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Found 12 results

  1. Hey everyone..Im trying to GM Fence..I have a 100% poison long spear..and a golem. Does the trick still work? Im at 81.3 fencing right now..and havent gotten any gains yet. Any help would be great..thank you.
  2. I was given a golem long ago, last night I showed it off and a friend told me to feed it iron to get it to bond. well I tried ingots and raw ore.. Anyone know how to get these guys to bond? I did learn however I can heal him. YAY
  3. I remember there being a castle were they spawn pretty much by themselves (not with the controllers). I have forgotten where it is though, any help?
  4. hiyas , i just re-upped my account after being gone from Uo for a few years and have a question . where did they move the golems , last time i played they were in Wrong ........cant seem to find em . any help would be great , thanx !
  5. A Horse (True Black, Special Name) Name: X Lag X owns yóu / Hits: 77 / Stamina: 125 / Mana: 115 / Str: 99 / Resists: 20-0-0-0-0 / Wrestling: 95.3 / Tactics: 95.3 / Resist: 24.2 / Anatomy: 88.9 A Golem (100% ENERGY Resist!) Name: an energy golem / Hits: 215 / Stamina: 95 / Mana: 138 / Str: 359 / Resists: 0-54-58-27-100 / Wrestling: 94.8 / Tactics: 95.7 / Resist: 173.8 / Anatomy: 68.9 A Rune Beetle (8xGM!) Name: I OWN W / Hits: 336 / Stamina: 170 / Mana: 380 / Str: 418 / Resists: 56-40-47-89-60 / Wrestling: 100.0 / Tactics: 100.0 / Resist: 100.0 / Anatomy: 100.0 / Poisoning: 116.9 / Magery
  6. source so, made a new guy on another shard, archer. went and got like 3k in arrows, got my golem, and started to plink away on it. couple hours, got up to like 90 skill, went and reloaded arrows. came back to my golem, and started training on it again, after about 10 minutes all of a sudden BOOM BOOM BOOM instead of hitting it for 1hp per shot i started to do 19, 25, 24 so i stopped. thought that was kinda strange. so i started again. same thing, was hitting it for uber hard. so i decided to pack it up for the night. so next day now, went and got out my golem, same thing, still pe
  7. hello, i have a 100% poison golem and want to work some swords but don't seem to be gaining anything....is there a minimum skill? i have 70 swords...and i can't remeber do you need to be guilded or not? any other particulars would be much appreciated...if it still works...
  8. I cant attack my Golem with a fishing pole, my guy never swings. When did this change???
  9. source taken from UO.UHall Comment Seeing pictures of Blackrock Elementals made me think Blackrock Golems. Would be funny if we could replace Purple Crystal Power source with Blackrock. Maybe even make Golems useable again. Or atleast something other than Dummies for trainning weapon skills ############################ Well, a quick idea or two ... if they did do this, they could be like iron golems but eat metal and thus be bondable? Or simply have them able to follow on recall so as to be more easily usable. ############################ Bondable Golem that eats anthing made of
  10. Trying to raise my skill in archery by training on a golem that my gm tinker made.. but i am not getting any gains. I am training in malas and my archery skill is at 70.5 any ideals?
  11. How do Golems work? Do you just have them gaurd you and then take a wack at them? Does it have to be your golem, or could you just be friended? (i'm out of stable slots ) Thanks
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