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  1. UO:ML Smithing This guide will take you to 120 use the minimum amount of ingots possible. It is based on the 2.5% increase to the gain range per 5pts of power scroll used. (see chart) Before starting: 1) Mining - Higher the better for smelting. This will reduce your ingot consumption drastically. 2) 90-175K iron ingots (175K if you do not have mining) 3) GM tinker (this only takes 8K ingots), OR 200 GM smithing tools 4) Forge and anvil nearby 5) High strength for longer crafting periods. 6) A bag in your main pack. You will place all your ingots in here. Then using UOA, set the
  2. Hello, I remember I played this game when I was younger, like 10 years ago, but now I enter the game and I don't know what should I do to make a good start. I started to play this time with my girlfriend and well, I'd like to be mage and she'll be the warrior, so we'll be teamplaying, any ideas what should we do? Any guides to read? Regards, Cristobal.
  3. Time to GM: 12-16 hours Boards needed: 60-100K (depending on method) Tools needed: 100+ GM tinker tools It is STRONGLY suggested that you start any crafter with 50 carp and 50 smith, as these are the MOST resource intensive. Method 1 (LEAST consumption) What to make/ boards/ When to stop DartBoards / 5 / 40.6 wooden boxes / 10 /45.9 Trinsic Chairs / 15 / 47.2 Ballot Boxes / 5 / 72.1 Wooden Shields / 9 / 73.5 Quarter Staves / 6 / 98.5 Gnarled Staves / 7 / 1000 Method 2 What to make/ boards/ When to stop wooden boxes / 10 / 34 medium crates / 15 /49.9 Trinsic Chairs / 15 /
  4. This is not a substitute for researching pet control chance on stratics, and locating dense spawn areas. This is meant only to aide in locating denser, safer spawns for gaining from 0 to 120 taming. Mordana of UO Pacific Rangers started this. I have modified it some to reflect newer changes since 2005, and add in specific skill ranges. "Part One - Understanding how Taming gains work (If you just want the "bare bones guide" to what to tame at what skill, skip to "Part Two") The implementation of the Guaranteed Gain System (GGS) has eliminated skill gains from failed attempts, so it is imp
  5. Items needed: 1 box made with 30 tinker skill ( go cheap and buy up tinker and carpentry on your lockpicker, build your own!) 1 box made with 50 tinker skill 1 box made with 75 tinker skill 1 box made with 100 tinker skill About 500 lockpicks total For LP, you will need 3 tinker made boxes of different levels w/ key Skill / How to gain / Gains stop 0 / Buy to 30 from THIEF guild master (important, hard to gain otherwise, must have it over 26 before training on boxes) / N/A 30 / 50 Tinker Skill Locked Boxes / 50 50 / 75 Tinker Skill Locked Boxes / 80 80 / 100 Tinker Skill Locked
  6. Thought I'd write a quick article on something incredibly easy that not many people seem to understand. 1. go to Jhelom dueling pit Tram - bring lots and lots of shields - as many as you can carry, but aim for little to no DCI. Self Repair properties help. 2. kill all male fighters and disarm all female fighters until you have a lot of unarmed (wrestling) FEMALE fighters. The more the better - go for 15 or so at least. (bring invis pots so the females stop attacking you after they're disarmed). 3. Once you've got enough unarmed female fighters, equip a weapon that you are not proficient
  7. Guest

    Chivalry Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Chivalry Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No tithing points are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Purchase skill points from an NPC Paladin; 30 - 45: Hold a weapon in hand and cast Consecrate Weapon; 45 - 60: Cast Divine Fury; 60 - 70: Cast Enemy of One; 70 - 90: Cast Holy Light; and 90 - 115*: Cast Noble Sacrifice. 115+ Currently, you can't gain past 115
  8. Guest

