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  1. OK, so here's another in my line of hopefully interesting and even MORE hopefully useful items that crafters could make. Craftsmen & women need products that makes them more integral to the game. Please feel free to critique and/or criticize, as always. Grandfather clock What it does - every Ultima world hour, it chimes just as a real clock would. Chimes can be disengaged. When you walk by the clock (3 tiles?) the current UO time is displayed above the clock - or you can actively click it like the wall clocks we have now. Dyeable with a furniture tub. The face and pendulum cham
  2. I know im new in UO and stuff but i was wondering about this idea Dont know how much it is possable to make, and if its efective at all but here it is: Knight duels, where the king and queen come there to (if there are any charrs like this) and mostly the most popular people in the country come to watch from the best plases and all others from somewhere els but they can see also the king and queen and the other popular people, also people can participate at the Knight duels and chalanges if they wish. the idea is not full i got a big vision on this one but tell me first if its posabl
  3. After taking a break from UO for several years I came back to a much changed world. The first major change I encountered was going from being 7X GM and kicking butt to GM is not good enough anymore. Many skills max out at 120 now. I recommend looking at the different skill templates posted on the forum and start making a game plan on what direction you would like to go. After getting my butt kicked I headed off to Britain to find a smith for some new GM armor and weapons but Britain was empty. The fond memories of lagging in Britain are just that, memories. Most people can be found hanging out
  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to find a game no one has attempted before, that can involve either players playing the game individually, or a mass number of players playing one large game. The game set up and system has to be able to fit in an 18x18 house, the number of levels can vary. Since this is a brainstorming thread, all ideas are welcome. Thanks -Elie/KARURU/a hooded figure
  5. Max stuff 24 hit reg (+14 hit reg)+ 3 Human +5 Vamp 18 stamina reg ( 70 focus) 18 +3 Vamp 18 (80 med (+5 mana reg)) 18 +5 vamp 35 hit chance (get your weopen with 10+ hit) 45+ 45 defence 60 + dmg inc rune bettle lmc 15 mana reg 3 10 mana (faction) Voice of fallen king 5 hit reg 3 stamina reg Braclet of Health +5 hit reg Totem of the Void 2 hit reg 10 lmc cc 2 hit reg 10 dex (faction) Ring of vile 8 stamina reg 25 hit chance (faction) Fey Legs 15 def (faction) Stormgrips 8 int 25% dmg inc (faction) Quiver 5 def chance Folded steel Glasses 25% Def chance(faction) Sash of Lut 2 mana extra
  6. Why can't the necro spell Animate Dead be used as a sort of rez for your dead bonded pets? .. and can that vet in Brit rez pets yet?
  7. I was thinking, it would be cool if they extended faction PVP to Ilshenar, but still kept it out of Trammel, Tokuno, and Malas. Ilshenar is supposed to be a land of adventure, after all.
  8. Hello all! My thinking cap has been hard at work generating ideas for some current writing projects, so there hasn't been a great deal of juice remaining for UO thoughts. I did dream this one up after reading someone's question about Quivers. The word 'quiver' is both a noun and a verb, and is sort of silly-sounding as well. The 'silly' part is the genesis of this idea for a new begging reward for Halloween 2009: I hereby propose: Quiver in Fear. Weight: 8 Stones Ammo: Up to 500 Arrows or Bolts Hiding +20 Damage Modifier: -50% Hit Chance Increase: -100% Defense Chance Increase 50%
  9. How about being able to tailor hooded robes? Instead of being ragged like the robe of umbras, shadow and monks robe, being smooth at the bottom like a normal robe which would keep the others "Special". You could tailor them in any colour just like any other tailored item. Also double clicking the hood would make it possible to put the hood up and down. For roleplay this would be handy for when you have to put your hood down. Would be good if this option was also available on the monks umbra and shadow robe.
  10. Let us be able to go to icey places, dagger isle, and some Malas ice areas, and dig up snow and ice and make our own 'Crafted By' items, like mini igloo sculptures, and mini snowmen or something, and maybe if a char has tailoring, then that can auto add a scarf to your snowman to keep him... er...warm?
  11. 120 arch 120 focus 120 anat 100 heal 100 tactics 80chiv 80 bushido...will it be competative or am i wasting time? thanks!
