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  1. Hey guys we have a new email contact for community. It's uocommunity at ea.com. Pms on the boards here can fill up from time to time. There are times where I need to purge messages so that I can receive new ones. I like to save all of my contacts and I like to keep them in one central location. I have updated my profile with this new address and allowed you to send me emails through the forum.
  2. Uniform updates, and new promotional criteria have been released. Check here and get your new equipment sorted. There will be a grace period until the 1st of October where both uniforms are acceptable attire. From the 1st of October onward only the bronze and red issue uniforms should be worn. Chaos shields are still our display pieces, you should see a Quartermaster to get an iron coloured replacement for your red ones. This change from red to iron Chaos shields is not optional.
  3. Ok I tamed one and wandered around with it. I want to try and gather some useful information on it. 1) seems to randomly dig up ore. Not sure how long of an interval between attempts for it to do this. 2) If the ore is left on the ground for to long and the beetle is hungry, well the pile of ore is going to be munched (funny crunching noise almost expect a burp after) Now for speculation notes. There is a selection menu on these critters (right click to get options to mine- ore, ore & rock, ore & gems). So that made me curious when I tried to select another option besides just o
  4. "Q: What is this I hear about a shipwreck in the Tokuno Islands? A: We're not exactly sure, but we've heard some whispering in the back alleys of Zento ourselves. Perhaps you can ask the more experienced Tokuno adventurers if they've seen anything odd..." -uoherald Is this some kind of hidden message? I have searched all over and can't seem to find anything odder than odd.
  5. To make a very long story short, friends of ours own a place in Aruba and they have conspired to get us out of town. So despite everything going on in our lives, we're getting to go on vacation to Aruba. Surreal. :beer1: They've provided the place for a 8 days and our kids took care of the airfare. I'm more than stunned to say the least. In any case, anyone here ever been to Aruba? Any insight as to things we should do or see? Years ago my wife hit the Caribbean, I had a job change so had to back out (she went with a girlfriend), but I've never been there. Place looks amazing. So looking
  6. Hello, I'm looking for an RSB member by the name of Goshin. If anyone knows his where abouts or messengers, please let me know so I can contact me. Thanks!
  7. Greetings... you know I love digging for information. All these Shadows over UO made me curious. So I went looking for information. "History never repeats itself, but this sure looks familiar." Lets see... Lord British vanished... This is a possible report on how that happened... http://lazarus.thehawkonline.com/downloads/chronicle.pdf Dawn was then "elected" the new regent... (2003) I read this BUT is it true? (Dawn is an NPC, who was introduced with the Lord Blackthorn's Revenge expansion. She was a great warrior and great follower of Virtue, who had the honor of landing the k
  8. While I was in Britain this morning to see about my stimulus check from the royal treasury, I popped over to the Counselor's Hall to see if they had any fresh Jhelom coffee brewed. Alas! They did not, however I did notice a book laying on the Lady Phoenix Memorial Stage, err, center table of the room: It had some information about the Treasure Hunting Race set for tonight at 9 PM EST! Best of luck to all the adventurers!
  9. Hey guys. A friend of mine that quit UO about 2 years ago is willing to give me his account so I can return back to UO on a veteran account. They have since moved from their original home location and the UO account had their original email and address. The email on the account no longer exist because they changed ISPs when they moved. They don't remember the username, password or the security question. Is there any way for them to recover the login info.?
  10. Hello All! I missed the recent turn-in/Halloween event where you could collect various rubble deco pieces. I'm not talking about the ones from when Magincia exploded...I mean the other ones. 1) What were they (pics, please!) 2) How did you get them 3) Can they still be obtained 4) How do you distinguish between those and the Magincia rubble items, or is there no similarity? Thanks much! ~M
  11. NOTE: I changed this thread title to be a bit of a journal for our War Combat parties. So when you are out and about killing the invaders and especially liberating cities, please report what happened here. Will make this a sticky if the thread is useful. -- Winfield PaxLair Statehood with our cities of Dragons Watch, PaxLair City, and PaxOku will be engaging more heavily in the Shadowlords War. We seek to work with many allies and friends too. We understand RBG plans to join the combat party. A combat party will gather on Wednesday, January 21, at 9 PM ET at EM Tailspin's Tavern (Nort
  12. I got a box from an idoc the other day weighs 255 stones but only has a statue in it that can't be removed.Any info on this would be great:) Thank you
  13. In response to many questions being asked Hello Everyone, I want to thank everyone that has sent in their applications and the great stories I have read (and still reading). I would like to answer a few questions that I am being asked alot. 1. Yes you have to be 18 years old to apply. 2. You will not be able to work on the same shard you play on. (Siege and Europe might be an exception) 3. All the questions have to be answered. 4. You do not have to live in the US to apply. 5. I have been asked alot of questions about
  14. When in waiting rooms, car rides, etc I cannot keep enough books on hand. I've been looking the Kindle and would love it if persons can share any information and experience. Thank you ahead of time! Btw. Kindle is the device offered by Amazon to download digital books.