    Stealth Training Guide

    Courtesy of Rhus Radicans Start a Ninja character using the pre-made Ninja template. You can choose to take the starting Ninja quest or not, it is up to you, but it is not difficult and gives you some gifts that you might like. This pre-made template will start you with Hiding and Stealth higher than you would get any other way. It also gives you access to the Animal Forms Ninja spell, which gives you two animal forms (sewer rat and rabbit) that boost your Stealth by 20 points. So: you start with 50 Hiding and 30 Stealth using the pre-made Ninja template, and can boost stealth to 50 by goi
  9. Since I love bards so much, I figured I would help all you who are looking for a gain guide out. Keep in mind it is best to train Music up to 100 (you can simply double click an instrument to train this up if you wish), then work on the other skills, due to the Music check that is performed before every bard attempt. All bard skills gain depending on Bard difficulty, so this list should work for discord, provoke, and peacing. Use non-exceptional instruments. I always bought 20 at a time from the NPC carpenter. This is a list of non-magical, easy to manage pets to practice on: Buy skill up
  10. UOForums Necromancy Skill Guide. For discussion of Necromancy related stuff, please use our Necromancy Forum. Tips before skill training 1) Get yourself a 100% LRC suit = No reagents are consumed with spell casts. 2) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 40: Train at NPC Necromancer in New Haven 40 - 50: Cast Pain Spike 50 - 70: Cast Horrific Beast 70 - 90: Cast Wither 90 - 110: Cast Lich Form 110 - 120: Cast Vampiric Embrace
  11. Guest

    Stealing Training Guide.

    To gain stealing, first grab a packhorse, head to felucca, and tell it to guard you. Now simply TARGET (not random) steal the appropriately weighted items which you place inside its pack over and over. The general accepted weight to steal for gains is 1/10 your skill- ie. at 90 steal 9 stones, at 8 steal 8, and so on. Pickpocket's dips are similar to training dummies for fighting skills- they are a house add-on made by carpenters which allow you to train stealing up to 25. Your UOA macro should look like this: use skill/cast spell -stealing target -the target pause 10500 -10500 is good
  12. Guest

    Spellweaving guide V1.0

    Spellweaving As in a dream, you ponder upon the cosmic forces of the multiverse. Numerous strands of astral energy form into enigmatic equations. They swirl around inside your mind attempting to engulf you like raging tempest. As the temporal storm calms, you come to an inchoate realization. You are able to calm it; you are able to understand it; you are able to control it. As you awaken, you feel invigorated with the arcane knowledge of the elves. You have now learned the rudiments of epic spellcasting: Spellweaving. Spellweaving is a new skill of magic that allows an arcanist (the offic
  13. Guest

    Bushido Skill Guide

    UOForums UO Bushido Skill Training Guide Tips before skill training 1) Try and get Faster casting/Faster cast recovery items and mana regeneration items, which will result in overall faster skill training. What to cast and when: 0 - 30: Train at NPC Samurai in Zento. Note: If you are on a murderer, you will have to use a Soulstone or get some jewelry to raise your skill to 25. You cannot train Bushido from below 25 skill. 30 - 60: Cast Confidence. 60 - 75: Cast Counter Attack. 75 - 105: Cast Evasion. 105 - 120: Cast Momentum Strike. Sources: 1) UOGuide. 2) Stratics
  14. If you're trying to gain Parry, you will need to do everything possible to get hit. Training Theory In the melee caclualtion, your chance to parry is calcualted AFTER the opponenets chance to hit. Therefore, you want to less your weapon skill and Defense Chance Increase, so you get hit more. There are two main skill relations to consider. WITH Bushido, WITHOUT Bushido. Since Bushido gives a bonus to parry, it is have your Bushido as high as possible before you train parry. You also want to use a two handed weapon for a slightly higher parry chance. Without Bushido, you want a buckler. Be
  15. This skill guide was submitted to me by Tabbitha:tweety:. It reflects the use of tailor power scrolls, and is maximized for least resources used. Compared to the UOSE tailor guide, it will save about 12k cloth. 115 is the MAX that can be gained from elven shirts (75% exceptional). I used 5k cloth after hitting 115, and no gains occurred. Advanced tip: On 26 June , 2007, I verified that Satyr Discord in the Twisted Weald does affect tailoring. I went at 115, and was discorded down to 85. I crafted 100 oil cloths and gained .4 tailor. For finding the stopping point of gains, use this rule: I
  16. This is quick and dirty. Time to GM (cumulative) 14 hours avg Boards needed : 60K Tinker tools needed : about 100 GM made Start skill / what to make / 0 / Buy it up 30(ish) / bows 50 / fukiya darts (saves about 8k boards) 68 / crossbows (X-Bow) 78 / composite bows 88 / Heavy X-bow Tips and tricks: 1) If not concerned about money, you can place a trash barrel, then SECURE IT. ( I wish to secure this and target the barrel). Normally, when the trash barrel is full ( 125 items or 400 stone) you cannot place any more in it until it empties. Since you make them faster than it can de
  17. Train ninjitsu off a ninja first. That gets you to about 30. Ninja's can be found in the tokuno city. Animal form a rabbit over and over, till you get to 40. Mirror image till you get to 65 or so, maybe 70. Now here's where it gets interesting. Get a golem. If you're in a guild, you have to be in town for this to work. If you're not in a guild, then you only have to be in trammel. Most importantly though, regardless of guild status, you have to be in trammel. Tell the golem to attack you "all kill." Remember, if you're in a guild you have to be in town, otherwise, if you're not in town, th
  18. Guest

