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Found 22 results

  1. What benefits do you get from 120 healing as to 100 healing?, should I drop to 100 and also i have 115 anat should this be droped to 100?. I am just coming back basically from being out for a few years and have fired my fencer back up. His build right now is 120 Fencing 120 Resist 120 Healing 115 Anat 115 Tactics 65 Magery I have points to play with and can drop stuff as well like I was thinking of droping magery and maybe picking up Ninj. I know these temp questions are asked a million times but what im really wondering whats the benefit for 120 healing. Thxs any info would be great a
  2. * a page from Gwen's Diary * Healing the wounded The war in the North continues and after hearing there would be a grand battle in Minoc, Reann, Iljian and Myself traveled there to do our part. My city is neutral in this matter, but even tho it is all far away from us we feel compelled to offer aid to all. We set up our healing station at the most central spot in Minoc, besides the bank. Quite shortly after we had set up, we heard shouting followed by the sounds of fighting. We were quite in the middle of things, dodging arrows, spells and people running over us while we tried
  3. I've been thinking of adding healing to my warrior, but is it necessary to go all the way up to 120? I've heard people getting it to about 80 or so. Is 120 really worth it?
  4. Do I need to take Chivalry and Healing? Doesn't Chiv have a very powerful healing and makes Healing redundant? I could use another skill (like Bushido) instead.
  5. Ok Dumb question. I dont build fighters. But I am working a friends Fencer for him and was wondering how the heck to raise his healing? He is stuck around 65. Is there anyway to force healing gains?
  6. I'm a new member to this site so please forgive me if this has been adressed previously.... Im curious as to all the ways to heal yourself, specifically for a warrior. im trying to come up with an alternate idea to the old boring healing/anat routine becuase i dont want to spend many points in dex. I dont have the uber mr2 lmc mi 8 armor, so the idea was to run higher intel with less dex. my template will have 120 parry on it so i will need some dex (80 min but prolly end up higher to counter mage curse). My experience with Spirit Speak for healing has been bad, and with the new heal pot t
  7. I found out something the other day testing it on TC! You dont EVER need healing over 80. Heres the catch, If you have 80 healing and 120 anatomy it is the same as having 120 healing. Plus, You get the extra bonus on strikes from 120 anatomy so its a double win 40 extra skill points and basicly legendary healing. (Btw, You will notice when you have 80 healing and 120 anatomy, your paperdoll says your a legendary healer!) Try this out! I havnt had a problem yet! =)
  8. Hi there, I'm trying to set up a healing macro on one of my chars. His healing and anatomy are low (in mid 50s) at the mo so need to get them trained up. I cast lich form so my HP drops down and I have set up a macro key (F1) to bandage self. Only problem is I want to be able to leave this macro running when I’m not at my PC (I don’t see this as cheating - I mean when I am at home doing other things like making tea, sorting out kids etc but don’t have time to sit there pressing same key over and over) It seems at the moment it will only let me use the bandage after I release the key - if I
  9. Merc

    Pots and healing

    Can you just use pots to heal? If I have ep of 50, I would think that I could just chug to heal, instead of using anatomy and healing.
  10. Fastes way to from 111 to 120? Is it just hack n slash and heal or is there another way to train?
  11. Hello there! In light of the change to the quest, where ghosts can no longer claim the note from Casca, I will go out on a limb and offer the services The Crest to those on Chesapeake shard. I or my cousin will be in the dungeon 3:30 - 5 pm EST and again 10 pm - Midnight to resurrect those in need. From there, you will still need to recall out so bring a runebook with at least one charge and a safe location hopefully near Ulrich. However, if you cannot get a runebook, the notes are blessed, so you may run back out the way you came in....as a ghost. It will take you longer and you will loos
  12. I have done some tests on the best way to gain the healing skill. First I tried healing a dead char to gain by ressurecting and then i cross healed a character fighting paladins in Trinsic. After a couple of hours of testing it seems that cross healing a character is the best way of gaining. While cross healing you may heal every 2 seconds. With ressurecting you may only heal every 5-6 seconds. What you need to train: - 2 characters. One taking the damage, and the one training healing. - Lots of bandages. - A good armor on the char that takes the damage (Dull copper suit). 1. Log on with t
  13. Title basically says it all. I don't know what i am doing wrong tho. All other skills are GM. Healing is the only thing on my cu's that are at 90 and that is it. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance as well.
  14. Is there a big difference between 80 and 90?
  15. Quick question for those of you with experience in this matter - is there a way to heal allured pets without being flagged as a criminal?
  16. Ok here is what I was wondering. Which would be better to have a high healing skill level to use the aids or a low chivalry so that you can use 'close wounds' spell? I was wonrdering to see if it would give me a few more points for the Character to go up in some areas.
  17. This is the story behind the Healing Pool Nuiduin located in Tel'mar and Guarded by the Knights of Virtue. I have added this post here as i had it stored on my HD and thought it only right to do so after the loss of the F4G posts. Decardo 21st-March-2004, 14:12 QUEST FOR THE POOL OF VITALITY Decardo was searching through all the books and scrolls Megan had been collecting when one scroll in particular caught his eye. It was stained with a purple ink and looked pretty old..but most noticeable was the fact that the ink that had been spilt on it revealed a hidden watermark. Clearing th
  18. This is the story behind the Healing Pool Nuiduin located in Tel'mar and Guarded by the Knights of Virtue. I have added this post here as i had it stored on my HD and thought it only right to do so after the loss of the F4G posts. I have posted it here as the majority of the RP forums including my own Guild are now here. And so the future of the Healing Pool can continue......
  19. How do you all get your Cu's above 90 healing? I have a stable full of good Cu's that are 4X GM with 90 healing done with a Shadow ele. The problem is getting them above the 90 on heal. I have tried sitting at the rotting corpses, last time for 2+ hours with no gain. Any other ideas? I'd like to GM healing on a couple of these and give them to guildmates or peddle them at Brit to open up some stable space...................
  20. Ally


    Is there a better way to train healing to 120 other than rezzing a ghost? At 106 now, using 1500 aids, only get at least 1 - 1.5 gains daily.
  21. Unsupportable


    OK, I have a stealth archer. Its my favourite character to use. its fun, and exciting. but how the hell am I meant to heal. i can't use chiv, i'm red. I can't use bandies, cos when I die i gotta go to my house and restock. I can't use magery for the same reason. i have the 2 best bows on the shard and i'm not giving them up just because they aren't balanced to use pots. So what in the name do I use???? Need som help here............ And don't say make him blue again, do you have any idea how much bank sitting that would take (whilst hidden at brit bank) I could only use him for an couple o
  22. Is there any reason to go above GM healing skill? I'm at 99 and dunno if I care to go further than 100 without a good reason for it. Anyway, I'm stuck with a decision for my main guy. He's mostly a PvM fella, but we do in guild PvP on occasion, and he can stand his own, but doesn't really win fights as much as just stalemates them cause he can survive, but really can't finish anyone off. Anywho, here are my skills and I would like suggestions on revamping him so that he can actually still do fine in PvM and also be able to finish out duels. 115 anatomy Capped at 120 80 chiv Capped at 1
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