  15. Pom Pom started a thread about a different issue with Crimson Dragons. I am ready for it, so flame away if you must, but I do feel this is an issue. (mind you, I didn't go to test so I wasn't aware of it.) My apologies if this has been addressed already. After fighting the Crimson Dragon with what seems like an army of people, the loot is public for everyone to obtain. I was wondering why this is. It hardly seems fair for those who don't loot quite as fast. I also know of many who died repeatedly doing the dragon and then walked away with nothing to show for it. They were not really inclin
  16. Another autumn season means one thing for UO players: Halloween events. For the past several years we have been treated to a wide variety of ghoulish and spooky themed activities. This year is no exception. There is a huge quest on the scale of the one investigating the Royal Council murders a few months ago. Plus there is new Trick or Treating candies and spirits roaming the now ruined streets of Magincia. You can find lots of information about all this on UOGuide, including a recently updated and detailed article on Khaldun dungeon (which has been made available for a limited time on the Tra
  17. All this new info about MoM is very exciting. Some good news, some not so good but either way I can't wait to check it out for myself. Last night I hit level 30 on my minstrel, and started turning out my first batches of blackberry tarts. Yay for self-sufficient food supply! Pretty boring stuff for the most part. I gained 3/4 of a level to hit 30 by doing the warg quests east of Estedlin. There are 3 or 4 quests for killing the same wargs. I find that odd, but it really helped me out. I earned around 12k xp from turning in quests for killing roughly 20 wargs. I have new instruments
  18. 1 Titan 2 antlion 3 kappa 4 tsuki wolf 5 plague beast 6 Serpentine Dragon 7 dryad 8 Hiryu 9 terathon warrior (thanks for clarifying that Kalzaketh & Nexus) 10 mummy 11 Juka Mage 12 Wisp Most this information was gathered by others. but just wanted to centralize it for ease of finding. Fragrant-cocoa tree peculiar- all others After all is said and done this page is the best for understanding http://www.bdl-uo.de/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=85
  19. Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye!! 11th UO Anniversary?? NOTE: This thread post is always under development! Post your interest, ideas, and enthusiasm and we will consolidate them into the top of this thread! The Austin Town Hall for Ultima Online ( <-- Register at this link) is on Saturday, September 13, 2008 at: Dave & Busters 9333 Research Blvd. Suite A600 Austin, TX 78759 September 13, 2008 3:00PM - 6:00pm EST LIVE BROADCAST by Whispering Rose Radio!! (Web Site) See ON AIR NOW section for Tune In. One Hotel: Extended Stay Austin Arboretum 10100 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin T
  20. The three monsters in tokuno dropping the new seeds are...Lesser's, Kappa's and the Tsuki Wolf. Will post the rest of the monsters as I find them.
  21. I aquired quite a few pieces of dragon and sea serpent scale armor. It is NOT labeled with the color,ie: red,yellow,ect. All it says is dragon scale tunic..gloves, ect. The sea serpent scale armor is labeled the same. NO colors mentioned. Are there any value to these?
  22. Stratics 2008 Chesapeake Olympic information has been posted! A great event folks - GET INVOLVED!! =)
  23. I am new to the UO Forums. From day one i check forums more than i check my email. I absolutely love this site. But, and there is always a but, I noticed today the gazillion news threads. My internet home page is Cnn.com, and to be frank, i am not sure they belong on an Ultima Online Forums site. This is an opinion i am sure not many will share, but when u are looking for UO info, and have to go thru 3 pages of "news", well I found it quite disheartening. I have the opinion that if people want to read the news, let them look at CNN.com or their news page of interest and leave this forum
  24. I didn't pay much attention to them yet, all I know is that they drop some kind of boxes on the ground. So I'm asking if there is a summary of information about them. My basic question are: - Where do they spawn? - When do they spawn? (is there a trigger or a certain time as with the controllers?) - What's in those boxes? - How do I fight them without a Greater Dragon? Answers would be much appreciated. And if I simply missed the thread where all this already was posted - be so kind and toss me a link
  25. I recently revived my old account and started playing UO again. I was trying to GM some craft skills (which I'd never done before). Got tailoring up to 70 and decided I'd had enough, so I logged in as my GM fisherman, Woody, and went fishing. Here are the results, in 3 hours: 8 MIBs 4 White Pearl 3 Special Fishing Nets (all the light green) 242 Horned Leather 176 Sea Serpent Scales 2 Bottles of Liquor (my favorite) I thought this might be a little high rate of return, but what I was doing starting out was fishing until I pulled up a serpent (MIB or not). Kill the serpent, move forward
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