    Archery Skill Guide V1.0

    Archery - Basic information. “Stand over there and let me shoot this apple off your head. No. I promise. I’ll shoot the apple.” From a distant grove of trees, a lone archer raises his crossbow, takes slow, careful aim, and with the twitch of a finger, impales danger with a deadly bolt. A skill requiring a steady aim and dexterous fingers, those who live “close to the land” often favor Archery. The Tools Bows and crossbows are weapons of choice for those pursuing skill in Archery. For more information on bows and crossbows, visit the Armory. Sold by: Bowyer Crafted?
  19. Any knowledgeable powergamers out there interested in writing up a basic, detailed guide on powergaming with the Satyr discord method? I'm a returning player, and much of my powergaming knowledge is outdated. Surely if I am in need of this kinda information, there are plenty others out there who'd also benefit. Thanks.
  20. 0 to GM Tinker Guide Time to GM: 7 to 12 hours. Resources: 20-30K ingots Skill guide: 0-25 Train from NPC Tinkering OR 0-25 Clock parts 25-45 Gears (avg 500) 45.1-95 Lockpicks (avg 5K) 95.1-100 Heating Stands Save gears for enhancing Juka bows and creating golems. Save lockpicks for resale. Throw out heating stands. NOTE: After GM, you will want to obtain a talisman with at LEAST 5% exceptional chance (max talisman exceptional bonus is 30%). Most tools have a maximum of 95% exceptional rate, shovels and pickaxes are 75%. NOTE: At 30, 50, and 75 Tinker, it is a good idea to make boxe
  21. I would have to say that LOTRO probably has one of the more enjoyable newbie experiences out there. Each race has it's own starting tutorial instance, as well as another instanced version of a portion of their beginning zone, which they remain in until level six or seven. Many of the characters introduced here are recurring throughout the epic quest arc that spans the entire game. Each race has it's own beginning scenario. Your character will experience an important event in the recent history of middle-earth, as a way to disguise the tutorial zone and introduce you to the basic mechanics o
  22. This whole weekend, you can obtain pirate hats and eyepatches by doing a short fedex quest and collecting items along the banks of the Brandywine river in both Evendim and The Shire. Lorebook: The Tale of the Shipwrecked Mariners - LOTRO Lorebook This quest is obtained just north of the Brandywine Bridge, on the Bree-land side. The First Mate asks you to find the captain of the ship, and to help retrieve the lost cargo along the river. The cargo is intended for the Rangers of Annuminas, who are fighting to reclaim their old capital from the forces of Angmar, as well as from greedy tomb ro
  23. Excellent article about being aware of bogus & fake malware alerts. The ultimate guide to scareware protection | Zero Day | ZDNet.com
  24. Greetings all! As the last house near mine falls to ruin, I find myself without neighbors and able to place a Castle. The only problem is, I'm not sure how to go about upgrading safely. I could really benefit from an IDOC-hunter or house-guru's secret list of steps to safely upgrade. I'm in a remote location, but you never know. Thanks in advance! ~M
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