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  1. *A large notice is posted in the Vesparian barracks throughout the Republic* I, Hanse Davion, have been appointed as the new Marshal of the Vesparian Army. I thank the previous Marshal for his service to Vesper, and assure you that I will do my very best to give you the resources, training and opportunities for serving the Republic you rightly deserve. My first actions as the Marshal of our glorious army are the following; The Appointment of Lieutenants By the powers vested in me as Marshal, I hereby appoint Balgus Bloodmoore to be my first Lieutenant. He will lead in my stead at times,
  2. Given the type of combat that is required in tight quarters and the need for teamwork that seems to be demanded, I propose for the training and fun of all including all recruits, turcopoles, and esquires the following: On Saturday the 19th of September at 5pm bst we, the Knights Templar meet at the Fort Beaufort prepared to set forth. I ask for the help of all knights, including recruits, turcopoles, and esquires to help rid the place of evil called Daemons Temple on Fire Island. By working together, we can cleanse this place of its filth. Walk with the Virtues Brethran. Should you hav
  3. With the blessing of the Virtues, and the Guidance and Honor bestowed on me today by Milord Grand Templar Gendin, I Sir Duncan McKinley Cavalier do accept to begin the training of Recruits, Turcopoles, and Juniors/Esquires. Plans for the training will consist of the following: -Individual and Group Training sessions -Events -Search and Rescues -Dungeon Hunts -Teamwork strategies -Combat footwork and skills -Etiquette and Roleplay In addition, those who participate in training sessions will be eligible for rewards and recommendations upon completion. An example of a reward: A Holy Sword
  4. Daniel Ravens has sent word requesting for Sonoma citizens and the RBG meet in the Serps Hold Guard Hall TODAY at 2:00 Pacific (4pm Central, 5pm Eastern) prepared for battle...
  5. Folks may i just remind you that theres a number of things you need to do in order to get promoted. Promotion Criteria can be found here: http://www.uoforums.com/vesper-recruitment-and-guild-info/60702-army-structure-and-promotions-information.html All military characters need to have a profile on the achievement board. Within your profile you need to write down the promotion criteria to reach the next rank and keep going back and updating it to say which bits you have completed. When you get promoted your write the new criteria in and start again. Achievement board: http://www.uoforums.
  6. Phishing attempt posted 11-Jul-2009 We've found a phishing attempt in ingame messages. Do not be fooled by the message, which asks you to visit a fake website (that looks very similar to the american LOTRO website) and enter your login details. We ask the players to be very careful and not to enter their login details on the message's link. It is in fact a phishing attempt. We'd also like to remind you of the only official homepage for LotRO EU: http://www.lotro-europe.com/ and that you only log into our accountsystem on https://cogaccounts.codemasters.com/ with your pe
  7. Earlier today the scheduled release of Bk8 was postponed and the following explanation posted. Following developments overnight on the live US service, Codemasters Online has decided to withhold the release of Book 8 until the patches/hotfixes can be applied. In addition to the instances that needed to be closed, it transpired that a serious issue with stuck characters has manifested rendering many players unable to move or to log in. In order to avoid these problems, we have decided to postpone the Book 8 release until we can go live with the fixes to these issues. The hotfixes f
  8. All military forces are urgently required to gather outside the Military HQ at 8:20pm BST on the dot.
  9. Tomorrow is an important day! The Pay Day market will not be going ahead, instead all Military personel with gather at the HQ at 8pm BST for wages where we will head to Stonekeep for 8:30pm BST. All the lands military forces are gathering in Stonekeep as tomorrow we all unite to assault and capture Britain in a united attempt to de throne Casca!!! So all military forces of Vesper are to be outside the Headquarters at 8:20pm BST!!! Make sure you are there!!! When? Tomorrow 8pm BST Where? Gather Military HQ -Escaflowne
  10. ALL Military personal are required to gather at Vesper Bank this Tuesday at 8:30pm BST/UK Time. This is an important meeting and i expect you all to be there, everyone needs to hear this. (OOC: Need everyone here so please make the effort to be there, it shouldn't last long, 30 mins at max hopefully). When? Tuesday 8:30pm BST/UK Time Where? Gather at Vesper Bank -Escaflowne
  11. Salutations. Brethren, it seems that the conflict in the north has drawn the attention of the Royalty in Britain. Nathan Hawke has invited our Order along with many other leaders taking part of the conflict for peace talks. I believe it's to high importance that we display our presence and activeness during the peace talks. All brethren available is to gather at Fort Belvoir at 7:45pm GMT to then depart towards Moonglow for the meeting. The meetings Location shall be unknown to anyone but the leaders of the different factions. A short breifing will be held in Belvoir at 7:45 pm. Please
  12. I'm getting married in 3 weeks and we still can't find a decent song to have our first dance to, any suggestions ? (I'm assuming any suggestions from Van will be shite)
  13. All those wishing to ally with the Companies against the revolt of the militia against Vesper, there is to be an important meeting where we are to discuss many subjects on the matter. Monday, 12th January The Swaggers Basement 9pm GMT
  14. http://www.f4g.net/vesper-trading-company/9221-page-ranking-concering-van.html
  15. http://www.f4g.net/vesper-trading-company/9221-page-ranking-concering-van.html
  16. All those wishing to ally with the Companies against the revolt of the militia against Vesper, there is to be an important meeting where we are to discuss many subjects on the matter. Monday, 12th January The Swaggers Basement 9pm GMT
  17. Dec 4th National Cookie Day! Queen Mum's favorite day I'd guess, so I found this little ditty
  18. 21-Nov-2008 Please note that the Ithildin Coin is a unique item and therefore you can only have one in your inventory at a time. Once you have redeemed the one in your inventory, the next time you log into the game the next Coin will appear. This will continue until you have used up all the Coins gifted to your account. To redeem your Ithildin Coin, you must first activate the coin by double clicking it. This will add a quest entry to your quest log. You will then have to redeem the item at one of the following NPCs; Jon Brackenbrook in Archet Dwalin in Thorin's Hall Mayor Will W
  19. *notice is placed in Trinsic visable for all to see*
  20. The recent HoC chat started a very in depth discussion a few weeks back on imbuing in SA with PoF,prior to the Chicago Town Hall meeting. Der Rock started the thread with this opening post. i think, a big problem these day´s are the forgetfulness of the people. remember last townhall, what jeremy sayd about randomness off mining and lumber resourcess and why they make it like this. so, if collecting higher ingots and wood(valo/frost) is more catchier, then the new SA items will be not easy to get. fact is, that NO of todays new top mmo´s let items brake. items can be useless/worno
  21. Hello to all! To give a bit of background - I first started playing UO back in 2000, how times have changed! I've been out of the game now for about 3 years, but have decided to give it a go again. I was formerly known as Romie on Europa. The thing is, I'm having major issues getting UO to connect currently. Im using a laptop with windows vista, which I understand has issues with UO, so to speak. The solutions I've tried have been as follows: Run client in XP compatability Run client as administrator Update windows as much as possible Run spyware removal etc But STILL I have not fo
  22. PTRs up, S3 gear requirements lowered in S4 PTRs are up: New Build PTRs are back online with a new build (4.06 mb), and we didn't notice any noteworthy changes (new build of combat log and some textures changes) in game files & PTR, but from what we got told it's not going to change the outcome of next week's planning Season 3 gear requirements lowered in Season 4 Drysc posted in the official forums what would happen when season 4 starts. (src) There will be no changes to gear availability/rating requirement until Season 4 starts, which will not begin when patch 2.4 goes live
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