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  1. Hello. I am very curious about those mechanical pets that came with Stygian Abyss. I am not curently subscribing but depending on how they work and perform, i would feel like trying the game again. My dilemma is: I can not find enought information about them! Stratics, Uoguide, lots of forums... not enought info on them. Logging to test center and actually finding things out is not an option because I would need to upgrade to SA and subscribe for at least one month, and that is too much just to find out how they work. I would return to the game to try them out, but only if I knew more abou
  2. any one on here make me one please oh and i need some mace and shiled glasses if any one wants to sell me some that has a char on atlantic i can trade or pay you on atlantic for them if you get wa i mean =)
  3. Wanting to sell couple of dread warhorses and Golem with 100% poison resist on Baja wondering what going prices are.. Thanks
  4. Saturday April 25, 2009 7:30 PM Eastern Golem Battle at Gilfane Arena and Museum Get your tinkers out and build your golems. It will be a Battle Royal for golem bragging rights. Bring your gears and parts and see you next week! If you need golem information: http://uo.stratics.com/database/view...hunters&id=197 The town of Gilfane is located south of Luna and West of Umbra, The Arena is west of the main road near the starfield. http://www.gilfane.com/GilfaneMap.html
  5. anyone know or have a source describing how Golem Skill is determined? i mean like is it 60 wrestling when made with 80 tink and 80 wres for 100 tink or...
  6. We often see questions in game and on the boards about golem training. Posted here in one easy to read section, will be all the tips required, equipment needed, and skills that can be trained. First, why the golem? 1) It is easily crafted 2) It is subject to pet attack rules in trammel 3) it is 100% immune to poison damage 4) Anyone can use it regardless of skill 5) all skills listed below can be trained to 120 *NOTE: This can also be done with an Artic Ogre Lord, providing you have access to a spell weaver with the Dryad Allure spell (85% skill required) who is willing to give up 3 cont
  7. Do golems only spawn with 99% poison resist nowadays?
  8. I was Just wondering if Golems were good to use vs Peerless like Dread Horn?
  9. How do you train on a golem and keep it healed? I have tried chiv and aids but they don;t seem to work.
  10. Hey, looking to start me an archer. i just recently started playing again and i hear working archery vs a golem with a 100% poison bow is the way to go. Unfortunatly i dont know anyone who plays anymore as i have been gone several years.So if anyone can make me a golem that would be great, not sure what the going price for one is these days but i did see a kit for making one on a vendor for 25k so i have been offering 40k for the golem.
  11. Guest


    Hi, I'm looking to buy a GM crafted Golem. Shoot me a PM here or on icq (369-438-930), if you can help me out. Thanks!
  12. I'm unsure if 75k is enough, but I need to train my skills to seem more bounty hunter-ish so people would actually want to join my RP guild. ICQ me at 416063353 for offers. Eh. Found one.
  13. I am training archery. I got the 100 Bow and all but nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?
  14. Ive got a few prepatch golems on cats and i wanna sell one anyone know what they go for now? i would assume a decent amount..
  15. What does my fencing skill have to be before training on a golem?
  16. Presented by Army of The Dragon Guild (ATD), City of Dragons Watch, PaxLair Statehood Location: Jhelom Dueling Pits - Trammel - Chesapeake Time: Start 9pm eastern GM made golems will be provided to those in need. The last golem standing receives a 500k check. Folks can bring their own golem also. Any question ICQ 3568927
  17. Heres what I understand so far: - Have at least 70 archery (prob could have less but gains work better I think at this level) - Have a GM tinkered golem (but I am told less than GM works as well too) - Be in a guild - Have a 100% poison bow with no added damage modifies such as hit area% or fireball% etc. - Take golem to an area just outside of town, preferably near a stable. - say "all guard me" - say "all guard me" - say "all kill" and target yourself - immediatly say "all stop" - say "all guard me"
  18. I have a pre patch golem (100% poison resist) in one of my stables even though I don't really play anymore. Anybody know what kind of price I could expect for it and how interested people would be in it?
  19. is this true that a warrior can't train his skills up with a golem until his skill reaches 80? just like the title sais...
  20. Ok I have a variety of questions... First can you pass a Golem between characters with no problem? I can't remember why but I thought there was a limit of transfers.. Next, can two people whack on a golem at the same time or only the owner? Last one, I'm in a guild, I have a 100% Poison Weapon, now what do I do? Thanks!
  21. Can someone please explain this mystery to me? I need to train fencing & swords. Can I use the golem in a guild? Can I friend some one to the golem and we all go at it? etc. Thanks!
  22. So I didn't find trade section so I'm going to post this here, hopfully it won't disapear in the mass amount of posts that floats around in this section.. :grin: Anyway, I just lost 2 pre patched golems...... (not my fault *mumbles*) so yeah, I'm looking to buy a new one, and I'll pay (if its a fair price) what you ask for it. I hope any of you have one, I'm desperate Thanks :kiss:
  23. Can you just start from a low level or do you have to build up your skill to a certain point before you see gains? I'm at 30 with my newb macer, and I've been smacking a golem around for a while and no gains.
  24. source taken from UO.UHall Comment You can justify Golem Bashing all you want, but that doesn't mean your not exploiting the 'Guard Command' associated with Golem Bashing for effortless and even AFK combat skill gain. Yes, I know this is not the Idea's Den, but I've posted nerfs to this cheat before and already know the negotive responce from those unable to accept being weened into the way things should be. PROBLEM The golems Poison Resistance was lowered to 99%, but the creatures resistances are only part of the problem. The fact the 'Guard' command is being used to make it so the gol
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