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Found 12 results

  1. After finally getting in-game, I decided to change the look of one of my old toons. I treked to the alchemist in Britain, found the hairstylist, but when I clicked to view the hair styles, they all looked Elven. I'm after another human style. Anyone know if this is still possible, and if so, where at? Graeden
  2. pics in this thread http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?t=115004 + clothing and quivers/backpacks
  3. Which is the cheapest way to get white hair including beard? Many thanks.
  4. I have been playing the beta for a few weeks now and one thing that just screams wrong at me is our paper dolls and hair! The paper dolls characters look hunched over and in pain, and our hair on both the doll and the figure seems incomplete and wrong. When I create a female character and I chose long hair I expect to be able to tell it is long hair. Give us a bit of love?
  5. Would anyone else like to see just a few more styles of haircuts and beards? I know I would. I think they should implement a "lamb chop"/"mutton chop" style beard myself. For those who dont know about the glorious "chops", heres a sample! I happen to own a pair myself...
  6. Hey peeps, Friend n I brought some goods to LS to sell, will sell out before returning to home shard, so here they are: Hat of the Magi(blessed,Dyed Black) - 25m OBO SOLD *Magery120 PS - 20m SOLD *Evalint120 PS - 12m OBO *Meditation120 PS - 3m SOLD (*Buy both: Eval+Med for just 13m!) Pure White Hair Dye - 5m OBO Golden Hair Dye - 5m OBO Blaze Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD Ice Blue Hair Dye - 5m OBO SOLD Budha Scupture (rarity 9) - 3m Each, 5m for a Pair! (south&East side) Saddle (rarity 9) - 4.5m Skinned Deer (rarity 8) - 1m Flowers (rarity 7) - 800k each, 1.5m for a Pair! Normal Scrapper's
  7. [rant] So....for anyone that has missed me, I have actually been doing work...I know, I know. BOO! I was informed if I do some real good stuff I may actually be in the running for a management position. I have to show my portfolio to the director and actually pretend I like designing crappy ads more than Fantastical, Mythical, Whimsical stuff....again, I know: Teh Suck. That also includes 12 hr lunchless, thankless, days/nights. But....I misssss ya'll & I am not goin' no where. =D ...and to those of you whom it took me almost a week to finish your sigs, Don't worry I put just as
  8. Got very little in the way of money to offer - just need a neon hair deed - dont suppose anyone has one lying around they dont want?
  9. I got the lady m hair dye in blaze, I wondered does it dye your facial hair as well or just your hair?
  10. What is a Bright White Hair Dye worth??? Same colour as Staff of the Magi. Pulled it of a Lady Melisade about 3 weeks ago and not decided what I want for it. I got this purply/green one as well, another rare hair dye. What's that one worth????
  11. Ok girls (& guys...) I’m getting my hair cut/styled this weekend. I need help! I have really thick curly/wavy hair. I almost always have it pulled back because I have an afro when it’s down, and unlike most girls I lack the ability to properly blow dry my hair straight. If I go to bed with my hair wet I wake up with all these messy ringlets because I’ve never trained the curls, I don’t care for all my hair to be all over my neck and face, especially now that its so hot! I’m starting to get all these fly aways and since it’s so humid they’re curling. I’m a hot mess! I decided its time I go
  12. Player: My dearest Grimm Omen and Cathat, There is a great graphical boo boo demanding fixing. And I know it's not right and I know it can be fixed and I know you guys are the ones to do it. Today's topic - ******* MEMPO ******* It has finally gotten to the point I can no longer stand it! Facial hair should not be on the outside of the mempo!!! I know I know.. it's such a small thing.. but it's irritating as he.. erm.. heck!! Remember the good old Shrouds? People hats on top? The fix - have the Shroud 'graphically' go into the hair layer and 'physically' go into the robe layer. So
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