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  1. Greetings We will be hosting another auction event in our New Magincia Auction House. This event will be our 18th event. The 18th Knucklehead Auction has been planned for: Friday the 4th of May 2012 @ 20:30 CEST/MESZ (18:30 UTC/GMT, 7:30 PM BEST, 21:00 EEST, 2:30 PM EST). You may now submit auctions for this event, and/or view auctions that is currently on the program by clicking below button Note: Submit window will be open untill 4th of May @ 00:30 CEST/MESZ, or untill the program is considered full by us. For Event FAQ and Process, please see Auction FAQ Hope to see Everyone
  2. Quote from: Bornakk (Source) Listed below are recent fixes we have applied to the game. Keep in mind that some of these changes may not be active until after the realm has been restarted. *9/30/09* - A new enchanting recipe, Abyssal Shatter, is now available on enchanting trainers. - Diminishing returns have once again been applied to taunt abilities as intended.
  3. Guest

    UOSA Ingame Screenshots.

    Screenies from the Stygian Abyss site.
  4. Just as the title says. How do you spend your ingame time? what do you do when you are playing? Decorating your house, PvPing, hunting treasures or whatever..
  5. I was supposed to be watching a few houses for a real life friend, that I have been playing UO with for the past 10 years. We are close enough that we have account and password access to each others accounts since day 1. Well, he was playing musical accounts and I was watching other houses and waalaaa, BAM house falls. I got there about 15 minutes after the house fell. Big Bummer. I'm sure most of you have lost a house and the contents, I know now how you all felt. Well, the reason im posting this is that someone, found some of my stuff on vendors and bought it and messaged me. She had gotten
  6. it's kinda creepy when u enter some cool spots and suddenly the moody music stops and you just hear the mob-sounds around. is there any way to get the music looped? i want a current stream of music! thx
  7. A secret access code inside the latest issue of Massive Online Gamer #16 magazine, available on newsstands beginning this week, will provide all readers with a limited edition in-game item called the “Cloak of the Cold Well.” Can't wait for the magazine? The first 1000 people to subscribe to Massive Online Gamer will receive a unique LOTRO code via email that can be redeemed for the in-game item!
  8. I just bought a new new house and still am customizing it. So I went through the different door sets and came across some doors that I couldn't place. I tried this with the 2d client and it was the 25th set of doors in the house customize menue. The message I got was something along the lines of: "You have to upgrade to the current expansion to place this". As my account has all expansions on it, I suspect, that these housing styles are Stygian Abyss types, that are not yet accessable. Can anyone reconfirm or falsify this?
  9. The Catskills Black Market Recurring trading-event, scheduled for each first Saturday of the month at 8pm EST. Next Black Market: October 4th 2008, 8 pm EST. The United Pirates of Catskills are happy to announce the Black Market event! This recurring in-game trading and auctioning event will be accompanied by entertaining elements. During this event, you can sell, buy, trade or auction your wares! In between the bargains, duels bets and games will be held for entertainment. The facts: Merchants will get a personal market stand where they can advertise and sell their products. Bargaini
  10. Hello fellow Europa players, After a few days of coding, here it is our new Auction website : > > > Ingame Auctions < < < Register yourselves and lets start trading! The website design is still under work, but I didn't wanted to keep you waiting! Let's celebrate! Before we let everyone know about our website, I wanted to celebrate with you, my dear europa community! Opening lottery! As soon as we hit 200 registered users, we'll pick up 3 people randomly and offer them the following prizes : 3 millions, 2 millions and 1 million gps. The prizes are available on eu
  11. So.. I've seen a few people ingame that I only "know" from UOF but I'm usually a friendly person so I say hello and not a one has said anything back. Isn't that weird or am I way off base? IMO: forum.. game.. whatever medium - the polite thing to do is acknowledge someone you're acquainted with. OR are you not really acquainted until you've went through introduction pleasantries? I'm not a "pleasantry" type of of person - so maybe that's the problem.
  12. An Age of Conan player tricked a naïve, Funcom-employed Game Master (an in-game customer service representative) into pursuing cybersex with him. The player posed as a female playing a male character and enticed the male GM with flirtatious remarks and innuendos. After the GM fully threw himself into the moment, the player revealed that he was male, and that the conversation had been a prank. Story Continues..... Special Note: Before Dip starts any rumors, I have no affilation or participation in this event.
