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Found 13 results

  1. Just wanted to share what i figured out we can do with the rug tokens.
  2. i am trying to go from elf to human and have completed all the tasks (delivering crates, killing efferets and ice fiends in fire and ice dungeon, and escorted the flower girl) but when i go back to the guy he says i have more to do. the task i need to do is ingenuity. what does that mean?
  3. I was wondering how these worked?.. I remember getting them a while back, and THOUGHT I traded 1-2 in for a couple Heritage Items, but..... I can't find them on any char, or any bank box. There is a chance I didn't actually use them, or I used them at a time when server happened to get slid back a few hours.... My question is: .... How many Heritage Tokens should I have recieved per character?? Is it per SLOT?? , or based on Char Age??? Because as it stands now, I only have 4 Heritage Tokens left [6chars] and based on me thinking I did use 2 of them before, I wondering if I lost the ite
  4. Hmm, although I do appreciate having numerous pretty tokens from which I can get just about anything now, wasn't that just a really lazy thing to do? I mean think of all the people that bought the sets for them, the value of heritage items is gonna crash now, so consider all those people who bought them before. I do wish they came up with something else for the 10th... but ah well I guess, just feel alot of people may be quite annoyed What do ya'll think?
  5. Im buying heritage tokens! ICQ me, 158883995 and we can work something out
  6. It doesn't open even though it does let you drop items inside it. It does show tag -- Contents: 1/25 Items, 1 stone. *I dropped the item in it* I redeeded it and replaced it just to see if that would help but nope! Anyone else having this problem? TY
  7. Guest

    Heritage tokens?!?

    I have come to realize that this game is not what it was back in its prime when i played i just dont feel this game is for me anymore. To my main question are the heritage tokens worth trying to sell on ebay or anything i have 5 left.
  8. Posted on the UO.com Home Page: Ultima Online: 9th Anniversary Collection NOW ON SALE! Time's running out! The Heritage Collection item tokens will only be available til January 16th! (Tokens, once claimed, will remain in-game until used.) To see all the items in the collection, click here. Now at your local software store, the Ultima Online 9th Anniversary Collection, featuring two new housing sets, personal attendants, and for a limited time, you can choose nine in-game gifts from a selection of over 50 items in the Heritage Collection. Get all the details here.
  9. Just FYI for anyone reading this: If you place a rug on your steps (in this case a plain blue rug), it looks sorta neat as an entry way to a doorway I suppose. More importantly, and the reason for this post, is that anyone can re-deed it, and you can re-deed anyones items that are placed in this manner. This information is according to two in game GMs, and I have not personally proved it. If you contact EA by another means, they tell you it is a legal placement which "should" be safe. They add in that contacting an in game GM is more relevant information and suggest you do so, even aft
  10. I just got my copy 9th anniversary in the mail and redeemed the tokens. Do I have 30 days to pick items from the heritage collection or is it as long as I have the tokens I can pick from them at any time? What seems to be the most popular item inthe collection? I am not a Deco buff so not sure if I should sell the tokens or redeem items and sell the items.
  11. Hey I screwed up when I places some heritage items in my house. The question is how do I pick them back up? They are not locked down but won't move. This includes the bone throne, crystal, and mounted pixies. Thanks in advance.
  12. If you like the 9th anniversary as much as i do (yes im a trammy deco lover) You have to to see the castle, they have all the items on display so you can easily see what ones look good. I know alot of the items are just taken from around UO but its really nice to be able to have them.
  13. source UOStratics.com Heritage Collection Castle Now Open Want to check out all the 9th Anniversary Collection Early Buyer gifts? Head over to the fields west of Castle British on the Origin shard where you can see these cool items for yourself! Keep in mind that these are not the final versions of these gifts, which are still in development. Click here for a map to the Heritage Collection house. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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