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Found 18 results

  1. First handouts of Cloaks of Silence was already over on Japan shards, however, it coms the second chance to get them! The story on Japan shard went as follows: Dawn entrusted a person of handing out of Cloaks. She did it with inaptitude. To make it worse, the rest of cloaks were stolen by someone....But she traced them and it turned out that the bad guys would appear somewhere at some time ... Then, it is your turn. Find out the bad guys, and recover the stolen Cloaks from them! You can keep the recovered Cloaks with yourselves! Time: On the 22th Saturday, August, about 21:00 JST. (
  2. This is a repost of what I posted in "UO Asia Forum" on Stratics. I'd like to introduce the shop here too because it is very helpful for both new players and visitors from other shards. -- I introduce a very useful and decent shop on shards in Japan to you all. The name of the shop is "Twins". Twins are located on the edge of Zento of all 7 normal shards in Japan except Mugen. There are two shops on Hokuto. Eight shops in total. Note: English is not available. If you speak to the owner of the shop or post a message on Bulletin board there in English, you can't expect to be replied. No
  3. EA Japan UO team announces the 1st illust contest! The original page in Japanese: Here! I translated how it goes in this contest, Enjoy and win prizes! -- 1st Illust contest Period for application: From Jun. 5. 2009 to Jun. 29. 2009 15:00 JST This deadline is extended: the new deadline is: Jun. 13, 2009 15:00 JST Thema: - The Gargoyles: the new race of the next expansion "Stygian Abyss" - "The summer" of "Ultima Online" - Illustrations or arts of items, terrains or add-ons that you would like to see implemented in game Conditions of applications: - A screenshot of what players c
  4. EA Japan UO team posts FoF-like Q&As on their official webisite at the end of every month. I translate some of them here. (*)Note: this is what I translate from what EA Japan UO team translates from what they were informed by the dev team. Please note that there might exist some mistranslations during the process. -- Q.1 I found an ancient hammer with 888 charges. Is this exploited? A.1 It is not officially stated how many charges can an ancient hammer have, but 888 charges are within the range of normal charges as designed. -- Q.2 Will live events like ToT planned in the futur
  5. EA Japan UO team posts FoF-like Q&As at the end of every month on their official web site. They posted those of this month today. I'd like to translate some of them which are supposed to be significant not only for players in Japan but also for players all over the world into English, so that all can share these informations. - What has become of the issue that we can't mark crafted food stackable with a name of a cook? About two weeks ago, the code was built up, that allows cooks to mark stackable items with their names when they craft these items, in case that the items are eatable.
  6. I have a LOT of time for this poster athos_uo who does a great deal to keep the Japanese forums informed with all the latest news and info,and likewise brings us many posts here also. I was interested there fore to read a thread started on Stratics about a certain action by the UO Japan devs. Its very hard to 'pick and choose ' just some posts from the thread,as it becomes very confusing,but I will try not to add to the confusion by selecting wisely. Original Post by athos_uo EA Japan has changed localize file in these days. They have translated some English words into Japanese in c
  7. Apparently Adam posting on this subject caused a bit of a furore on Stratics Lord Gareth started the thread off on 16th Oct. (Post originaly by Adam) Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental r
  8. Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental resistance of the color. They are not blessed on Siege/Mugen. - Lamp Post: Doulbe clicking on it turns on light. You can bring it in your backpack. - Hitching
  9. Hello All. I just came across a vendor with these tokens on them. Anyone have any info? New colors? Thanks in advance.
  10. Received from Nok of UOToolbar http://uotoolbar.org/index.php?optio...289&Item id=2 ---------- UO Japan Site Menus Added Written by Nok - UO Toolbar Admin Monday, 21 April 2008 EA Mythic's UO Japan site menus and RSS news feed have been added to the UO Toolbar! The menus and RSS feed use the Japanese alphabet and wording, with English mouseover hints (where appropriate) to better help players navigate the menus as best as possible. If you see any misspellings or inappropriate usage, please post your findings & corrections on the UO Toolbar Support Board... so we can get thi
  11. Received from Nok of UOToolbar http://gamexbar.com/index.php?option...=35&Itemi d=2 ---------- LOTRO Japan Site Menu Added Written by Nok - GameXbar Saturday, 19 April 2008 Yup... you heard right! The site menu from the LOTRO site in Japan has been added to the LOTROXbar. Now I have to be honest... I don't speak Japanese at all. But with the help of Google... I hope the translations are at least close. If they are not and you are fluent in Japanese, please... feel free to post the corrections here on the LOTROXbar Support Board, and I will get them updated. There are also
  12. What is available on this token? Do you get only 1 Tokuno dye or more then 1
  13. Athos was kind enough to translate a page from the Japanese UO site EA Japan announced 10th anniversary in Japan today. They sell 10th avviversary on 18th. Octover for about 5800 EN(=about 50$). This edition includes: - Game time code for 100 days - DVD of KR & 2D client - A free new account for 10 days - A code or codes for changing face - An original illust book( includes about 50 illustrations that were introduced on official UO website). - A Soundtrack CD of game musics
  14. .......0_o.....!? http://ultimaonline.jp/home/pr/kr_release.html Translation, courtesy of Athos_UO The day when the official service of "Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn" will start was decided Electoronic Arts(located at Shinjuku destrict of Tokyo prefecture) has made a press release that it will start the official service of the brand new client "Kingdom Reborn" of "Ultima Online(UO)", which is managed by that company, on June, the 28th. 2007 JST. The open beta test of "Kingdom Reborn" carried out since May, the 31st will come to end at 8:00AM June, the 28th 2007 JST(16:00PM June, t
  15. A new opening movie is posted on the official Kingdom Reborn site of EA Japan. http://ultimaonline.jp/kingdomreborn/index.html?key=kr (warning, with sound!) #athos added: Sorry, and thanks for taking the trouble to move my post!
  16. taken from Thread :- EA closes Japan studio UO UHall ########################### Comment I've read that EA close Japan studio: here Some players and I are worrying that this may affect EA Japan UO team. EA Japan UO team are now doing their work very good, so I think it would be better if there is no bad influence and EA Japan UO team could keep their good work. It would be very nice for us, if someone from EA could confirm this. Thank you. ############################ From reading the article you linked to and the one linked to in that article, I can't find any connection betwee
  17. In a world where males still rule over women !!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5316266.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5319250.stm
  18. I wonder what this is. I already have a book coming from Japan, published by EA Japan titled "Happy Interior!" which I believe is all about decorating UO houses. This appears to be a CD of some sort...
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