  13. Since last patch we get, few bugs come up... like some stuff is suddenly gone and so on... even its secure and locked down!!! Arround Minoc Area u better sit on or stable ur bonded pet before u log out cuz when u come back few time later ur pet is unbonded! When found any other bug let us know! I just know bout this arround Minoc on Chesapeak-Shard S.
  14. They just won't save :/ I have a slow pc and using razor for spells is too slow. So I make hotkeys, then the next time I start uo they are all gone I've tried almost EVERYTHING, I'm at my wits' end here Please helpme , thanks. I use the Mondains Legacy client. But this also happens with other clients :/ Thanks.
  15. I have a small house that I'm starting to decorate and get started... and have what is probably a dumb question. I bought a bulletin board... how do I place it on the southern outside wall of my house? I've seen others do it, but so far I've only been able to place the board inside. Does it require building a customized house? (mine is a pre-built cottage). Thanks in advance!
  16. Hail everyone, I'm Winfield on Chesapeake. I'm very interested in trying to set up, or assist in, New Player in-game support (as a player). I'd like to leverage off existing ideas/methods and pros/cons of how this is done, rather than create ideas/trial-and-error from scratch. Does any shard have a player-based "companion" system/guild to help new players on their shared? If so, where can I learn more about how it's done? Thanks, Winfield
  17. Hit the jackpot at an IDOC today! A custom house dropped. Lots of folks grabbed loot. I stuck around after others had left and managed to place a keep with a tree in the rear courtyard. I'm still fond of my old tower so am considering selling the keep. What is the best way to do this, and I don't use ICQ!?!?
  18. taken from Thread :- Can we please fix ingame support? found in UO.UHall ummm... so most people know some stairs are bugged where you can not get up them no matter what you do... well, I sat at one stairs for close to an hour trying to get a gm to help me. My help stuck is broke and when I click help stuck it does not give me an option to select a city. I have had this happen a few times before, and each time a gm had to come fix it. This time I sent over 8 requests... each time I got a canned response. In the screen shot you will show a statement i sent them. Now I sent 2 very detai
  19. taken from Thread :-Ingame 9th Anniversary upgrade issue:found in UO.UHall Comment My understanding of the 9th Anniversary upgrade is that it grants Mondain's Legacy access and capabilities to the account that it is applied to (through the Accounts Management page, of course). When formerly applying a Mondain's Legacy upgrade to a grandfathered account last year, all of the grandfathered housing on that account immediately benefited from the ML 20% increased storage...and some of those houses were almost older than the game itself. :-) Last night, I applied the 9th Anniversary upgrad
  20. Probably the most ridiculous question of the day, but how do i take snapshots and post them here? free program of somesort? i want to show you my adobe mud hut i have in minoc. *grins* you guys are gonna be so jealous!
  21. Someone once figured out how to past stuff from notepad or works into the red and purple books ingame... does anyone know how i can do this as if i could do this i would be a happy Mage... thanks SS
  22. I remember reading somewhere a long time ago, there is a way to make a book you write "perm" so it's writing cannot be changed. Am I wrong, or is there still? I can't seem to find that information again and thought I may have been mistaken. I am needing to know, because making a rune library on Chesapeake, and wish to also have written books for certain runebooks. Like the one for the Elven Heritage Quest, so as to explain the steps to take and so on for those who want to use the runebook for it. But, I don't want those who are buttheads, to change my writing in the book hehe. Thx in advan
  23. source UO.UHall Please don't let this happen in UO..... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oh man, imagine a Mc donald's add on a billboard in ultima. REALLY doesnt fit. they do this, im out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They could always do ingame advertising in UO in a more subtle way.. maybe even a bit of tongue in cheek humour like a tapestry labelled "An Intricately Woven Tapestry of Three Men Engaged in acts of Drunken Revelry", and when you double clicked it it'd open a browser window and take you to the Budweiser website. Or whatever beer it is you Americans drink. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ROF
  24. Seven years later and this perspective of the UO Economy still applies in many ways ... The In-game Economics of Ultima Online - Zachary Booth Simpson, Origin Research Fellow - 7 Apr 1999 Originally presented at Computer Game Developer's Conference, San Jose, CA; Mar 2000 Click here to see the rest of this very insightful research paper ...
  25. So, How do some of you collect gold ingame? Im interested in seeing what others do and how affective it is. For me I like to grow plants and sell them on a vendor, Not a ton of income but I don't buy much anymore.
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