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  1. If I build a house in TC so I can work of roofing designs, will that cause my real house to start decaying?
  2. The title pretty much says it all. There's a laundry list of reasons why smaller houses should get a storage increase and there has been for a long time. 1) The housing limit. Back in the day, there really wasn't a reason to worry about the cap house storage because if you ran out of storage you could just place/buy another house. A more pertinent concern was the massive amounts of lag caused by huge stockpiles of junk in people's houses, and caps placed on house size ensured that the density of items never reached the point where the lag would persist. Today, however, there are better s
  3. I don't know why they still stand... These accts haven't been active in several years, yet their houses still stand. A small tower by one of my houses has been there for more than 5 years with no owners name on it. Yet there are houses still around WITH owners name's on them that don't have an active account. Isn't there something that can be implemented to do a bit of quality control? Maybe if we banded together we can get something done about this? I realize it isn't that big of a problem, but I would like to upgrade a house or 2 of mine, and I know I am not the only one who wants a
  4. I submitted this for a FoF question, I just wanted opinions, since I can't find anything against the ToS. Is collecting tamed pets in houses illegal? For example, I'm working up taming and tame polar bears to turn into the moonglow Zoo. They are there < (at most) 48 hours. I turn them in by then. Is this illegal?
  5. For the attention of all guards: Please note that the armoury and all associated supplies have temporarily been returned to their previous location. This is in the second building north from the west gate. Irvyn Middlethorn Duke of Trinsic The personal seal of the Duke of Trinsic: An eagle flying, holding the branch of a thornbush in its claws; surrounding are the words "Mine honour is my life; both grow in one; take honour from me, and my life is done." ------------- Dukes don't cheat, they adapt to circumstances. (Slightly amended quote from "The Slipper and the Rose")
  6. seems to me that UO's main attraction is housing, so I wonder, if they suddenly got rid of all housing options, but you were compensated for the house, got unlimited bank storage for your stuff, etc, etc, etc, etc, would you continue to play UO?
  7. Hey guys, hope you are all ok. Currently I am searching for ideas for a house I need to build that will storage all my fat loot I really dont want another borg cube, but it has to functional so I can quickly acess and storage all my stuff. Any help will be reward with a personal thanks from yours truly P.S- I saw a house that looked exactly like a factory the other day, it seemed to have lots of room, but now I dont remember exactly how to make it like that.
  8. Many if not most UO players have multiple accounts and maintain a house on each. How many accounts do you have? (This is an anonymous poll!)
  9. Ned finaly got the 18x18 Neo and I have been swaping back and fourth. Also Wildstar has taken over the Savage fort account as well. So that leaves me with only the BLT, Crafters hall and the Auction house plots. Just to keep you updated ALSO I passed my cert and grad on Wed. I am working on my ISA cert now as well as my Server 2003 which im going to have to learn 2008 server soon so BLAH on that. Ill be done with school and Job hunting in ALL 50 STATES since I can relocate to anywhere at this point in my life. :-) Somewhere warm....Maybe ill go to Texas and stalk the UO players down th
  10. As most know I am how do you put it.... leaving but will still be around but hardly. I do care what happens to PaxOku city and I know I own a nice chunk of land in the city. The houses are as follows. Niva will take over the main Savage Fort in PaxOku. The Crafters hall I have contacted Treasure Isle to take over. Should she not then it is open. If she does someone will need to take that land spot. The biggest one though is an 18x18 in PaxOku city. I know that some of you have waited for a big upgrade. However you will need to be approved. The 18x18 is where the Dragons breath tave
  11. Yes, i want this. Lets face it, the game is slowly morphing into wow, and why might you ask.... cos wow, whether u accept it or not has some damn good ideas in place. In game auction houses are deffo the way forward. No fussing with vendors, no worrying about storing things u havent the space for. Everyone has the chance to sell their items on. The fee's would be relevant to the same as a whhat a vendor charges now, so its not as if people need to close their shops or what have you. And maybe they could even tie the vendors in game to the auction house. This would eliminate some of th
  12. Hey everyone, I now have made enough money to get a house and some startign stuff and now wanna remake my beloved bard from back in the days Can someone tell me if locking animals and / or monsters in houses allowed? Is luring some animals to the shore and provoke them from a ship allowed?
  13. jagg


    what facets can you place a house in?
  14. How do you hire an NPC to stay in your house? I have seen people with bartenders and such in their house. How can I get one in mine?
  15. Is it possible to trade custom houses to accounts which are not eligible to use the customisation features? I have an 18x18 I want to move to a LBR account but I don't want to re-activate the account and then find its not possible
  16. Back in 2005 I constructed a City Hall and Blue Light Tavern with this big massive waterfall. And I just came across it on the PaxLair site and I thought id never find the picture. Anyways here it is hehe and yeah this is before I went to basic decorations that were more RL like and started being a nit picking perfectionist.
  17. Been reading through LA forums in stratics. Looks like they're looking for the coords for the dsfasfa houses to send to Jeremy. I know some of you guys know where some of them are. Maybe you could send the ones you know to Jeremy, and finally rid the shard of these empty houses. There is now a long list in this thread, if you wanna go take a look.
  18. When they implemented the 15 day old rule for placing houses, why did they go by character age and not account age? My account is now 22 months old, and I recently began playing Atlantic. I went to place a house last night, and was told my character is not 15 days old yet. Just seems like account age would be a little better. /useless whining =)
  19. THP brings up the housing decay issue again Okies a few posts have touched on this... Basically it seems there are no longer houses going into decay on any shard...well only the people that have bought new and there old one as gone into decay while they clear it out... Idocers are talking of the 90 day timer being reset for all houses on all shards, so in the event that any house that as not been paid for in the next 90 days WILL start to go into decay... Which brings us to the question really DEVS ...Are we going to have the big fall day 2 ..in approx 90 days time???? ~~~~ Salive
  20. Had to rebuild all of my houses when I moved back to Atlantic. Alas, housing is not as plentiful on Atlantic as it was on LA, so only one of the 5 is 18x18. Still, I've got 3 decent sized houses and 2 small ones. Here are screenshots of all of them: UO Houses April 2008 - a set on Flickr The "bakery" house was originally a copy of Flower's Windemere house from the spring housing contest last year. It was my Puppy Rescue house on LA, and I made a smaller version of it on Atlantic. The Brit house is a combination of features from different houses that I've liked over the years. The Mou
  21. on the atlantic shard i have came across quite a few houses with the owner name OSI. now i know you can have multiple as long as you refresh but the question is how they refresh without manually refreshing. so far 2 have been idoc and both times they refreshed without a person being there to manually refresh which puts the question in my mind of how? maybe i'm just a noob and i'm missing something but any input helps! =P
  22. Looking for who owns the log cabin and Small tower near Despise! have them icq me at 387-985-674! willing to pay over market and work in first house outa vesper to north into trade! (we own 2)
  23. Looking for who owns the small tower and the log cabin near despise! We would like to buy it! Willing to pay over market and work in a trade of a house outside of vesper (first one u come to north, we own 2 of em) ICQ 387-985-674!
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