly,and eager to update their items,they are the ones most likely to be caught out by this current problem. My reporting of this is there fore mainly to inform them of the situation,and reiterate to others to be extra vigilent at this moment in time about what
  12. Fix my Homare-Jima Moongate :-P Anyways yes im always last minute. Some events for the FoF Blue Light Play House Presents: "A Day In The Life Of A Miner" Friday August 1st 9:00pm est Join us in PaxOku City (Chesapeake, Tokuno Islands, Homare-Jima Moongate) for our Friday show. PaxLair Statehood puts on a play every Friday and all are welcome from every shard. Gates provided from Luna along with Runes. Tonights play is brought you you by UOTradespot (Tradespot - Ultima Online) We thank all of our sponsors. Kijustsu Anei Grave Yard Presents: Wa
  13. Since I've been unable to confirm or deny that my e-mails with "FoF" in the subject line are making it to Jeremy's inbox, I've decided to post my most pressing question here. Why does KR crash so much? There is more to this question than meets the eye. Arguably, the single most important hurdle to wider adoption of this client is playability - and the darn thing is often so unplayable I can't help but agree with those detractors that say KR will never be widely embraced by the player base. The number of video crash bugs is astounding. In fact, I challenge any Dev team member to take
  14. On the 17th June Connor_Graham put this question to the Dev team. There have been several posts reporting various problems with monster teleport over the past few days. Are you guys looking into it and working on a fix? When can we expect it? Also, how is the fix for Curse in PvM coming along? ~~~~ Blesh quoted from the recent FoF. "Why are the Doom bosses and Dark Fathers teleporting back to their rooms?" There are two parts to this answer - a missed patch note and a bug. First of all, I apologize for the missed patch note - it was a misunderstanding on my part, and I did
  15. Basara UO Moderator asks about servers to try clear up the confusion. There seems to be a lot of confusion over "East Coast", "West Coast" and "Central" shards. People are still making references to "Central" shards, even grouping Lake Austin in with Great Lakes, Lake Superior & Chessy, as if that condition still exists (if it ever did). I can see references going back to the AoS Release of Lake Austin being a West Coast shard, as far back as the opening of LA to non-new accounts. And, were the Central shards ever actually in Austin, as many commonly believe, or were they in Chic
  16. Ms. Dalberg, I may be one of those people whose last installation of UO is Renaissance. You mentioned a splash screen. Is there a certain picture that we need to look for? Thank you WildStar Baja
  17. Just good to see UO Forums included in areas for people to get info from. It's not a all stratics world after all!!!! Here is the current FOF with UO Forums reference
  18. MoonglowMerchant posted this reminder I asked about pets in PvP and hide/stealth on Siege. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on pets in PvP. Is hide/stealth on the radar now? Thanks. ~~~~ Omnicron added I just wish a bird wouldnt reveal me...or running in the middle of nowhere with no one around me....frustrating haha. ~~~~ It's "on the radar" as in "we know that players are interested in the subject" but it's not "on the radar" as in "on the schedule." I'm not sure how much more we can - or should - wedge into this next patch. E. Jeremy Dalberg UO Community Coordinator EA
  19. Nystul-Cats wonders if this topic is still on schedule. I think a LOT of people are wondering about the runic changes. Most people went and bought a bunch of thier tailoring or smith runics and have been waiting for this change to happen. When another player asked if that would include the runic changes (same day/thread) So has this made it to/through your QA department or what not? Can we get a mid-end month update . If they are not going to hit soon, I'd like to burn some runics out of boredom, but if i do and changes hit next week, wow it'll be a waste. thanks. ~
  20. After experiencing problems myself recently,I was relieved to find thius thread and know it wasnt just my experience. Petra Fyde brought it to Jeremy's attention through her post. For over a week a substantial number of players have suffered lag spikes making the game unplayable for anything more than crafting. Please read this thread and this thread While we accept that the problem doesn't appear to be EA, neither is it our individual isp's, but rather the last 2 hops before EA, where quite a number of us from different areas hit the same route. We're helpless as mere gamers, how ab
  21. Digger McTaggart posts a pertinent question ,that I know many of us are awaiting clearer answers to. Ok, this subject has come up often enough over the years...and it has been raised yet again on my home forum Oceania in this thread entitled: Don't worry even the "best" of us do it. Now obviously the initial post was a troll, aimed at people that use UO Wedding to play speech only macros at In-Game Weddings, Auctions, Player-run events and such, and making an attempt to liken the use of these apps to the use of other well known but not to be named or discussed "scripting" programs that w
  22. Cellmate wasnt sure what week it was so asked So Jeremy, Is It Next Week Yet? Just a little reminder Jeremy. ~~~~ Jeremy whilst sympathetic had nothing new to post. I know everyone's waiting for some more forward-looking details - we're putting that stuff together even as I type. Look for news next week! Cellmate: So will there be any info on Stygian Abyss, KR patches/publishes & what kinda shape the Dev team's in - new faces, EA support etc? You did make these comments in last week's FoF thread(Malice 123's thread that is, not Larisa's), wouldn't w
  23. On our General forum,Jeremy Dalberg asks for our input. This is our opportunity to directly get replies to any queries so be sure to post any recent concerns you have. please use the link above ,thnx [/color]
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