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  1. As posted in the 6/13 FoF. We'll keep this stickied as a warning.
  2. I think I'd call this minor, but I should still raise it. There will be 3 items available from Enhancing Cloaks of Corruption. The Cloak of Life, Cloak of Death, and Cloak of Power. These are likely to take the robe slot rather than the cloak/cape slot, because the Cloak of Corruption takes up that slot currently. My issue is.....One of these, the Cloak of Life, is so obviously more powerful than the others that the other 2 are likely to be used less often. The Cloak of Life has a Regeneration property, HP Regen 1. The others just add something, the Cloak of Life has a Regeneration, wh
  3. http://i36.tinypic.com/s47vo4.jpg Am I the only one who sees a basic math problem here? o_O The forumla for figuring it out should be: <?php $y_tickets = 500; $tickets = 1000; $chance = ($y_tickets / $tickets * 100); Echo $chance ?> That looks about right... not sure, haven't done PHP in ages, got that C# stuck in my head. Eitherway, the equation should your tickets, divided by the total sold, times 100.
  4. I patched ok but then cant get in the game it is like im having issues at the bottem of my screen could you help me on this please thanks
  5. When changing a house to public you loose all options of adding co-owner or other access options. Is there a way around this. Long time lurker finally getting around to registering. Thanks in advance, Ulfgar
  6. I have more than one account, but have not been playing for a while - thinking about starting again, so logged in on my 'main' and took a tour of my houses. All were still in good condition except one, which was in the very first stage of decay. That house is behind Yew abbey, on land that was legal for building, but changed in the tweaking with the town boundaries that went on with the current stage of the events, and was tagged 'illegally placed' as a result. Went to the Gamecodes site, paid for gametime on that account, logged in a few minutes later - and discover that the house status ch
  7. Posted to uoherald.com: by Joanne Laroche 16 Dec 2008 19:16:15 Starting Up Issue We're aware of an issue that is causing the UO client to crash for some players when starting up. We wanted to let you know that we are working on getting this resolved as soon as we can. We're sorry for the inconvenience everyone!
  8. I had something weird happen to me today. I logged on with one of my characters and got a Veteran Reward box. It said thanks for a 'full year', and told me I had 1 choice left, 3 used. I've logged this char many times between now and then. I see conflicting information about how many rewards there are per level, and besides, I am coming up on my SECOND full year in Jan 09. I want to use the choice, but don't wanna lose if it is actually a 2nd year choice somehow dropped early... Any thoughts? EDIT: Some second year rewards show in the gump (maybe all, don't know the complete list).
  9. Joanne Laroche 20 Nov 2008 18:04:53 EST We are currently investigating an issue that is causing some players difficulty with logging into the shards. We do not have an ETA as of yet, but we are aware of it and we're working to get it resolved as quickly as we can. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
  10. Original link from: http://www.cityofheroes.com/news/news_archive/letter_from_positron_issue_13.html Letter from Positron: Issue 13 Enters Open Beta! Good day everyone! As you can all see now, Issue 13: Power and Responsibility is now in Open Beta. This means that anyone and everyone who has an active City of Heroes account can try out the issue on the Training Room server. We're just a few short weeks away from releasing this to the Live servers, so we are hoping you will all try Issue 13 and report any bugs you find so we can have a smooth release. If you aren't familiar with connecting
  11. Pom Pom started a thread about a different issue with Crimson Dragons. I am ready for it, so flame away if you must, but I do feel this is an issue. (mind you, I didn't go to test so I wasn't aware of it.) My apologies if this has been addressed already. After fighting the Crimson Dragon with what seems like an army of people, the loot is public for everyone to obtain. I was wondering why this is. It hardly seems fair for those who don't loot quite as fast. I also know of many who died repeatedly doing the dragon and then walked away with nothing to show for it. They were not really inclin
  12. This topic has S!ckLoveR in a quandry I had on a character 94.3 Anatomy, 0.0 Healing. I played this character for : -18 Hrs of Golem training(I gain Anatomy on other characters to 120 this way), with various changes including raising a new fighting skill, raising Tactics from the start and whatnot. -8-10 Hrs of dedicated XHealing. -6 Hrs of dedicated self-healing. -10 Hrs of PvM including XHealing and self-healing. -About 10-12 Hrs of PvP including XHealing and self-healing. I have not raised even 5.0 Total points in Anatomy. I gain normally all other skills, have not re
  13. I got my first 10 wood from my stump (lol) and it says 10 Oak Logs. This is BAD because my preexisting stack says "Logs." The result: can't stack the logs. NooooooooOOoOOooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried it on the ground. In my pack. In another container. No dice. Anyone start a thread on this already? Also, anyone want to buy my *rare* wood?
