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Found 7 results

  1. I have a waterstained SOS that gives me the coordinates 180° 17' N and 127° 3' E The Problem is: when sailing north on 127°3'E, I end up on 179° 55' N and then it switches to 180° 0' S and starts counting down. i fished on the last N coordinate hoping it counts, but no, only fish. Same if I try to "overshoot" and fish at 179° 44' S. Weird! Anybody else had that problem before? Or knows a solution?
  2. I created a play test char on test center just to see how tough I could make one. He had 70s in everything. He had 100% DI and Legendary in every warrior skill. Maces, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Parry and Bushido. An Oni killed me in 5 hits (not kidding) with hardly any damage to him. Are these impossible to take on one-on-one? Made me look like an Ettin next to a GM warrior and he was 120 in everything. Doesn't really make me look forward to spending the next year beefing up my char just to face something like that. lol! [EDIT] Also mentioning... he had 20 Hit Point Regeneration, 150 S
  3. It’s time to use your creativity and create a UO comic! Here's the concept: Simply submit a UO EA_Mythic: Mission Impossible themed comic of your own making. It can be one frame, or up to four frames, black and white or color. Just make it funny, and make sure it's about Ultima Online and an Impossible Mission in some way. Feel free to collaborate with others in-game, and feel free to submit more than one entry. You may also submit a story with each entry detailing your characters UO: Mission Impossible. The content of the comic can be of just about anything! Example being a screenshot of
  4. Well i just discovered new accoutns CANNOT be made since you need to already have an acocunt to make an account, i bought the game code put it in chose payment method, put my credit card number in and bam it ask me to log in to my UO account to continue, not my ea accoutn btw, i mean WTF is going on ?
  5. and the winner is .... take a lookie here .... & post your congrats to ..... =)
  6. I bought UO 9th anniversary, and I'm trying to register. In the registration process I have to create an EA account. But link doesn't work, and http://www.ea.com returns an internal error (from 10 AM GMT +1). This is the only way I foud to contact someone about this... Could someone help? Thanks a lot in advance
  7. Shouldnt Hit Life Leech be capped at 50?? Next question: Does anyone want to buy it?? :)
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