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  1. This thread is here for all the sergeants with ideas about the Order. May it be anything. Let your fantasy and brainstorming take over. I will take the subjects to the Officers boards where it'll be discussed further between the leaders.
  2. I have been looking through all the deco sites and most things are just cutesy and nice..I can't find anything dark and deathish.. I'm not morbid..I just want to put a graveyard/cemetary in my place.. Anyone have an pics to show or links of this type deco?
  3. Idea for citizens: Minimarkets at west gate ? ---> instead of the usual markets cuz those even bore me by now, how about themed markets like for example a food market, animal market, rarity market and so forth. Let the market last for an hour, no more then that. How about actually starting a real school for children and/or the poor ??? I know we are not like other guilds with tasks and such, but is it not possible to set out small tasks for citizens like hunting for meat, fishing and actually pay them a small fee? Food is something that is logical for a city to have need of. (wouldnt
  4. Locked Runes And Book? Luna City Bank September 1, 2009 Two runes are locked down on the Luna bank floor along with a blue book with information. The two runes are for Chesapeakes two auction houses KFC and SHE auction house. These runes were locked down by EM Vladimere. After contacting the KFC Auction house and SHE auction house it was revealed to me why this was done. Simply put griefers. EM Vladimere did this for them after watching for weeks runes being collected as they were laying them down. EM Vladimere put a kink in the griefers plans by locking the rune. This
  5. These are the awards we have in place right now http://www.uoforums.com/awards.php There's two for people who help out in the community a lot One for having a heart of gold (Mum bribed me with cookies for this one, I swear ) The rest are for competition winners Can anyone else think of other awards we can give? There's more medal graphics here - http://www.uoforums.com/images/medals/ If you can think of any others we can create, let me know.
  6. Thinking about building a Wrestler, so I'm looking for things that will take advantage of Wrestling's unique attributes (otherwise we're better off simply going with melee weapons). First, it looks that even while in Horrific Beast form your unarmed damage is only 2-8, making it by far the worst weapon for damage ever. Therefore, what are some things that you can either only do with an open hand or you can do better with an open hand? I know of... Stealing Potions Magery (& Mysticism) anything else? Maybe bandages can be applied faster while you have an open hand?
  7. I was thinking that we should have a dedicated head of the church set up in our hierarchy. A person 2nd to Gendin only with a title like Bishop or Cardinal. Just a though any feed back would be nice.
  8. Anyone got any ideas for what Vesper could have building wise for future guild plots we get hold of and current ones etc, like what are we missing, what could we do with? Currently we have: Militia HQ Medical Station Arena Armory Town Hall Mage Tower Church of Greenie Swaggers Inn HTTC Shop S&K Shop and Buildings Nightclub
  9. As most know PaxOku is known for being a "Different" city. With new ideas and new ways of doing things. I myself am running low on ideas to be different as some of our ways become picked up on. I don't mind people useing our ideas because thats great if it works for them. What we need to keep doing is different ways once our ways are picked up on. A few examples. PaxKratOkuC auction does Whispering Rose Radio and Trivia. VIP auction now does Trivia B@H auction now has Whispering Rose Radio and Trivia as well. OkuC used Half Aprons and books for recruitment. DW now uses half aprons and book
  10. I appreciate all the work and creativity put into the Easter event. However I thought I had read that there was to be a different system for passing out "goodies". Fastest runners, fastest connection and especially fastest looters...its always a contest. FYI this is not sour grapes, I managed to pick up one of the easter eggs, and was given a few more....which I then shared. I was confused much of the event. If a person lost that white rabbit at the very beginning it was very hard to get up to speed, and if there was no one to tell you what was going on, very easy to get discouraged and
  11. Ok just got an 18x18 in the sand with a water behind it. Need some good desing ideas. Lets see what you got. lol
  12. Greetings! I am looking for screenshots and ideas for an upcoming torture chamber I have in mind. The difference between the one I hope to make, and the more stereotypical one, is that this torture chamber belongs to a group of generally "good aligned" knights who use the chamber in great need; especially when gathering information from captured cultists and evil-doers (whereas most torture chambers I've seen are designed for evil players). Any thoughts?