  14. A few of you mentioned friends dissapearing off your contact lists, when they, or you, hadn't selected them for removal. I believe that's now fixed, it was a conflict between the forum's own buddy/friend system and another older system we used to use. Also, if you, or anyone else is having problems logging in in the last 2 days AND you were registered at the Pacific roleplaying website (theprc.com), shoot me an email. Merging the two databases didn't go exactly as well as I'd hoped, as the conversion is supposed to match duplicate accounts and merge their posts/pm's/passwords/username et
  15. Link to the story here. It may be a little older news but it's still important news. Direct link to CERT's vulnerability note. Frightening that the very core Domain Name Servers across the entire planet were/are in fact vulnerable to attack. Hope everyone's ISP's patched their DNS servers up! Dan Kaminsky, who discovered the flaw, released a DNS Checker on his page.
  16. I have done the quest a long time ago. Now when I go to her she says something to the nature of "id offer to make you translocation powder, but i see your busy doing something else." My quest log doesn't show any current quests, what am I doing wrong?
  17. In the past couple weeks, I have had several occassions to use the Spellweaver spell "Ethereal Voyage" but on each and every occassion, surrounding monsters attack me immediately. In the past, Ethereal Voyage got me into and out of many sticky situations, but now it seems to backfire every time. Demons, especially, seem to ignore Ethereal Voyage effects and gnaw on my corpse with regularity. Is anyone else having this problem? Is it somehow intended? Or is it a bug? Any advice or help is appreciated!
  18. Hey all! Got a friend that is having difficulty getting UO installed and the ML code purchased. It keeps running him around in circles and says that his account is blocked. Any thoughts about how to help??? It asks him to enter the 14 day free trial code, but won't let him go any further until he "purchases" the samurai expansion pack. Which seems pointless to me if he is willing to purchase the ML pack that includes all the expansions...... Aside from calling EAmythic, are we missing anything?
  19. I lied, it's a big issue. I recently came back after an inadvertent hiatus (family emergency, job, ect, bad timing caused this to happen all at once) and accidentally lost my house due to inactivity because of this, my soulstones are gone, and pretty much all my old-old plants and rares. House was located as follows: 20o 55' N 46o 58' E -or about 6 tiles down from that, I used the loc of the standing house there that has replaced mine to pull the coordinates. Trammel, Titled 'KSB Cove Outlet' Owned by: Target There were several potions vendors there for a while, 'Krazy Keg P
  20. I know this is an old issue but I can't remember how to fix it. When my character is naked he is -10 5 5 5 5 resists. I remember this being a bug that started appearing with the introduction of AoS but I don't remember how to fix it. When I paged a GM they just told me that I needed to report this to the bugs forum. I have recasted protection to turn it off and and that doesn't seem to be it. I have recasted magic reflection and that also is not it. I am pretty sure both of those are off. Anyone have any ideas?
  21. The "Guilds and Player-Run Towns of Ultima Online" link for Lake Superior takes me to to the general LS forum, not to the 'Guilds and player towns' index, like normal. I tested for Atlantic, looks like there's the same issue there. I haven't tested any other shards. -Galen's player
  22. Guest

    Salvage Bag Issue

    From UOHerald.com Salvage Bag Issue Jeremy Dalberg 13 Feb 2008 19:17:40 We've found an issue with the salvage bag - we have a fix coming, but in the meantime, please don't use it to recycle stacks of leather!
  23. Good evening all, A guildmate is having an issue repairing his hunter's headdress. Says none of the regular repair deeds will work on it. He also mentioned someone told him that it has it's own repair deed (specialized). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks
  24. source Issues some players have been having were discussed and worked out by the folk who have been good enough to work on CUI's they provided for the rest of the players.Some of the solutions are posted below Just a general heads-up.. Certain custom interfaces aren't correctly displaying the graphics tab options. I gather the devs have tweaked the base code for the User Settings gump & we'll need to work from that again. The workaround for the moment is to load the default skin at login, make your settings & reload your custom skin. I'll otherwise try to turn out a fix for mi
  25. posted to UO Herald by Jeremy Dalberg on 18 Oct 2007 @ 21:55:08 UPDATE 6:54PM PDT: Aaaand we're down again. UPDATE 5:54PM PDT: All issues should be resolved at this time. *wipes sweat off brow* What a day! Apologies for the excitement, everyone. UPDATE 3:57PM PDT: It appears that this issue may also affect patching the KR client, as well. UPDATE 3:50PM PDT: It worked for a little while; we're getting reports of login issues again with the West Coast servers. Investigating! UPDATE 3:18PM PDT: The network issue with the west coast servers should be resolved. Thanks f
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