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  1. Inside Luna Walls Idoc August 22, 2009 In Attendance: Ti-Double G-errr or for short Lord Tigger [sHE], Daria Blackmoore [RBG], Blaine, Lord Roethlis [DWxC] Lay Pic, Lord Bily [qc], Allistair [DWxC], Jadeite [bKL], Skidder, Destiny [&QC&], Fire Of Love [qc], Scandy, Yvette [*V*], Lady TAMINGdeSHREW [TNP], Lord Billy [qc], Zmile While running around I saw a bunch blue beetles. What does that mean? Idoc time! It is IDOC but has vendors in it. I figured it is news worthy since Luna idocs only come once every 1,000 years. So for you people who have always wanted a Luna
  2. This is the bag before any inventory is touched or moved Here I picked up one gold coin. As you can see, it shows the entire stack being picked up instead. You will also notice that the cursor is not visible. I suggest you program the screenshot subroutine to include the cursor to make bug reports more clear. I have dragged the single coin back to the bag I dropped it in the bag, it is now invisible. I have picked up one purple rose of trinsic and drug it off the bag. Here you can see that the single rose of trinsic is under my cursor (which you cannot see). The rose is there in th
  3. In an effort to promote Siege and a UO Forums, I'll be running an event this Saturday, March 21. The event will tip off at 7 p.m. central time. The event will be a combination utilizing in game activity and the chat feature unique to UO Forums. What will happen is that within chat, I will post a location. Then, the race is on to that location. The first person to reach the location, gets three points, the second person gets two points and the third person gets one point. Once three players have arrived, I will announce the next location using the chat feature on this forum. There w
  4. If you have one you are considering selling, PM me or ICQ 57206514
  5. Hello all - I need to start my campaign to get my spouse to log on to all my characters if the gifts are going to be decent. If it's just going to be snow and standard pixel repeats, I'll save my begging for a more important reason. ~M
  6. Pom Pom started a thread about a different issue with Crimson Dragons. I am ready for it, so flame away if you must, but I do feel this is an issue. (mind you, I didn't go to test so I wasn't aware of it.) My apologies if this has been addressed already. After fighting the Crimson Dragon with what seems like an army of people, the loot is public for everyone to obtain. I was wondering why this is. It hardly seems fair for those who don't loot quite as fast. I also know of many who died repeatedly doing the dragon and then walked away with nothing to show for it. They were not really inclin
  7. Is it still possible to place a castle over a tree so the tree will still be inside the castle in blank areas? I'd like to see some pics if anyone has them. Thanks in advance!!
  8. I recently revived my old account and started playing UO again. I was trying to GM some craft skills (which I'd never done before). Got tailoring up to 70 and decided I'd had enough, so I logged in as my GM fisherman, Woody, and went fishing. Here are the results, in 3 hours: 8 MIBs 4 White Pearl 3 Special Fishing Nets (all the light green) 242 Horned Leather 176 Sea Serpent Scales 2 Bottles of Liquor (my favorite) I thought this might be a little high rate of return, but what I was doing starting out was fishing until I pulled up a serpent (MIB or not). Kill the serpent, move forward
  9. For Cali who asked. So ive seen so many people use ladders only for keeps and castles!!! Guys DONT FORGET you can use them as steps in a normal house as well. Just like a small tower. Simply do this Cut out two tiles from the floor you wish it to go to. Place the ladder on the second tile. (Make sure you put a solid wall right behind where the ladder would go. On the floor the ladder is.) This will make your ladder useable to go up and down on and not have to use teleporters and 4 square steps.
