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  1. Starting July 27th, I will have an erratic playing schedule due to my husband starts his 2 weeks holidays then. I will be on here and there but no set time except for my usual early mornings. I need someone to take care of the tavern nights for the two Wednesdays that I will be absent please. I will be checking messages and be on and off on ICQ as well so if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to let me know. Many thanks for now,
  2. stated in this past Five on Friday ... Finally I get a few minutes to 'collect' holiday gift tickets and wondering was it turned off before this afternoon? (I did collect on my regular accts (shard) when they first became available since I regularly log onto me) ... All characters/accounts are more than 30 days old. Is anyone able to verify if tickets are still available or not?
  3. Sonoma's Share the Magic Holiday Homes deserve a round of applause as they were certainly filled with the spirit of the Season. We enjoyed viewing the many homes with wonderment over the creative and delightful decorating! Among this years Holiday Homes on TOUR some received a special recognition for the following categories: *Most Creative* goes to Santa's Workshop & Home, owned by Darkstar and located in Malas. Prize of 500K and 1 Heritage token. *Best Display* goes to Santa's Supply Shack, owned by Nyne Won-Won and located in Trammel, Prize of 500K and 1 Heritage to
  4. So I decided to choose a holiday tree. "Why? When you already have hundreds of holiday trees?", you might ask. If you didn't ask this, you should have. Therefore, I don't recommend drinking then choosing gifts. I placed the tree. I got four choices for the tree. "Classic", "Modern", "Classic(bare)", and "Modern(bare)". They must have changed this when they patched in the gifts. I had set my trees before the patch, and I'm sure I only had two choices- Modern and Classic. So all of you who have not placed a tree since the patch, there are more options. I tried some of my older tree deeds, th
  5. I can't find pics anywhere, and yes i googled it!
  6. God_Majere is upset because i didnt get a holiday gift cause...i was dead at server reboot/save/start up... i only got one character on siege perilous so i am a little upset... ~~~~ Blesh lesson learned: Don't log out dead. Sorry for your loss ~~~~ Deb I now have the same problem with 2 of my chars....I know they are old enough as they had a gift still from last year and I played them when Pub 56 first came out...and unfortunately the using bank didn't work. ~~~~ We're looking into it. Regine_EAMythic UO Associate Game Designer ~~
  7. Things not to get for the geek in your life. 20 Terrible Tech Holiday Gifts
  8. [Dec 04, 2008] Taken from http://www.lotro.com/news/290-pc-world-names-mines-of-moria-a-holiday-best-bet "World of Warcraft may have the clicks, but Lord of the Rings Online can claim one of the most popular pieces of fantasy fiction in history. That, and it has something the other guys don't: a progressive story." - PC World Magazine Read the full article here http://www.pcworld.com/article/154297-8/video_games_the_12_best_holiday_bets.html
  9. This Holiday season Gareth, Ga'kuct, and Myself have started planning quite a few fun events. -Gift Exchange- First off i would like to mention that PaxOku is setting up their Christmas tree and decorating it. Come take a look within the next few days. It is infront of the PaxKratOku Auction house. Since there is going to be a tree you know what that means! Presents! Yes presents. on December the 16th after the PaxLair statehood meeting PaxOku will host it's 2nd annual gift exchange. If you would like to participate in this fun event bring a gift in a gift box colored either blue, red... or
  10. just tried it and yepper ... we can now place our Holiday trees!! Happy Holidays everyone! =) *TY Nady for the heads up
  11. Dec 4th National Cookie Day! Queen Mum's favorite day I'd guess, so I found this little ditty
  12. Dhanicah And Haarken of PAS Wish you all a Safe and Joyous holiday season be safe and am looking forward to another yr of UO peace be with you all these coming days. Haark/Dhani:P
  13. I have 25k points in Catskills, I need to trade for same on Atlantic. I also have gift boxes X3giftbox: holiday tree,snowglobe,soulstone fragment token,reindeer or sleigh X5stocking:candycanes,mcard,gingerbread house deed,snow,gingerbread cookies & recipe X5gift box: spring decor token please message me if you have any of these on Atlantic and would like to trade.
  14. My friend gave me his tower and with it came a whole bunch of the holidays items that he said i can turn in (i asked to make sure he didn't want them back). I am not a rares collecter, how do tell if any of these things for keepers. They is like 100 snow globes, 20 snowman, candles, hand bells, etc....bunch of val and christmas cards. Is any of this stuff worth keeping?? If so which ones and how can I tell? Anything white mean rare right?
  15. and white ones a holiday bell from etc
  16. Post your entries in this thread. Rules/information can be found here - http://www.uoforums.com/showthread.php?t=37625 NO discussion in this thread please, use the discussion thread instead. For any comments on the competition itself, or queries in general, please use the information/rules thread or PM me.
  17. Vote for the Holiday Contest 2007 image submission of your choice on the U.Hall Stratics Thread here.
  18. Vote for the Holiday Contest 2007 image submission of your choice on the U.Hall Stratics Thread here.
  19. Sonoma Community Holiday Home Decorating Contest After viewing the 15 entries for the Sonoma Holiday Homes Deco Contest, the Whispering Rose Radio judges went to work on their choices. After more than four hours of discussions, 2 cartons of eggnog, and a plateful of christmas cookies they wiped their brows and delivered the following message with a twinkle in their eyes. 'Although all the Holiday Homes deserve a round of applause and are certainly filled with the spirit of the Holidays we could only choose one BEST for these categories: * Spirit of the Season Award* goes to Sant
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