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  1. Speaking on behalf of FwD I'd like to applaud the efforts of those involved in coordinating the rez and heal point, The free bandages, and the free enchanted food.. It was both kind and helpful, and was much appreciated.
  2. I posted some pics that I took the other night of the EM Events as well. http://www.vikingsofmidgard.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=305&Itemid=212
  3. Awhile ago someone was asking for information on the Trinsic invasion with Juo'nar. So here are the pics
  4. <script src="http://i.cdn.turner.com/cnn/.element/js/2.0/video/evp/module.js?loc=int&vid=/video/crime/2009/04/10/dnt.fl.home.burglary.wsvn" type="text/javascript"></script><noscript>Embedded video from <a href="http://www.cnn.com/video">CNN Video</a></noscript> (CNN) -- Jeanne Thomas was sitting at her desk at work when she decided to check the security camera that she installed in her home. The Thomas home had been burglarized before, so she installed a monitoring device where she can watch a live video feed of the camera in her home.
  5. My apologies for not posting this earlier, but I came across this story while searching for some other files. As it mentions PaxLair and a few of the prominent folks specifically, I offer it for your archives and for your enjoyment. I believe it was written during the early days of the invasion, as no mention is made of the destruction that later was layed. Battle Lines Drawn It has been two days since reinforcements came. The Forces of PaxLair had halted the demon advance in the northern portion of Maginica while the Royal Britanian Guards, Dues Ex Machina, the United Sosarian Navy, an
  6. Is there a way to dye a spellbook gotten from the invasion? I tried some dying tubs and the slimes, neither worked. Am I missing something or are they just not dyeable?
  7. Fighting in Moonglow yesterday on LS. We were taking down a Fallen Warrior. 3 [Cowardice] tagged NPC shopkeepers leave their shop *screaming incoherently*, to attack the Warrior. That in and of itself was a good visual. Terrified past the capacity for reason, yet still wanting to defend their town. They are saying the "have at thee!" kind of stuff that NPCs have said when in combat since the dawn of this game. The Fallen Warrior simply mows them down in what appears to be a single hit. I was stunned to see this poignant display of NPC powerlessness in the face of greater powers. In
  8. So what's the story behind the Shadowlord daemon invasion of Yew? My suggestion is to ally the Shadowlords with an old adversary of Lord British. The elf now known as Thanus Greencloak is in reality Darthaniel Wynterbirch, the foe who sought Aritoth's occult lore in Akalabeth. Darthaniel's mastery of summoning daemons and devils proved to be the catastrophe that allowed Lord British to make a name for himself and unite Akalabeth under his rule. Darthaniel was defeated and fled, assuming a new identity and ingratiating himself with the elves of Heartwood. He became a trusted adviser, urgin
  9. Greetings, folks! I took a break from Ultima Online sometime around June, just after the invasion through the moonglow rift went underway. I have a fairly good grasp of the circumstances leading up to the event; but never knew of what happened following. Was it ever determined exactly how it was caused? Who is Sutek? When and how was the rift closed? Where is Avery? I also am wondering about the circumstances involving the assassination of the Royal Council, and the invasions of towns during the summer. Any information on these two events is welcome. Thoughts and theories are also welcom
  10. I read on another shard forum that the slimes were at the Chaos Shrine in Felucca. Since I wasnt sure if slimes moved to the same place on every shard, I first verfied theyre no longer in the Exodus dungeon(which theyre not) and that they are in fact at the Chaos Shrine in Felucca on Chesapeake. I was also surprised to see not a single murderer there as with people busy chasing the slimes to dye or fill the specimin dishes their attention would be diverted, not to mention the slimes dismount players regularly, lol The slimes are still sporting just two colors - dark blue and olive green.
  11. I got to check out the crimson dragon in person tonight, finally! I saw it at both the Trinsic and Britain invasions on Atlantic. All I can say is, WOW! What a gorgeous dragon! Here's a screenshot of the fight in Trinsic (attached). The rest of my screenies are at:
  12. Have you been wondering ,like Trevelyan, just what, when and where ?? Sorry if this has been posted already, but I can't find it anywhere - how does the invasion work? Stages? 3 towns are invaded on Europa - falsehood, cowardice and hatred NPCs in different towns but there is no "invasion" forces - at what stage do they appear? Doesn't exactly help when there is nobody around really to help kill anything, either.. though it is a bit early I guess Plus, what do the townspeople give as loot (if anything) and does the "innocent slaying" have any det
  13. Just wanted to share a couple of screenshots from City of Villians / City of Heroes from the event that is going on. This event sadly ends today =/ But ah well it was awesome while it lasted Just so you know I took these shots in diffrent regions and diffrent charaters so that is why some of them are darker than others hehe This screenshot I found online and is tooken on the Heroes side... the rest of them is on the Villian side Sky turns an odd yellow as the Rikti ships come into our atmosphere Ship appears above Begains dropping bombs Rikti is beams down and we rea
  14. The names may have originated from real world languages. Valvakka means watchful in finnish.... Could this be a clue to where or what the six are?
