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  1. Well with all the chaos of the 15th anniversary for UO, crazy storms, and not to mention our own 10th year anniversary events, we can now post the interview with the dark lady her self - Mesanna! Thank you, Mesanna, for answering our questions despite the hectic couple of months and for showing up to our 10 year shard tour closing event on Sunday! I hope you all enjoy the interview! 1. Tell us about how your UO career started and has changed through the various positions you have held through your career. Did you ever expect to be the Producer of Ultima Online? What was the transition fr
  2. Just curious, but who would you like UOforums to approach for a possible interview? It could be anyone at EA, or a community rep from another site, or even staff here So, let us know asap!
  3. While reading the questions posed to Mike Moore, one occurred to me. Is there anyplace in tokuno where one can launch a boat? I've tried several times over the years to no success. Would love to take a sail on those mysterious waters.
  4. Mythic's Tim Cotton took some time during AGDC to catch us up on what EA is up to with the venerable Ultima Online. By Garrett Fuller on September 23, 2009 Ultima Online is a shining example in the MMO world. It is the oldest running MMO right now that everyone remembers. Ultima Online just celebrated its twelve year anniversary and has twenty seven active servers around the world. Many MMO companies wish they could have at type of success. We sat down with Tim Cotton and talked about Ultima Online’s rich history, its most recent ex
  5. Interview With Em Vladimere Vladimere's Stone House September 7, 2009 (No such event really happened. This was made special for Em Vladimere) When did you start in Ultima Online? December 1997 Before you became an EM did you work or Volunteer for Ultima Online? Yes. I was a Counselor and Seer. We know EM Dudley likes cookies. What does Vladimere like? I am not much of a candy or cookie eater. So I would say Cheese and Sausage Pizza. Main dish would be Shrimp and Steak, Mashed potatoes, brown gravy and corn. How does the EM chain of command go? Also, how do
  6. An Interview With Europa EM's Emile & Sarakan! I recently had the chance to interview EM Emily and EM Sarakan about the EM Program and future storylines, I hope you enjoy the interview! You can read the better formatted interview here - http://uo.stratics.com/news/Europa.shtml The first question is of course, What brought you into the EM program? Emile: I just love organizing and running events, I always have. For years I wanted to be an EM. So when the program restarted I jumped at the opportunity and... here I am! Sarakan: Purely by chance really. I have been playing UO for a l
  7. Interview with EM Dudley Luna City Bank August 28, 2009 So Dudley. The entire shard wants to know. Where have you been? Dudley: Canada. Eh? Exploring Shipwrecks. So since you were in Canada and said Eh?.... Are you Neo of Lothlore? Dudley: It's quite nice there this time of year and the poutine is quite delicious. Recent Uhall Posts show Chesapeake not to happy with its EM staff. What do you have to say about this? Dudley: It's unfortunate that there are those that are unhappy with how things are going. I did read the feedback. It's important for people to
  8. Cal and Josh have given an interesting interview: http://gamesblog.ugo.com/games/ultima-online-12-years-down-12-years-to-go
  9. From the Crispy Gamer Richard Garriott, who is now spending more time thinking about space travel than virtual worlds, was kind enough to spend some time talking with us about the darker side of the Ultima series of role-playing games. This interview is a companion piece to The Black Gate Murders, an alternate playthrough of Ultima VII: The Black Gate that involves killing everyone in the game. Complete article
  10. Bearing in mind this interview is a lot shorter than originally planned, due to Jeremy leaving Mythic. So this interview should be viewed as done by an independent and not an EA/Mythic employee. Thanks to Jeremy for sending this to us, it is appreciated 1)What has been the most challenging aspect of community rep through the EA/Mythic transition... a) For the community? – The biggest challenge with the community was the long downtime between Publish 49 at the end of November and Publish 51 in late January. It was unavoidable for logistical reasons, but it was very difficult to ke
  11. UOForums was lucky enough to spend some time with Tony Ray, founder of the Punkbuster software, which is soon to be beta tested with UO. Here are the questions we sent him and his subsequent answers.. <HR> 1) From PB TOS: Is this information kept? If so, for how long, and to whom is it made available? Tony Ray: No information is kept and no information is ever made available to anyone. Our privacy policy is not part of the legal agreement, but it has been static since the beginning and all versions of PunkBuster follow that privacy policy which is here: http://www.evenbalance.