  13. We have a wonderful opportunity to submit designs for the new Chesapeake Fairgrounds. Tancred reported it in the March 15th House of Commons news on this forum. (Thanks Tancred!) The "design competition" deadline is Midnight EDT, March 29, 2009. See http://chessy-events.com/ in the Events section for all details. Requirements: Use tents for approximately 80% or more of buildings present in the design. Include a Fairground Historic Pavilion. This will be used to display historical records of celebrations held at the grounds. Include a race track that can be used for both mounted and fo
  14. Hey guys, hope you are all ok. Currently I am searching for ideas for a house I need to build that will storage all my fat loot I really dont want another borg cube, but it has to functional so I can quickly acess and storage all my stuff. Any help will be reward with a personal thanks from yours truly P.S- I saw a house that looked exactly like a factory the other day, it seemed to have lots of room, but now I dont remember exactly how to make it like that.
  15. Hello All! I have unilaterally decided that it is time for a new round of artifacts or mini-artifacts. Yes, I know that the fresh-baked replicas are still cooling on the counter, but let’s not become complacent! There are so gosh-darn many artifacts, that it becomes difficult to create new ones that do not unreasonably ratchet-up power levels or that are not woefully under-strength. Frequently, when items are added to the game, they have mods that are over the standard loot cap at the cost of low resistances, or vice versa. This seems to be the standard approach to preventing power-cree
  16. Event Moderators Application Thank you for the interest in the Event Moderator Program. We are looking for approx 26 creative people to help us with the events on the shards. Please fill out the application below and return to me (barmstrong@ea.com). If you have any questions please do not contact any of the other members of the team but, feel free to forward them to me. What shard do you play on?: I have chars on Europa, Great Lakes, Atlantic, & Lake Superior. But mostly I started with Atlantic. Do you have any experience with running player events, if so give a few examples?: N
  17. To start I am sorry for "Floating in space" during the last statehood meeting. Outside the realm of UO I have wisdom teeth problems and the medication made it a rough meeting for me....I'm sure my Dragons Watch address was painful. Down to business I would like everyone to know that [ooc] I am trying to balance schedules to give myself more time to participate in statehood activities. Being a still "newer" member of the Pax alliance I would love to make my mark and find permanent place amongst you all, one step at a time. Blue Screen Bob and I have been talking a little into making ATD a more
  18. Dear friends, With the addition of the hops plant, I want to make two changes to my little gypsy camp. The first thing I want to do is pretty basic, adding grapes to my vines and some hops plants for a little garden (don't have a lot of room to work with). The second is where I need some ideas. I want to make a place where I can "brew" some lovely beverages like the ale or sparkling wine. Do you have any ideas which can help me achieve this result? With kind regards, Path, Satyr of Catskills (Freehold of Roses)
  19. I've often found that I am inspired by reading about the events and clever ideas other roleplayers have used in-game. To that end, I thought I'd start a thread to share some ideas and props that I've used in events. My hope is that others will post here as well and contribute their own clever ideas. To begin, I thought I'd start with something simple and easy that I use and that's a bag dyed true black. One use for these dyed bagballs are as a hole in the ground like so: I've used it to represent a shallow grave where I placed the remains of an unknown adventure (obtained from Ant
  20. Ok so I just successfully placed two 18x18 houses side by side and would appreciate any suggestions as to cool designs.I'd really like to try and make the 2 look almost seamless in construction and am driving myself nucking futs trying to come up with a plan.Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you very much
  21. Adam - I foolishly clearly out my temp internet files at work. Before, I had 'remember me' and didn't need to log in. Now, the evilevil IT department has blocked the login function of UOForums. Any thoughts on how I can take a cookie from my home computer and transfer it to work so I can trick the computer there into thinking I've got 'remember me' status? Help me, Adam-wan. You're my only hope! ~M
  22. Hi all Our FAQ section (Common FAQ's - Ultimate Online Forums) is in dire need of some sorting out There's a ton of threads all over the place, some sticky, some not Anyone have any ideas on sorting it out? One idea I had was to reorganise the threads so there's less of them, perhaps combine all information on a paticular subject into a single thread, then TAG each of the threads with a relevant keyword, only settable by Staff, so it's easier to find the info people want.
  23. I'm planning on making a RP Guard tower On Europa with a 18x18 plot near Cove. In the bottom left corner I want to make a double layered guard tower that goes up all four stories then there should be a longer section that stretches up to the top-left and then to the top-right so from above it looks like a L rotated 90degrees clock-wise. So if any of you have made guard towers before please post pictures but keep in mind this house is for role-play so i need room for a bed/kitchen/washroom etc.
  24. on how long the event is going to last? I'd like to help a few guildmates out, but they can't get into the game for a couple of days.
  25. Hey all, redoing one of my plots and wanted to create an 18x18 office space. Anyone have idea ideas suggestions for it? thanks.
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