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Found 10 results

  1. So Im making a mix of a Paladin and a tamer type character, and was wondering what skills are important? Ive been leveling: Swordsmanship, Chivalry (the spells in that white book are great!), taming, animal lore, and healing. Should I be learning tactics for example? Anything is useful!
  2. So I had about three ideas for a home and I have an account that has the space to hold another house. I have three ideas for the home at the moment, and I need your help to chose which. 1) I have a Samurai that needs a home. A Samurai Empire themed house with all SA decor and trimmings. Tea Room, Dojo etc. 2) I have a Chef that needs a house. There is a twist though, my Chef is bent on world domination through the use of destructive foods. Think Necro/Chef. Dark and Culinary. 3) And finally I have a Treasure Hunter that would fill the house with Treasures and Antiques. Map room, Stock
  3. Hey guys. A friend of mine that quit UO about 2 years ago is willing to give me his account so I can return back to UO on a veteran account. They have since moved from their original home location and the UO account had their original email and address. The email on the account no longer exist because they changed ISPs when they moved. They don't remember the username, password or the security question. Is there any way for them to recover the login info.?
  4. Hi All Hope Im not imposing. I am interested in helping your community. It seems I am the last of our merry band of adventures, and would like to get involved in a community again. Let me know. Midian
  5. Well, I've been thinking long and hard about it, and I'm considering dropping Bushido. I know it's a really useful skill and all, but man, I really wanted my character to use a shield. It's more of an RP, cosmetic thing, but it's important to me nonetheless. Not to mention, with my current spec, I don't have resist spells and I'd like to get it. Here's the spec I was originally planning on: 120 Mace fighting 120 Parry 100 Tactics 100 Anatomy 90 Healing 70 Chivalry 120 Bushido So my question is - if I drop Bushido, how can I alter this template to make it decent for pvp? Should I just put
  6. Date : Monday 2nd June Objective : Aid the local guards in Nujel'm by building a small fort with healing station and fight back the monster hordes. Location : Nujel'm Attending : Recruit Sol Athin, Armswoman Isolda Gyfford The commander had given me instructions to aid Nujel'm in order to gain promotion, so a few days later i rounded up who i could, Armswoman Isolda Gyfford and a new recruit were in the keep and ready for duty. Unfortunetly the Recruits first day had drained her a little and she decided to retire for the night. Isolda and i gathered some materials and went off to Nu
  7. Hail everyone, I'm Winfield on Chesapeake. I'm very interested in trying to set up, or assist in, New Player in-game support (as a player). I'd like to leverage off existing ideas/methods and pros/cons of how this is done, rather than create ideas/trial-and-error from scratch. Does any shard have a player-based "companion" system/guild to help new players on their shared? If so, where can I learn more about how it's done? Thanks, Winfield
  8. Get to know your UO Forums Staff simply by clicking this "Meet the Staff" page link.
  9. Well like most days I start off in the city of the dead... Were people stand like zombies, slightly drooling, slowly and agonizingly dying of bordem. I would love to help these people but I cant, the gods of luna feed off this drooling mass, I must go elsewere to serve the people... I search thru the darkest dungeons, surely someone here must need my help! But it is all empty, like the souls of the poor luna people. Whats this? A person in need? I'm too late, the poor broken man ripped apart in a last attempt to amuse himself. I must continue on! This can not happ
  10. Sitting there on my horse at the Brit bank, enjoying the evening as a few friendly faces come & go, a young player approaches me. "Are you a warrior?" he asks me, to which I reply "Why yes, I use swords and magery both." The next question is one which always makes me grin... "Will you hunt with me?" Sometimes it's difficult for me to help the younger players..or rather, know how to help them. I had the benefit of being shown the game in-person, alongside someone (Balron) in their house. We sat there, each on identical systems of his, and played UO. This is how I learned the basics. While
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