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  1. Ok so I have recently been trying to get back into Ultima Online - Haven't really played much in the last 2-3 years but before I kinda went away I left my house pretty much near full with what I thought are rares. I have so much stuff and I feel like I have forgotten a pastlife that I once used to know so I was hoping you guys could help me out on origins and potential worth. I would love to know the history of these items. Hope this isn't too excessive... Part 1: Items 1. A Robe - I have a few of these laying around 2. Now I have hundreds of items with the term 2.1 "Of Exceptional Quali
  2. Hey All, I have two items on my paladin that are lower regent cost items. One for 17 and one for 13. So 30 lowered regent cost all together. I thought I read somewhere that having those items lowered your tithing cost? I just checked and my tithing points are still going down the full amount (15 for sacred journey and such). Did they change the rules relating to chivalry? Thanks for the input.
  3. ok im looking for the following items in bulk icq me with prices per or in bulk all colored ingots need lots all leather need lots ecru gems yew an heart wood fletchers kits an carpenter kits barbed kits bronze or higher smith hammers soulstone tokens name change token need 2 transendent scrolls for blacksmithing will pay 150k per .1 will pay 1.5 mill per 1.0 alacrity scrolls for blacksmithing will pay 350k per then im also buying trancendent scrolls in alaclemey inscription cooking bushido an tactics an discordance on these ones ill pay 20k to 50k per point depending on skill i
  4. Here in this Stratics thread New Vet rewards... - Ethy Reptalon (Ethy Mount) - Ethereal Hiryu (Ethy Mount) - Wall Banner Deed (House Add-On) - Crystal Portal (Misc) - Retouching Tool (Misc) - House Teleporter (Misc) - Fire Ant and Terathan Matriarch (Statues) - Clothing Colors Forest Green and Royal Blue (Including Gargish Robes) 12 Anniversary Choices... - Codex of Virtue - Silver Sapling Replica - Ultima Banner - Mailbox
  5. Does anyone know of any armor pieces that give + to the magery skill? Thanks!
  6. The Launch Offer for UO:Stygian Abyss expansion has ended. The Launch Offer items were: 1.Three Alteration Tokens to transform current characters into Gargoyles(if you want to look horny). 2. An exclusive gargoyle craftable pet. (please keep away from children) 3. Three Tokens to unlock one of five decorative Stygian Abyss mob boss statues: (display in the living room and your mother in law will never make disparaging comments about your decor again when she visits, may also frighten small pets)
  7. Any item of Diablo 2 for gold or artifacs of doom of UOlegends
  8. I have some of these items still in my bank box.. Buckler shield 45 charges Close Helmet 75 charges Black boots 30 charges Are these worth anything and would they work please?
  9. For the past two weeks I've been trying to find out how I can purchase a Legacy token code and a 7th character slot and space combo that doesn't involve paying £21 to purchase a pre-paid credit card before even charging it with my hard earned in real life golds. After the horrid service from the EA online support leaving my questions unresolved I found a number for UK EA support. Gave them a ring and all they could give me was 'Special items given online to credit card users'... I've never heard such trash in my entire life. Everything on that site has a paybycash option but two of the major t
  10. Does anyone know if there is a list of deco items anywhere on any site? I know I am forgetting a bizillion of them that would look good at the farm.
  11. This is the bag before any inventory is touched or moved Here I picked up one gold coin. As you can see, it shows the entire stack being picked up instead. You will also notice that the cursor is not visible. I suggest you program the screenshot subroutine to include the cursor to make bug reports more clear. I have dragged the single coin back to the bag I dropped it in the bag, it is now invisible. I have picked up one purple rose of trinsic and drug it off the bag. Here you can see that the single rose of trinsic is under my cursor (which you cannot see). The rose is there in th
  12. Guest

    11th Collection items are here!