  12. Question First: Me and the guild went to do Bedlam today. We have done Bedlam at least 20 times, and know how it works. We got the thesis notes, and then got the keys. We click the keys and get teleported into the room. We wait there for exactly 2 seconds, and then it boots us outside of Bedlam. Does anyone know why? The keys are gone, and an hour collecting stuff wasted. I was just curious if we did something wrong or what? Now the idea: Champ spawns. You are doing them and get raided. So what do you do? Do you attack that blue player, or do you wait for him to attack you? What i
  13. Although there has been no response [yet] official or otherwise about this from EA,on this subject, I feel it necessary to inform other players [ aside from those that read Stratics] to give as many players as possible a heads up on the HUGE amount of ' duping etc ' that is currently going on in the game. We see 'returning players' weekly,and eager to update their items,they are the ones most likely to be caught out by this current problem. My reporting of this is there fore mainly to inform them of the situation,and reiterate to others to be extra vigilent at this moment in time about what
  14. Chad Sexington posted on Stratics UO Hall the following idea : My thoughts on this idea : It's an interesting idea, that could work, but a couple of tweaks are needed : 1) Host this on a separate server / shard. Where ALL characters are perma-death and have unlimited skill points (capped at 120 per skill, no PS needed). 2) No insurance. 3) Fel ruleset only (including Malas, Ilshenar, Stygian Abyss, etc). 4) Hit Points are doubled across the board (relative to a production shard). Everyone would be a walking God, yet deathly mortal. (Hence, the new server / shard should be
  15. I'll probably be joining PaxLair when I reactivate my account. I need ideas and suggestions and such for a character I'll possibly be making... Is a skeleton who turned himself undead before death to serve the greater good a possibility?
  16. why I can not see the hole in the ground in Moonglow and the rift in the 2d client? I can see it in the KR client...really irritatting.
  17. Right, i been thinking (Devante style) of a little something that could liven things up a bit in Trinsic. Basicly what im thinking of is a sort of dueling league for ourselves and allies with gold prizes for top three every month. Set dueling rules, both participants must agree to the duel, picture evedence needed of victorys. I will keep the league on our public forum where the evedence and results have to be posted by participants. Sort of "Trinsic Dueling League, Sponsored By S & K" Just something i thought might be fun, what do you think?
  18. I originally planned to post this on Stratics. However, the convergence of the birth of my first child and the lack of availability of Stratics where I work means UOForums gets to hear my opinion =P Concept: Resource rewards as part of a reworked BOD system Discussion: Arguably, the stretched hides, tapestries and bear rugs have proliferated to the point where they are essentially worthless. Similarly, 5/10/15 powerscrolls and many of the cloth or smith tool rewards are equally undesirable. I suggest retirement of most of those items – WITHOUT changing the current distribution percenta
  19. Guest

    Uo Idea

    I have an idea I would like to propose to EA for a new UO game. I would like everybodies options. The basis is that people can make there own shards and have them ran from the official server for a monthly fee. People can play on other people's shards for free. Because there are tons of free shards out there and tons of people playing them so why not bring them in and make some money and help the players. Both player ran shards and official shards have there pros and cons but if you put them together then you would create an even bigger fan base. While official shards have almost no dow
  20. How about this for a fix for the economy and for the currently uselessness of crafters: Why not make crafters specialists in their respective fields. 1. Often I see games which require you to pick a specialization, this is bad for UO as many crafters are super crafters having multiple skills on one character. A possible fix for this would be: a. do not require you to pick b. specialization comes from use not from predetermining c. make use requirement high enough that crafters would have to be used an extremely outrageous amount to specialize in more than one field. 2
  21. I tried to DL KR and am having trouble with the file so....I may try and get Mondains Legacy and play it would that be a good option? Like I said I have been away for 5 years or so does ML have most of the current game content?
  22. Just a simple idea to try encourage new ones to UO. Although I have never tryed it I have heard of runescape and a simple idea they use. You can play a basic part of the game free, to play all the game you pay a subscription. Just a thought could we do this with UO, say New Haven is free to use with charecters on these free accounts not able to travel off the island. Also cap skill levels at lets say 80. Then perhaps a week or two every 6 months allow full access to see the rest of Sosaria so they can see how much more there is out there for a monthly fee. Just an idea.
  23. This Thread is intended as somewhere for me to jot down some of the hundreds of UO ideas floating around in my head, a lot of it will appear as mindless babble to you, but makes sense to me. Feel free to post if you wish Five Aces gambling night (GofT) Merchants Union and Merchants Quarter - Trinsic armour balance app - done CoRE website Trinsic Communtiy Board/forum Groubu mini event Vesper Moot S&K Posters ! (Bal Armour - done, Hunters, Mercs) S&K 2/3 day expedition. archery contest - summd earth elems fixed solo hunt resource silver reward extend worksh
  24. I came up with this idea awhile ago and it is only complimented by EA making the aquarium. Before I left UO I thought the plants were such a good idea that I had an idea for a house decoration that involved pets. my idea was a butterfly/fairy garden. I figure a glass box with flowers at the bottom. You would then buy a net from an npc which would work like a fishing pole . You then would go out into the world and use the pole to catch animals for your enclosed garden. I thought butterflies, pixies, fairys, birds you name it. Since the aquariums came out I gave this a little more thou
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