  12. I dont know if any of you remember an Admiral Ruffle interview I posted sometime back.Was a very good article. Well he has posted another good one which I thought you might like to read. As the title says,he interviews the team that put together Ultima X :The Odyssey Team Many thanks Admiral :Salute:
  13. Thursday, August 21, 2008 There have probably been more videogames that never made it past the development stage than were ever released. Heaps and mounds of design documents shredded, millions of lines of code lost or deleted, and the hopes and dreams of real people trying to bring thier ideas to other gamers dashed by forces beyond their control. However, when a game series that defined a genre for much of the history of videogaming ends with its tenth installment lost to the dustbins of history, one wonders just what the hell went wrong. Such is the case of Ultima X : Odyssey, a game that
  14. Again, thanks to Mesanna for taking the time out to answer our questions Here's Mesanna's interview! 1) Thanks Mesanna.. I'd really like to know the future direction of UO. There’s been lots of EA staff/ company changes that have affected the direction of UO and it would be good to know what is happening in the future. Can you enlighten us? Even with all the changes to the team I personally love the direction I see UO going in. UO is going back to the basic story line of the original games which we all loved.2) Please describe your average day there at EA Mythic. Oh god! I never have
  15. Friday 18 April, the Britannia Guards will be interviewed by a reporter from Stratics. As this will be important to the success of our grand scheme of revitalizing the royalist faction on Europa and our guild, it's important that everyone tries to make it. We are dependent upon a good turn-out. If we can make it, a training session will be held afterwards. I've also heard a few rumors that the baron might have an announcement or two, as well. We will gather at the new garrison, 8:45 pm BST / 21:45 CET. See you all there!
  16. What ever happened to that interview, did it take place? Is it posted somewhere on these boards?
  17. A while back we had gathered some questions from staff and users, and put together an interview to send to Wilki. Take a look! 1) Did you ever think when you were little you’d be doing this? While I can’t really pinpoint an exact time when I first thought, “When I grow up, I want to make games,” I do remember “designing” my first game when I was 6 or 7 years old and my Dad had an interview with Atari. I used crayons to draw up some level that had something to do with tigers stalking you and you having to figure out a maze in the jungle to get away from them, and he took it to the interv
  18. Cathat was kind enough to give us an insight into what he's doing since he left EA and the UO team. Here's questions our users and staff submitted. Tabbitha: I would like to know what Cathat has been doing since he moved on. (Has he created any more grounding breaking drawings that he can share with us?) Doing good – always land on my feet. It was a little hard at first going cold turkey from UO and not working on it or engaging with its community every day. After 3 years on the team, UO became a real engrained work habit, so I took a little time off in December to do art that wa
  19. Posted on IGN.com March 12, 2008 on their RPG Vault site. by -- Richard Aihoshi - 'Jonric' - As the entire massively multiplayer online game sector continues to expand, it's clear that the community elements are becoming even more important. Here in North America, fan events have been part of the landscape for some years. There have also been others in different parts of the world, although we've tended not to see or hear as much about them. This is easy enough to understand since they've generally been aimed at national, regional or even local target audiences. So, Codemasters Online C
  20. Hello, I listened to a radio interview with Lord British from the Austin Town Hall (I think) in September of 2007. It was a very down to Earth chat about UO's history, British's current project (Tabula Rasa) and his opinions of other MMOs. However the link to this interview is now dead and I don't have the file anymore. Did anyone save it?!
  21. Went to Ilshenar, Came back, Noone badly hurt The conversation as retold by Stewan: Stewan Seagull: We found (this) book/scroll Stewan Seagull: (a) small book/scroll Stewan Seagull: *holds out scroll and notes* Silamo: *nods slowly and rumbles* Stewan Seagull: hmm... Stewan Seagull: *points a gargish letters* Silamo: You (Unwinged ones) invoke the magic? Stewan Seagull: *shakes head* Stewan Seagull: We don´t know (how) Stewan Seagull: the book... *thinks* Stewan Seagull: is well coded *rubs head* Silamo: *tilts his head slightly* Stewan Seagull: *points at the gargish letters again*
  22. Loving to explore I headed to yet another town of Britianna named Vesper. The large stone city beam of riches. Upon my traveling in the town I ran into one of the most interesting people so I interviewed him. How long have you played Ultima Online? 8 years in November. What is one of your best memories from playing UO? I have always played solo, but have to admit the most fun I have ever had with UO was a player ran event a couple years ago on Siege Perilous. It had a great turn out. Was fun, exciting & fun!! So what is it that keeps you playing UO? The game play! My very first game
  23. Today I was traveling in Jhelom again when I ran across a big man dressed like a king. I hailed him down and asked him a few questions... How long have you played Ultima Online? 6 years straight for the most part. So what keeps you playing UO? The PvP! It's the most balanced and fastest to date still. What makes Ultima better then those others MMORPGs? The freedom of being able to change your character whenever you desire and of course the community, even with all the crying it is still more of a community then any other game out there. How long have you played on Siege Perilous? 4 y
  24. The world of Siege Perilous is full of interesting people... Today while in the seaside city of Skara Brae I had the great pleasure to meet with Shalimar of [NEW]. How long have you played Ultima Online? About ten years? I started playing the single player Ultima games long before so I've been playing a loooong time. So what is it that keeps you playing UO? I just enjoy it now and then still to relax from long days at work. How long have you played on Siege Perilous? Started on Siege the day it opened. Siege was wiped a couple of weeks after opening, as some had placed castles and the
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