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Found 14 results

  1. I have Inscription (100) on a character, who has learned some recipes (like Scrappers) the and I want to transfer it to another character. Will the character I transfer the skill to (via Soul Stone) be able to make those recipes or will they have to also learn them? Basically is it account based, or character based?
  2. I finished inscription yesterday. When I got to 80 I started making spellbooks. I made around 5k spellbook. I actualy finsihed inscription with like 2k but want to finish off the rest of the scroll to see what type of spellbooks I could make. 3 Repond slayer 1 with MR 1 sweet=) 1 Elemental Slayer 1 Arachnid Slayer with Med +10 wanted and needed the reptile and demon > I was really hoping to make a full set of slayer but oh well (I already had the undead slayer, the grimoire). I will continue to try. I did also make alot of 3 mod spellbooks, I think it was about 200 or so, I am sti
  3. At what skill level can I start making spellbooks? I just started trainning the skill and I am in the 60's. When should I switch to spellbooks in the 70's, 80's or 90's?
  4. I've read that inscription affects magery spells? Does this mean that you won't get the 10% extra damage on spellweaving spells?
  5. Ive never had a scribe before and am about to a crafter that is also a scribe now my question is this.. Is Med a requirement when it comes to making spell books that are slayer books and have mods on them like LRC? I know Eval and Magery are required just want to know if I can not take up med and just wear mana regen armor to make books.
  6. Recently I've started working up my inscription skill again on my mage. Currently he is at 91.5 and the gains have really slowed down (like .01 every couple hours). I'm using the suggested skill training guide over at uoguide.com which lists making flamestrike scrolls until 94. So my question is, does inscription normally slow down to this rate in the 90's (gains are always streaky, by slow down I'm speaking in general terms) or should I following another method for gains?
  7. is it worth having? stratics show that it only gives a 10% sdi bonus to magery spells
  8. I figured that since a one or two people were nice enough to give me 350k worth of gold to buy reagents for alchemy and inscription, there would be some people out there who could help me GM it. I greatly appreciate any help anybody has to offer. My ICQ is 416063353.
  9. Hi there, I was wondering about Inscription on Talismans . All those talismans with skill boosts on them were intended for crafters. Inscription though also gives bonus on spell damage (correct me if I'm mistaken). So... does an Inscpiton talisman affect the spell damage bonus if your GM Insprition or does it only affect the crafting part of the skill?
  10. When training inscription does lower mana cost have any effect over the mana you use to create a scroll or not?
  11. Hi, I am a mage scribe, with 76 real magery and 99 magery with bonus' also have 75.4 scribe + 18 with bonus'. I am trying to make lvl 8 spells which I have been able to do in the past (with a lot of fails) but now when i try and make certain spells e.g. resurection, it says "You dont have the components needed to make that". I have; bloodmoss garlic ginseng mana 100% and 48 blank scrolls the sucsess chance shows at 19% and idea what i could be doing wrong? I can still do some lvl 8 like summ deamon earthquake energy vortex
  12. I have been trying to inscribe and I keep getting the "you do not have the necessary components" thing when in fact i do. I didn't see anything about inscription being broken, anyone heard anything or run into this problem?? Thanks!!!!
  13. Can someone tell me how to gm inscription and if there is a macro I can use by using UOA?
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