  10. I am a serious buyer looking for houses inside the walls of Luna!!! Lord Nabin High Council Sage Ancient Conclave of Wisdom icq 248-636-691 lordnabin@yahoo.com
  11. This new generation All-in-One PC in a keyboard not only takes up far less desktop space, but also puts an Intel® Core™ 2 Quad CPU with all its features and performance at your fingertips. The new ZPC-GX31™ is a true innovation packing so much power, performance and compatibility inside a normal size keyboard. With features such as Dual Display capabilities, 4GB of DDR2/667MHz RAM, 1Gb LAN and DVI interface you now have a complete personal computer that takes up no more space than a typical keyboard. Simply place it on your desktop, plug in a monitor and you are done! Link
  12. Crying Cat Wants to Come in - Video lol couldnt resist posting this since of the name...
  13. S-s-s-seems like der puttin out fires everywhere in dat der nation's capitowl of ours. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,295498,00.html
  14. Most Warriors have one HUGE liability. They cannot hide or cast invis. Due to the new monster spawn strategy used in UO ( one high level MOB clustered by tons of lower level spawn), the need for the Warrior to invis is necesarry for survival AND finesse at hunting. Later, we will have a discussion on how to tailor spawn areas (finesse). For now, let's focus on survival. So why use an invis potion? Ever run from a monster, dragging 37563424 behind you? Ever get yelled at for dragging said spawn on top other players? Ever WANT to hide, but CAN't? This potion is for YOU! Other neat bon
  15. <p><br><br> Recently, I encountered these vial creatures in the swamps North East of Britain and simply ran at first. <br> With courage in my heart, I returned and gave battle, to find the secret of these beasts. <p> It was a tough fight since I was attempting to avoid it's acid attack. Some might say I cheat by using a summoned Elemental, but mind you, I carry no sword or bow, nor do I have a tamed pet. Yet, near the end of the struggle, when the creature was paralyzed and had gone into a crystaline state for its protection, I approached and found this. <p&g
  16. This is just disgusting. Link to news video. I have to wonder if she was insured or not.
  17. [video=youtube;QiB27C1s7R8] No sound to it, and pretty lousy compression by YouTube, but its only a first. When I get some proper videos done (and use something like Google Video or Stage6 for better quality) there will be more coming out.
  18. 100 Anat 120 Fencing 100 Healing (Maybe SS, anyone know casting caps?) 100 Ninjitsu 120 Parrying 60 Tactics 120 Resist Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  19. kids these days, i'm telling ya....i noticed today when i was going inside my luxurious castle in the minoc hampton mountains....
  20. Greetings and well met travelers of Sosaria. Tovladian Soltyr here to tell you about the up coming auction to take place today, Saturday, April 28th, 2007 @ 8PM EST. The items are listed in the order they shall be hitting the table with the min bid requested for the item by the sellers {Note: T*T staff members do NOT set the min bids for any of the items, so if you think to yourself that a bid is to high, then please...by all means KEEP thinking it to yourself. If you don't like it don't bid}: 1. Swords of Prosperity - 10k 2. Archer Set - 1k 3. 8 Tailor Runics {6 Spine/2 Horned} - 100k
  21. welp it was a rather long night, and i stayed up till about 2 am. so i just closed down uo while i was standing in luna. needless to say, i was feeling rather home sick this morning when i logged back in. when i recalled to my house, i saw a lich name tag pop up when i hit all names. this is pretty common since i live in southern yew just south of the lich spawn. i though nothing of it till i got inside and realized the mofo was inside my walls. now i thought that nothing could spawn inside walls, i would also like to point out that i have owned this house for about 6 months and never h
  22. I would like to first appologize for not getting the list up sooner, been having a few IRL distractions come my way the last 2 days. Got sick kids, Darri seems to be catching it kinda sorta hopefully she'll be able to make it through the auction. Anyway enough of me whining about RL, this is a UO forum so you want to hear about UO stuff , the List: 1. Misc House Deco - 3k 2. 3 Armor Collection Pieces - 10k 3. Violet Courage - 25k 4. 3 Scattered Hay - 100k 5. 30 Rare Gems - 50k 6. Bushel - 100k 7. 50 Level 6 T-Maps - 1k 8. 10k Barbed Leather - 50k 9. Deed: Cannon - 6 Mil 1
  23. Hello my fellow Sosarians, I'm just here to let you all know that since we are going weekly with the auction now that we have made some updates to the rules. First the General rules have been updated and are list below: 1. No Spamming or casting during auctions/bidding. This spams the auctioneer's journal which is used for watching bids. 2. Please try to be appropriate while at the auction house. Use the proper language and behavior as if you were at a real life event were respectful manors were expected. No Foul or Offensive language please. 3. Treat your fellow patrons {bidders o
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