    Greetings! Today we have some great news! Without further adieu, the 11th year collection items are available in a full package or by individual items here www.uogamecodes.com. As some of you are aware there were some technical issues that we had to resolve before these could be brought to you. Specifically, there were purchasing restrictions in place to have a limited amount of transactions at the game codes store. As of today these restrictions have been modified to allow players more freedom in their purchase choices. While we can’t completely eliminate all restrictions we have been
  13. March 26th 2009 If you didn't have a chance to see new Lothlorien house items you should check out Lothlorien reputation items Gallery. Some of the items are amazing but don't go spending your Silver Branches just yet as some of the items are bugged specially like Lorien Battle Standard. Apparently when you place it at your house,although it looks like a fireworks launcher , when you click on it, it says that this object does nothing. So check what your buying carefully first.
  14. this was probably said but can they be pof'd? thanks.
  15. Most people are familiar with dying in UO! When retrieving your corpse, all insured items will re-equip ... and all blessed items will stay in your pack and will need to be manually re-equipped. I am interested in the actual reasoning of why you can't auto-re-equip a blessed item. Does anyone have a document from a UO or a dev of why blessed items behave this way? Or if you are a Dev can you please respond and explain this?
  16. I am selling a few items on legends. open to offers =] Oak Leaf Cloak (Replica) in the red colour (not the bright one) Shroud Of Shadows Jester Hat Of Chuckles Katana - Hit Harm 48, 20 SSI, 39 dmgInc, 17 energy Resist Shadow Token Leggings Of Bane (in shadow dancer black) 115 Stealth Ps
  17. Guest

    Suspicious Items: Update

    Posted at UOHerald.com Suspicious Items: Update Robert Mull 12 Jan 2009 11:15:52 Good news everybody! Our concerns about a recent appearance of suspicious items have proven to be unfounded. They are, mostly, obtainable in ways that are long standing tradition: “oops, we didn’t lock it down, it’s decorative, and it’s been that way for a long time.” In other words, this is not the result of a new dupe. The bulk of reports coming in were about the dinner plates, both full and dirty. It turns out that these plates are actually spawning daily. Whenever
  18. Hello All! I know there is a list of the Replicas, but have we finished compiling the list of decorations yet? That's all! Thanks. ~M
  19. From UO Herald Customer Service ... *see here for more discussion on the topic ...
  20. Anyone know how to get rid of the Cursed Parchment and etchings from the Halloween Quest? I don't want to continue, and I don't want to carry them around with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. Again a player Tasatail asks Hi i seen some people selling 11th anvi items where do i get them from as i tried most shards and dont seem to have reward to pick so is this another way uo is going get money from us ? ~~~~ DHMagicMan_1 answered They are only available in EA Japan so far... God knows why EA US doesn't want to sell them to us yet... We have to wait for the middle of December but then, yes, we we'll be buying codes to get the items... they haven't given details as to costs or anything yet. ~~~~ while Frarc directed Tasatail here ~~~~ Tasatail ok thanks for the i
  22. So who drops the Conjurer's Trinket and Grimoire?
  23. Buying: Heritage tokens 1-5 Comm deed box Selling: Orny of Magician 12m DP Kegs 10k each (have 12) G.Agility Kegs 5k each (have 4)
  24. Apparently Adam posting on this subject caused a bit of a furore on Stratics Lord Gareth started the thread off on 16th Oct. (Post originaly by Adam) Posted on the UO.JP site and translation yoinked! from Athos_UO EA Japan posted that they release the 11th anniversary items collection in Japan. - Armor Engraving Tool: You can engrave armors 30 times with this tool. Not rechargeable.(The stacked lady and the Rambo are not included.) - Fallen Log: You can sit down on it. - Earring of Protection: You can choose one from five colors, which means the +2% elemental r
  25. Flora Green wants to know What logic is there in the armor engraving tool only having 30 charges? Otherwise, aside from it's ridiculous we have to wait to get these items, I'm looking forward to the trees. ....and None of us should have to pay 20, let alone 30 dollars for a two year old box. I swear this was briefly touched upon within the past month or two (maybe at a town hall) and Jeremy said it was being looked into. ~~~~ While ^Wolfie^ keeps stock of how much real cash she's spent already My BF and I have given them monthly fees for 11+ years now, be damned if I PAY to
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