  15. Prepare for Battle, oh Chesapeakeans! MAGINCIA INVASION Hopefully starting "Early in the Week" during the week of October 29th, 2007 WATCH UO HERALD FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS!! Key Threads of Information and such: UO Herald Announcement and Backdrop about the Invasion. There is extensive planning and coverage of battle tactics and visions on this thread on UO Stratics Chesapeake. Here is the "Feedback" Form that the "EA gods" have asked us to use regarding feedback from the Magincia Invasion Event. Feedback Form I will venture to update our thread here with information as things
  16. Rumors and reporting indicate there are invasions for Cove and other places. This thread is to have a consolidated location for information, tactics, strategies, and teamwork for this invasion. Please add information and "links" that you come across. Add your ideas for teamwork and strategy too please. Winfield, Old Man
  17. Starting Tuesday, May 20th: Community Hunt Any player wanting to gather with the community to fight and heal please meet in Cove fields in Trammel at 7pm cst. If you can't make it at 7pm and want to catch up here is the current itinerary of towns: 7pm cst Cove Fields to party up or stick together. Healers please wear a dark red cloak to identify yourself in the battle (Please do not drag spawn to healers if you can help it). 7:15 cst Nu'jelm Once Nu'jelm is cleared: Papua Once Papua is cleared: Serpent's Hold (be aware this town is currently buggy with underground spawn) *
  18. invasion 1 is it only origin 2 is it still happening on origin 3 what cities are involved
  19. I've been looking about on the Atlantic Shard and haven't seen a controller yet! Will it be starting soon or do we need to do something to trigger it?
  20. MAGINCIA INVASION IMAGES (to be assembled later into a Photo Album) Please put any and all Magincia Invasion Images in this thread. You may upload your images directly to UOForums, so you do not need your own upload space. Use the Attachments Feature when making a reply. We will attempt to consolidate these images into a "photo album" after the invasion, or as we go. Please add a caption to your images, to include Date and Approximate Time of the image (very important). Don't worry too much about cleaning up the images, we will attempt to post-process the images and republish. Try to
  21. First of all, I wanted to suggest that we gather as much of the alliance together to invade the alternate moonglow. That way we can try to get everyone the limited items they would like. Plus The more we fight the better the chances for moonglow's survival. Secondally, due to unfortunate circumstances in moonglow, I lost my darkwood gloves. If anyone is interested I would like to get a hunting party together to hunt the shimmering fusion in the prisim of light, thiss would alos be good as I would like to acquire a crmson cinture for my lovely wife, the Lady Kolleen. Hopefully we can get
  22. Toxic world fallout from Iraq invasion By Paul Reynolds World affairs correspondent BBC News website Bush saw the war of the "advance of freedom" The war in Iraq was supposed to be
  23. Zimbabwe 'ready for UK invasion' Robert Mugabe's government is subject to EU sanctions The Zimbabwean government has accused the UK of plotting an invasion and considering assassinations of the country's political leadership. Presidential spokesman George Charamba said Harare remained ready to defend itself against the "sinister threats". He was responding to comments by a former British general Lord Guthrie in a UK newspaper
  24. Queen Mum posted this news on the finale and we have screenshots too !! ~~~~ Dermott of LS ; NMA congratulated Draconi ... Good to see you staying, though by this point, what is there left of Magincia to save? The players have done more to destroy the city than the daemons could imagine Thanks! I'm glad too! As for what's left to save? Hmm... I think, from now on, a Britannian city will be seen as more than its walls, roofs and thoroughfares. True, Magincia's people may be gone - some slaughtered, even more scattered, but your actions now will determine t
  25. As posted on UO U.Hall In response to poster on UO U.Hall Draconi has inputed the following information .... And another tidbit from Draconi on UO U.Hall
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